Every day I wake up here,
And I start turning like meshing gears,
In the house which I chose to live,
to which I have nothing to give.

You see, my house is kind to me.
When I enter, I'm filled with glee,
To see my bed in all it's glory,
And I plan to write a lovely story.

Whether I'm here alone, or with a guest My house is always at its best.
It keeps the secrets I hide inside Like the time when I forever cried.

Dear house I love you so very much,
For all you've done, such and such.
Whatever I do behind closed doors,
Such as writing about imaginary wars.

You see it all, but won't tell a soul Even when you hear my selfish goal To be better than all I know When they say "yes," I say "no."

House I never leave you in a mess I keep my junk much much less.
So here's to you, beloved house,
Love your tenant and his pet mouse.