[Warning: Violence & it's fairly long. I also couldn't come up with a title!]


"Jack why are you here?" Cindy the local therapist asked him.

"It's happening again." Jack replied.

"What?" Cindy looked up frazzled hoping they weren't thinking about the same thing.

"I need to save those little kids." Jack put his head in his hands.

"Why?" Cindy was getting scared now.

"Because her parents are demons." Jack was shaking now.

"How do you know this?" Cindy inquired.

"Because my parents were demons." Jack looked up at Cindy.
"So?" Cindy needed to be sure.

"I can feel their anger." Jack said.

"You think someone else is getting abused don't you?" Cindy asked.

"Yes." Jack stood up and paced back and forth.

"Sit down." Cindy instructed.

"I am going to save her." Jack ignored Cindy's instruction.

"No." Cindy looked worried.

"Jack!" Cindy yelled but Jack was gone out of the door.

"Lucy call the police Jack is about to do it again!" Cindy told her receptionist.

Cindy looked out her window to see Jack drive away. A lone tear rolled down her cheek.

"Cindy is he still here?" A police officer asked. Cindy just shook her head to overwhelmed to move.

"Where did he go?" The police officer inquired? Cindy shrugged but didn't lift her eyes off the window. The police officer walked out of the room and left Cindy there alone.

Within minutes there were police cars leaving in every direction. They knew what Jack looked liked, the car he was driving, but they didn't know where he was driving to. Meanwhile Jack was in the hardware shop buying a few tools to assist him.

"Hey there, would you like some help?" A cheery man asked Jack.

"I want a tool that could knock a man out!" Jack was bluntly honest.

"Well if you've got a plant that tough you will want this." The man chuckled oblivious to the reality of what Jack said. The worker fumbled with a few tools until he found the tool he was looking for.

"This will knock out a body builder!" The man was clearly unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

"Perfect." Jack smiled. He snatched the tool out of the assistant's hands and walked out of the shop.

"Hey you have to pay for that!" The man yelled after him.

Jack drove into the centre of town figuring out who he would 'help'. He was confused, how would he know who to help? He was scared what happened if he was caught by the police again.

"Cindy!" Jack screamed! He got out of his car.

"Have you seen Cindy?" He asked a little girl who started crying at the sight of him.

"Cindy?" He screamed once more every time getting more agitated.

Within seconds police turned up which frightened Jack so he ran inside a random house. Two adults and two kids were sitting at the table. This made Jack remember why he was here.

"Hello, what is your name?" The father asked as he slowly made his way out of his chair.

"Stay there!" Jack screamed.

"Okay, calm down." The father obeyed. Jack walked around the room opening up every draw until he found a safe.

"How do I open it?" Jack asked.

"There is nothing important in there." The father tried to tell Jack.

"How do I open it?" Jack screamed.

"I can't remember, can you honey?" The father asked the mother calmly but with a look of terror in his eyes.

"I think it is 4351, isn't it?" The woman told Jack honestly. The father shook his head vigorously.

Jack opened the safe but it was full of guns.

"It's alright baby don't cry." The woman told her children as she fought back tears.

"Don't touch them!" Jack ordered as he chose a handgun. Jacks mobile rang. He looked at it to see Cindy was calling.

"Cindy?"Jack asked hesitantly.

"Yes, hello Jack." Cindy replied.

"What do you want?" Jack questioned.

"To come in so I can talk to you." Cindy sounded calm.

"Only you?" Jack wasn't sure.

"Of cause. I am coming to the door now okay?" Cindy approached the house.

"Okay." Jack agreed. The door bell rang.

"I am coming in now Jack." Cindy told him.

"Close the door." Jack ordered. Cindy nodded and did as he asked.

Jack turned to put his phone down as Cindy pointed out a hidden camera and wire in her necklace to the family.

"Jack why don't the kids go to their rooms and play?" Cindy asked desperately.

"Um okay." Jack agreed. The parents gave their kids one final hugs as they ran to their rooms.

"You two are demons!" Jack screamed as he pointed the gun at them.

"Jack why do you need a gun?" Cindy was frightened but needed to be in control.

"How else am I going to finish it?" Jack asked her.
"Finish what? Why don't I hold the gun for you?" Cindy urged him to give it to her.

