This story will have slash, violence, and future sexual situations. You have been warned.

Chapter one

When I was five, my first best friend told me he was afraid of the dark. When I asked him why, he told me that it was because monsters hide in the dark. I replied, telling him he was a fool. I told him that the real monsters hide in the light, and that was the day I lost my first best friend.

Gregory Hens, was a teacher who taught 1st grade, and had been teaching for years, so long in fact he could label a first grader on whether they'd make it into advanced placement, be an outcast, or even if they'd be the next prom-queen or king. He prided himself on being able to tell a first graders future after the first weeks in teaching them, but with his new class he was worried. He had two very interesting students that he knew had potential to get far in life.

There was Levin, who showed a cruel, but popular streak, with a great deal of intelligence. Who had the makings of a leader, but seemed to enjoy being second best and manipulating the current leader of the day.

Then there Tom, a socially awkward individual, who showed an overwhelming knowledge on subjects way past his age group, he had an eager sense to please his classmates while at the same time wanting to be a loner. He was hated by more than half the class for being a know it all, and avoided by the other half because of peer-pressure from the first half.

Gregory could see a very bad future coming from those two. He saw one or both going criminal or at the very least hating the other. So far he hadn't seen any animosity directed towards the two yet but he knew that with Tom's intelligence would pick up soon who exactly had the most control in the popular group and blame Levin for his social misfortune.

Levin was trying not to look his mother in his eyes. He had heard her screaming last night in pain and humiliation from what his new mother's boyfriend was doing to her. He was smart enough to have an idea of what had been done to her and he was embarrassed now to be near her. He wished he could comfort her, but something told him that would only make it worse on his mother.

"Mother?" He asked quietly barely above a whisper, "I don't like it here, can't we just go back to granny and grandpas?" He liked it so much better there. After all, there was no screaming at his grandparents' house.

"No sweetie," Levin's mother smiled at him, "this is our home now, with Jim." Levin didn't understand why his mother still wanted to stay. He had a feeling it had something to do with money, and the fact that Jim had too much of it.

Levin nodded at his mother and climbed in the car ready to go to school. It was a rich school full of kids that had parents loaded with things to give their children and Levin didn't like it much. The other kids seemed to like him fine but all he really wanted was to learn and sit down and color with crayons, not be annoyed with Sally, Henry and Colin every second he seemed to get into something interesting.

Levin sighed as his mother dropped him off at the school. It was time for another day of simple math and spelling cat using an oversized pencil. He scowled at his teacher Mr. Hens as he walked in the classroom obviously not in a good mood. He then looked around the classroom to see who was here already. There weren't many. It seemed himself, Tom, and Donald Jr. were the only ones here this early.

Levin made his way over to Tom who sported a sour expression at a bunch of squiggles on the paper he was working on in a corner near the bookcases. A place where most students didn't go because of the resident spiders that seemed to love the corner.

"Tom isn't it?" Levin asked an automatic polite smile crossing his features. Tom didn't look up, at this point he'd given up on all social reaction with the rest of the class deeming it not worthy of being bullied over.

Levin wasn't about to give up that easily. Being ignored was something he was used too. After all, Jim did it all the time with both his mother and himself.

"My name Levin. What are you drawing? It looks really cool. Is that a formula for speed?" Levin asked eagerly. He'd always been interested in stuff like that. Pictures that explained what could happen if something was built. His mother called them blueprints.

Tom winced and continued on drawing trying to continue to ignore Levin.

Levin smiled to himself and took a seat beside Tom watching with his blue-green eyes alight with fascination.

Levin and Tom stayed like that for about an hour until Sally came over and stole Levin to play house with her.

Tom scowled as he got home. He was confused why "perfect -angel" Levin had watched him this morning. Even thirty minutes after Levin's friends arrived, Levin had still stayed and watched him draw out a blueprint for a toy boat he was making.

Nobody ever wanted to play with him or even be near him. So he couldn't even fathom why Levin would willingly talk and sit next to him.

Tom shook his head. He'd think about this later. Today his father was going to take him to his mother's grave so they could both put flowers on the stone, and although Tom couldn't remember his mother he always liked to look at pictures of her and hear stories from his father about how wild and beautiful she was. About how she could make everyone in the room smile and love her just by being there.

Tom shook his head again after a thought of how like Levin acted so similar to the stories of his mother. They couldn't be remotely similar, his mother was perfect and Levin was… Levin was… Tom frowned, he couldn't think of a name for Levin.

Levin was different from the rest of them, although everyone seemed to love Levin. Levin seemed to not care about them back. Although Levin did sit with Tom that morning, showing he did have some weird interest in himself. Tom grinded his teeth, he didn't want to think about Levin anymore. Levin was annoying he decided.

When I was five I had a best friend who called me a fool for being afraid of the dark. I told him monsters hid there and he just shook his head. I was so angry at him. He told me that real monsters hide in the light. That's not true! I know it's not… It can't be true.

After a few weeks Tom got used to Levin, mostly because every morning Levin would come over and talk to him and sit with him for about an hour each morning. Levin convinced Tom to talk with him, and Tom finally considered Levin a friend, his first friend, his best friend.

Then the day came many weeks later that Levin came into school with a bruise covering half his face. Tom asked Levin what happened, and Levin smiled, a very small smile.

"Oh it's nothing, I just fell down. It's nothing to worry about." Levin said, looking away like he was embarrassed.

Tom would always remember that statement as something he should have recognized as a lie. Levin after that day came to school every day with another bruise, never as bad as the first which was in plain view, but smaller ones in hidden places not noticeable under long sleeved shirts and long pants. Also the number of bruises was too many for Levin to fall down, because even if Levin had fallen down a hundred times every day, he wouldn't have finger shaped bruises like he had.

Tom was worried but whenever he would ask, he would always get the same answer, "not to worry, and that everything was okay". Eventually, Tom did something he would regret for the rest of his life. He stopped asking the questions about the bruises.

Levin ran away from Sally and the gang during recess and claimed a swing beside Tom.

"What do you value most Tom?" Levin asked in his perfect voice, according to Tom's ears.

Tom grinned playfully at Levin. "Candy of course!"

Levin pouted at Tom. "That's not what I meant! I was being serious!" Levin grumbled.

Tom laughed, "I don't know. Knowledge I guess? I mean it can do anything right? I mean just look at the city on the moon it would never have happened without knowledge! What about you? What do you value?" Tom smirked at Levin waiting for some smart-ass answer back from the other boy.

Levin swung silently for a moment then turned to Tom with a serious expression that made Tom want to stop and shiver at the unnaturalness of it, Levin was never supposed to look serious. He always looked aloof and happy. But the expression on his face now hinted at the exact opposite, so different than what Tom was used too.

"Power, after all," Levin said looking into Tom's eyes, "somebody with power, controls. Even those with knowledge can't do anything with those who have more power than them. Somebody with a lot of power can't be hurt, because the weak don't hurt the strong."

Tom frowned and adopted a serious expression as well. "Knowledge can be a power too." Tom replied, stopping himself from swinging again.

Levin smiled at Tom. Making Toms face blush a small bit with happiness. "But that's only one type of power, you need more than one if you're going to be powerful."

Tom grinned and then laughed. "Like maybe having super powers?"

Levin smiled crookedly not amused as Tom wished Levin was. "Yeah, that's something I want, a superpower." The way Levin said it made Tom think Levin was serious.

Tom studied Levin's expression. "I think I wouldn't mind one myself."

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