It's cold and wet as I try to see through the darkness. Why is it wet? I am on dry land. Think, wait, AHH! I'm bleeding profusely! What should I do? Ok, I'll rip my shirt to try to bandage it. Ok, now I need to find my friends. Where did they go? I can't see a thing beyond myself. It must still be night. I'll try to get up… no, that won't work. It hurts too much. If I try any harder I'll die of blood loss. Think, think hard.

The last thing I remember was sleeping. I was with the guys sleeping near a river. We were taking a break from training. One of them told us to at least wait until we reach the campground, but the others wouldn't listen. When I woke up it was night and none of my friends were in sight. I decided to look for them. Then what? I'm missing something. Think… oh, I know! I bumped into someone. He had a knife… Wait, a knife? That's right he stabbed me and pushed me down the hill. I fell unconscious.

The river I have to go to the river. What river was it? Let me think. Our training took us into the Luvyen Caves, through the Xenux Forest and over the Azula River. That's it the Azula River. Ok, according to my memory I should head east. It hurts but I have to reach the river. That is the only spot that I may find rescuers.

I am starting to feel light head but I need to move. I can hear the rustling of the fallen leaves and branches as I pass by. The night animals seem to be mocking me. I am getting closer to the river I know I am. I can hear the water flowing by.

Oh, I see orbs of light. I can make it! Oh it feels so cool; I must be by the river. The orbs are here. That's good! Oh it's the guys, they're safe. Well I'm tired now. I should rest before… before…

The last thing I hear is, "We are too late! Damn it! We shouldn't have left him. He's dead and for what? He was probably trying to look for us. Good thing we caught the killer but now we also lost a friend! Let's ensure that he is remembered as the Most Honorable Warrior and the Friendliest Companion!" I could feel hands and tears all over my body but I didn't care. The pain was gone and my friends are safe.