"No, I want to hold it." Jack yelled.

"Okay, okay." Cindy let it go.

"No one say a word." Jack told them all.

Jack undid his top button and fiddled with his collar.

"Jack you don't have to do this." Cindy used his nerves to her advantage.

"Shut up! I told you to be quiet!" Jack screamed at Cindy.

"You have done unspeakable things!" Jack looked as if he was in a trance.

"My father and you are demons!" Jack bellowed.

"Your children don't deserve you as parents!" Jack swayed from side to side.

"Jack put down the gun, talk it through with me." Cindy pleaded.
"You are a demon two." Jack waved his gun around.

"Look Jack, we haven't done anything wrong. You have us confused with someone else." The father pleaded as Cindy shook her head vigorously.

"Demon, he is a demon Jack. Kill him, it would be a sin not too." Jack told himself.

Outside the police were forming a plan to get the kids out of the house.

"Go now, he is distracted." Officer Jacobson said.

"No, he is focused." Officer Wilson replied.

"He is in a trance, it is now or never." Officer Jacobson reasoned.

"Fine but their blood is on your hands." Officer Wilson gestured for two officers to move in.

They walked around the back avoiding windows and keeping low.

"We are at the back." Officer Smith said into his radio.

"Good turn off your radio now." Officer Wilson replied.

"Jones turn off your radio." Smith told his partner.

"Already have. We going in?" Jones asked.

"Now or never." Smith turned the gold handle slowly as he pushed the heavy, wooden door. Smith gestured for Jones to go left as he went to the right. Jones arrived in the little girl's room.

"Hey there, are you okay?" Jones asked the little girl. She replied with a hesitant nod.

"I am Officer Jones what is your name?" Jones smiled.

"Lisa," The girl looked up.

"Well Lisa do you want to come with me?" Jones walked over to her. Lisa nodded as she took refuge in Jones arms.

"You are okay now." Jones reassured the little girl.

"Hey mate, come over here." Smith found the boy. The boy sat there very still.

"I am a police officer, you can trust me." Smith headed into the small room.

"Where is Lisa?" The boy asked.

"With my partner. I am Officer Smith." Smith introduced himself.

"I am James." The boy walked over to Smith.

"We have to go now." Smith gestured for James to follow him.

"What was that?" Jack looked up nervously.

"Nothing Jack." Cindy realised the police where getting the kids.

"It was something, the kids?" Jack tilted his head to one side as if he were thinking.

"Maybe they are playing a game." Cindy thought quickly.

"I am going to go and check, stay here or they die." Jack ran off.

"He won't hurt them, will he?" The mother asked through tears.

"The police are getting the out of the house. They are safe." Cindy told the worried mother.

"Never question Jack's theories. If you do he gets agitated." Cindy explained to the pair.

"Don't ever ask about your kids. He thinks you are hurting them. Play along with it. Show remorse." Cindy gave them instructions on how to act.

"Remember Jack is always right." Cindy finished.

Smith found Jones waiting outside. They made their way through the garden up until the fence where there was a surprise.

"S**t!" Smith said under his breath.

"Leave the kids!" Jack screamed as Lisa cried.

"Let us take the kids." Jones pleaded with Jack.

"No, they stay with me!" Jack yelled from the window.

"We want them out of this abusive home." Jones remembered the briefing.

"We are on your side." Smith felt his gun.

"Leave the kids!" Jack screamed.

"They will be safe with us." Jones pushed the kids behind him.

"Demons!" Jack fired his gun at Jones. Jones staggered back and fell over his feet while he was holding his chest. He did a silent scream and the passed out.

Smith then fired at Jack in a reflex motion. Lisa let out an ear piercing squeal as she burst out into tears. James had a look of fear in his eyes as he hugged his sister. Cindy heard gun shots and ordered the parents to stay where they were. She slowly and quietly peeked into every room in the long narrow hallway. She eventually found jack up against a window. She heard screams from outside but there was a chilling silence in the house.

"What, what did you do?" Cindy was praying that the kids were safe.

"They were demons. He shot at me so I shot at them." Jack had his head in his hands and had tears streaming down his face.

