The same thing had happened to several villagers without kayaks to reach shore. Their floe had split off, and they were never seen again.

Alika was so scared that he would share the villagers fate. He was glad Sulu was on the shore, and not on the floe. It was a great relief knowing that his baby brother would be safe. Alika knew the ice floe would slowly drift away, and was glad Jamka was with him.

As the minutes ticked by, Alika and Jamka were drifting farther and farther from shore. Sulu had gone back to the village to get help, but it was a long trek. There was nothing to do but wait. Most of the gear was on shore. Alika flashed back to the night he fell in the lake, and was glad Jamka was here to make him feel more secure.

More minutes passed, and soon hours. Sulu had still not returned, and Alika was getting worried. Jamka was sitting on the edge of the floe, looking longingly at the fish swimming around. But they both knew that if either of them went in the water, they would surely die. Alika was getting hungry, and so was Jamka. There was no food, and no way to get any.

Later on, Alika was so hungry he could barely stand, and Jamka was resting. It had been over 10 hours since the floe broke off. It was torture. Alika was going mad from cold and hunger. There was a seal off in the distance. This was to much for poor Jamka. He stood up, and hopped into the water and swam towards the seal.

"No!" Alika cried, "Jamka! Come back!"

After a bit, Jamka came back, without the seal. "Good boy" Alika cooed.

He knew Jamka was doomed. He couldn't let one of his dearest friends die a slow, horrible death. So Alika lifted his arm, and hit Jamka square on the head with his elbow.

Alika went over to the small fire he had managed to create, and dragged Jamka over to it. He placed Jamka gently over the fire and cooked him.

Once the dog was fully cooked, Alika ate him. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to.

Sulu never returned. And as Alika came to realize, he never would. So Alika died, with only one wish. That Jamka hadn't jumped, and was still here, so that they could die together.