that your soporific embrace carried warmth
and that ice-cold, yet auburn-red lips I'd never touch upon-
the timorous fool I am would never have looked
into those raven-black eyes of yours.
months have passed and had confidence regained,

turned into a morose animal (that I've never wanted to be)
yet I put the blame on someone I say I love
yet curse till dawn's gone, lights down-
maybe, maybe it was really your fault after all.
never would I have become a mirror's reflected hatred
had you not held the key and opened the gates
to my once non-existent lock.

(I watch those amber, soft flames just melt away
to the silhouette of you whom I call the ice-queen...)

your eyes are daggers to my soul,
those words impale my heart to shatter to bits-
but that look on your face when you'd sometimes look so lonely-
I thought, I maybe liked you as you had a past I know not of.