"Are the kids okay?" Cindy was afraid.

"I, I don't know." Jack answered finely looking at Cindy.

"I am going out to check. Stay here Jack." Cindy walked outside to find no-one but a dead police officer.

"James, Lisa?" Cindy called out.

"They are fine. Get in there and save their parents." Smith ordered Cindy.

"Umm okay. He has a gun." Cindy offered information.

"Yeah, I kind of guessed." Smith gave Cindy a look of frustration.

"How are the parents holding up, do they need medical attention?" Smith asked.

"Not yet. Has he referred to you as a demon?" Cindy inquired.

"Yeah he told both of us we were then took a shot at us." Smith replied looking at Jones' body slumped on the ground.

"He believes we are working for his dad and thinks that James and Lisa are getting abused. He thinks he is doing the right thing." Cindy sighed.

"Well it is up to you to stop him before someone else gets hurt. Want a gun?" Smith offered his gun.

"Okay." Cindy took the gun and headed back inside.

"Cindy give me the gun he gave you." Jack had his gun poised at Cindy.

"Okay, okay." Cindy passed Jack the gun slowly.

"You don't believe that he is a demon. You don't believe me." Jack started yelling at Cindy.

"I do believe you Jack, but I don't want him to hurt the kids. You have his gun now." Cindy tried to give a reasonable explanation.

"I am glad you believe me because after everything we have been through it would be hard to kill you." Jack gave Cindy a smile that sent chills down her spine.

They both started down the corridor when they heard something shatter.

"What was that?" Jack asked Cindy.

"I don't know. Maybe a glass fell down." Cindy suggested.

"Or maybe those demons are attempting to escape." Jack started to run towards the living room. Cindy chased after him but before she reached him he shot at the husband.

"No." The mother cried in pain.

"Jack!" Cindy yelled sounding like a mother attempting disciple her child.

"He was running away." Jack looked at Cindy innocently. Cindy rushed over to the dead man and checked for a pulse.

"He is dead Jack. You killed a man." Cindy sounded surprisingly calm.

"Oh my god no!" The mother started to perform C.P.R. on her dead husband.

"Mummy?" Lisa ran in from outside.

"What are you doing in here? Go, run." The mother cried.

"What is wrong with daddy?" Lisa asked innocently.

"Nothing baby please go back outside." The mother was now begging her child. Lisa headed out.

"No where do you think you're going?" Jack tormented.

"Back outside." Lisa looked at him clearly oblivious to his mental state.

"No your not. You are going to stay here with your dead father and your alive mother." Jack laughed in her face.

"Jack let her go." Cindy told Jack.

"No." Jack pointed the gun at Lisa daring her to move.

"You don't want to become the demon do you?" Cindy asked Jack. He shot a bullet in the air and started to scream. Lisa ran to her mother and Cindy looked at Jack stunned.

"I am no demon!" Jack yelled at Cindy.

"I know. I'm sorry." Cindy nodded as Lisa started to cry.

"The girl stays here! You understand?" Jack yelled.

"Understand?" Jack shot another bullet.

"Yes." Cindy replied instantly after he shot the bullet.

"Why did you kill daddy?" Lisa asked after a few minutes of silence.

"He was a demon." Jack replied as he played with the gun.

"How was he a demon?" Lisa asked even though her mother was mouthing to her to stop.

"You know." Jack replied calmly.

"No I don't." Lisa was persistent.

"Jack she probably is looking for attention don't listen to her." Cindy tried to prevent Jack from getting angry.

"So how are you on this fine day?" Jack asked no-one in particular.

"Jack maybe we should let the child go, what do you say?" Cindy seeing an opportunity.

"Hell no! She might be taken by demons!" Jack replied screaming now.

"Jack it is time for your medicine." Cindy said realising the time.

"I don't like medicine. It's that demon that should be taking the medicine." Jack replied.

"Come on Jack." Cindy pleaded.

"Jack, is it okay if Lisa gets a drink she is really thirsty?" The mother asked in a shaky voice.

"Crap I thought the wicked witch was dead!" Jack started humming the tune.

"Go on Lisa." Cindy assured Lisa it was okay.

"No, Lisa stay where you are." Jack yelled suddenly changing his mood.

