there's an idea rising over my horizons
trying to touch its light to my sleepy eyes
sending peaks of dreamy rays to my sill
my world unchanged, it speaks to me
though i'm too tired for it to seem interesting

this thought lacking rational thinking
blinding my eyes for a sense of relief
to be heard! to be seen! to live free!
it reached the corners of my eyelids
only to peek right into my hollow slumber

it stole away my peaceful niche
it thrust itself into being real
turning the cogs in my suspended brain
could you ever believe such a thing?
love? you silly theory stealing my soul!

i've tried it before, it's no longer allowed
banned from my kingdom, written as law

and you rose from the ground with my name in your head
i cannot welcome you in so freely, you must understand

there's no doubt in my mind that you mean this
the simple bravery of such a sneaky attack

but i can never love you
unless you love me back.