"She is a kid for god's sake. Let her." The mother yelled sounding surprisingly confident.

"I said no!" Jack screamed clearly losing his temper.

"Jack take your pills it will help your judgement." Cindy pressured him.

"I said no! Why does no-one f*****g listen to me?" Jack started to yell and scream and bang his fists on the wall.

"Okay Jack, maybe later. Why don't you sit down and put the gun down?" Cindy attempted to calm him down.

Jack sat but had the gun firmly in his hand. The mother held Lisa and fought back tears of her own.

"What is your name?" Cindy asked the mother not lifting her gaze off Jack.

"Amber." The mother replied.

"I hate you! Leave! Why aren't you in jail? Get out of this house!" Jack screamed looking at an empty space.

"Is your father here Jack?" Cindy asked carefully.

"Yes, he won't leave. Go away!" Jack yelled at the space in the wall.

"Yes please leave." Cindy tried to involve herself in the conversation.

"No she is not my therapist." Jack snarled.

"I am just a friend of his. Now I would appreciate if you leave." Cindy tried to make Jack come back into reality.

"I think he is gone Jack." Cindy told Jack calmly.

"He isn't!" Jack looked distressed and confused.

"Look at me Jack. I can't see him any more. The guards took him away." Cindy held Jacks face so he could only see her.

"No, you're wrong." Jack cried. Cindy pushed Jacks head back in the direction of where he thought his father was.

"He's gone!" Jack smiled.

Amber and Lisa were heading for the door when Jack turned around.

"Where are you two going?" Jack laughed.

"I want a drink." Lisa replied.

"Well in that case," Jack paused as he laughed. Lisa started again.

"No!" Jack said just as she reached for the handle.

"You are a big bully." Lisa yelled and walked away throwing a tantrum.

"No I'm not. I am saving you! Why can't you see that?" Jack asked clearly frustrated.

"Jack maybe to save Lisa you have to let her go. When your father did this to you, you wanted to run but he wouldn't let you. Let her run away Jack." Cindy assured Jack it was the right thing to do.

"But I can look after her here. Not out there." Jack looked out the window.

"Maybe go outside with her." Cindy suggested.

"But then the demons will get me." Jack shut the curtains.

"Let Amber go out there, let the demons get her." Cindy offered Jack an irresistible opportunity.

"Yes, they will kill her. The demons are going to trade sides!" Jack threw his head back and started to laugh so evilly even the windows trembled with fear.

"Go get out of here." Jack pointed to the door.

"Not without Lisa." Amber shook her head.

"I said go." Jack put his face in hers.

"I said no." Amber didn't lift her eye contact.

"If you don't walk out that door by three you wont walk anywhere." Jack threatened her.

"Good it's settled then I stay here." Amber smiled and sat down.

"One," Jack smiled.

"Two," He pointed his gun.

"Two and a half," Jack laughed a little.

"Three." He fired a bullet at her chest and burst out in hysterics.

Cindy rushed over to Amber and checked for a pulse. There was one but it was weak Cindy knew it was only a matter of time before that pulse would be gone.

"Jack why don't we get these bodies out of here so they are away from Lisa." Cindy suggested.

"No, she would be happy to see these demons bodies. Wouldn't you?" Jack looked at Lisa while Cindy was shaking her head.

"No?" Lisa replied hesitantly.

"What? I thought you just said no." Jack looked horrified.

"She is probably just confused. Why not just the mother?" Cindy prayed silently that he would let Amber out.

Jack shot another bullet into the air.

"I said no." Jack looked at Cindy fiercely but sounded calm and collected.

"Please Jack." Cindy asked politely.

"The next bullet will be in you." Jack warned.

"Okay fine." Cindy out her hands up. She started towards the gun safe. Things where silent and still a welcomed change from yelling and guns being fired.

Jack turned away from Cindy, turned away from all of the decisions pending, turned away from what he had done. He wanted to escape reality and go into a world that wasn't complicated, a world that was easy to live in. He hated the fact that people were just outside; waiting for him to make a decision that would suit them. He wanted for people to live him alone. He held his gun tightly because it felt like at any moment he would drop it. Jack forced himself away from the plain white wall he was staring at and turned towards reality the inevitable choices.

"Jack I don't want to shoot you but I am going to. If you take those pills it will numb your pain for a few seconds before the paramedics can reach you." Cindy aimed the gun at his leg not wanting to kill him.

"I want you to see me feel the pain so the demon inside of you can see the pain that it deserves." Jack dropped the gun and put his hands up.

"I am sorry Jack." Cindy shot the bullet while Lisa ran to the paramedics.

"You are like the rest of them you know that?" Jack whispered fighting every urge to scream.


"Jack can you hear me?" A man came into Jacks vision.

"Where am I?" Jack asked clearly confused.

"You are at the Mercy Hospital. You have been shot but it is okay. I am Doctor West." The doctor explained.

"Where is Lisa?" Jack asked.

"She is fine. We are going to patch you up and then you will be alright to go." The doctor smiled.

"The bullet only grazed his calf so it isn't anything to keep him over night for but he has a psychiatric condition so keep him anyway." A paramedic told the doctor quietly.

"Okay, Amanda organise a psyche consult." Doctor West instructed.

The Doctor put a bandage on his leg and asked all kinds of annoying questions which frustrated Jack but he didn't lose his temper because he wanted to prove that he didn't need a psyche consult and that he wasn't crazy. He fell asleep reluctantly and woke up in the middle of the night to chaos.

"He's crashing! Get the paddles!" Doctor West was rushing around a patient in a room across the hall.
"Charging three sixty, clear!" Doctor West used the paddles on the man's chest and repeated it five or six times.

"He's back. Can you hear me Tom?" The nurse asked the patient.

"What happened?" The man asked.

"You went into anaphylactic shock." The nurse replied.

"Those bloody cooks in that bloody jail!" The man ranted.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Jack yelled at the man who he now realised was his father and ran over to him in utter disbelief.

"Hey Jacky boy! How you holding up?" The man replied.

"You are meant to be in jail." Jack looked scared to see his father again.

"Yeah but they gave me peanuts. Have you patted out all your bruises then?" Jack's father laughed evilly. Jack jumped on his father and started throwing wild punches.

"I hate you! I wish you were dead!" Jack yelled while Doctor West tried to pry Jack away.

"I should have killed you a long time ago. Before you ratted me out to the police!" His father yelled back.

"Come now Jack, you have a visitor." Doctor West tried to restrain Jack and force him out of the room.

"He should be in jail." Jack let Doctor West lead him back to his room.

"I know Jack. Cindy is here and wants to see you but you have to calm down a bit first, okay?" Doctor West smiled as Jack hopped back into bed.

"I am calm now." Jack shifted under his covers uncomfortably.

"I'll be right back." The doctor assured him.

"How is he, Lucas?" Cindy asked Doctor West.

"Medically he is fine but we are keeping him over night anyway." Lucas replied and softly kissed Cindy on the cheek.

"Mentally?" Cindy sighed.

"Mentally he is," Lucas hesitated searching for the right word.

"Unpredictable." Lucas said quietly.

"Has he had his pills?" Cindy asked.

"He is refusing and keeps asking for Lisa." Lucas shook his head.

"Lisa is the girl who he was attempting to protect." Cindy sighed.

"Do you want to see him?" Lucas asked carefully.

"I suppose. Anything you want me to say or find out for you?" Cindy knew that he would want something out of her being here.

"Can you get him to take his pills please?" Lucas hugged Lisa and then led her to Jack's room.

"Hey Jack." Cindy forced a smile.

"Cindy!" jack looked up.

"Yes. How are you?" Cindy asked trying to sound sympathetic.

"I am okay. Where is Lisa?" Jack was looking around eagerly.

"She is in a safe place. Now Doctor West tells me you haven't taken your pills." Cindy sounded like a teacher.

"I don't want them." Jack shook his head vigorously.

"You have to have them Jack." Cindy smiled passing the pills to Jack slowly.

"Do you know that my dad is here?" Jack looked scared again.

"Is he?" Cindy looked at Doctor West who nodded.

"Yes. He threatened to kill me." Jack looked like he was going to burst into tears.

"Well I am sure you are safe with Lucas here." Cindy smiled.

"Lucas?" Jack questioned Cindy.

"I mean Doctor West. Here are your pills Jack." Cindy handed him a glass of water and two different coloured pills.

"Okay, I will take them if you promise to see me every day while I am here." Jack looked desperate.

"Okay, I promise." Cindy and Lucas smiled as Jack took him pills and slowly dozed off.

"I have to go and check on his father now. Did you want to see him?" Lucas broke the silence.

"Umm, yeah. I have a few questions for him." Cindy followed Lucas out the room.

"Are you okay Cindy?" Lucas asked as he looked over a chart a nurse handed him.

"I'm fine. Just a bit frazzled." Cindy replied.

"This is Jacks fathers' room. I am just going to ask if it is okay for you to come in. Sit tight." Lucas disappeared through the doors.

Cindy was thinking of questions to ask. There were so many. This man she had heard so much about but never actually considered meeting him. She knew the man behind those doors had managed to make a relatively normal person so unimaginably twisted that they could justify killing two people while children watched on. Cindy started to feel sick herself but knew that this would be maybe her last to chance to meet him.

"Cindy?" Lucas interrupted her thoughts.

"Huh, sorry?" Cindy angered.

"Are you okay?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, I am fine." Cindy faked a smile.

"You can come in now?" Lucas forced himself to believe that the smile he was seeing was real.

"Thanks. Can you stay with me?" Cindy bit her lip.

"I wasn't planning on leaving." Lucas smiled.

"Well hi there." The man laughed. He had brown hair but mostly he was bald. He was wrinkly but he looked tough. He had out-dated tattoos that somehow made him look younger and he had an evil laugh.

"Hi, I'm Cindy." She made no attempt to even acknowledge his out stretched hand.

"What do you want?" He pulled back his hand.

"I am your sons, Jack's therapist." Cindy explained. The man laughed at this.

"What do you want with me?" He managed to say through his ongoing laughter.

"I want to know why?" Cindy said plainly.

"Why I hit him or his mother?" He stopped laughing now.

"Both." Cindy replied.

"Take a seat." He sighed.

Cindy sat.

"She was a little b***h who thought she could run the world. She used to use Jack literally as her ashtray. I hit her once to stop it and the she stabbed me." Tom pointed to a scar on his forearm.

"After she did that, I knocked her out cold. Jack screamed at me and threatened to call the police. I hit him to make sure he didn't. When the b***h came to she burned Jack with an iron. I hit and kicked her repetitively until I broke her legs. I refused to drive her to hospital and Jack kept screaming so I hit him again and again till he ran out of tears. She was in the background laughing so I kicked her in the guts and gave her internal bleeding. That pushed her over the edge with her bipolar. I was so angry, so torn apart that Jack became my permanent punching bag. He used to blame me for his mothers actions. He came up with this crazy idea that I forced his mother to torture him." Tom took in a deep breath.

"His mother was always ready to burn Jack. She enjoyed it. It became her drug. I needed a drug to and hitting her became the right thing to do. He was always screaming and crying, I just had to hit him. I needed silence." Tom whispered and then fell asleep.

"Tom?" Cindy said.

"I need a help in here." Lucas yelled as he incubated Tom.

"Cindy, you have to leave. I'm sorry." Lucas told her while nurses ran around getting things.

"Come on." A nurse escorted her out of the room.

"Thanks." Cindy managed to say through her confusion.

"My name is Amanda and I am a nurse but I can be therapist sometimes." She laughed.

"My name is Cindy and I am a therapist. I'm not related to the patient. It's the first time we have met." Cindy smiled.

"I'm on my break want to join me for a coffee?" Amanda offered.

"Umm, sure why not?" Cindy said realising she needed a break.

They started down the corridor but they heard screaming coming from Jacks room. They both turned and ran into his room.

"Are you okay sir?" Amanda asked him.

"Jack what happened?" Cindy took over.

"I thought my father was in the room." Jack took a few deep breaths.

"It was only a dream. It's okay now." Amanda told him gently as she looked through his chart.

"No, he is in this hospital." Jack tried to sit up but Cindy held him back.

"Jack sit still. My friend here needs to take a look at your arm." Cindy assured him it was okay but he was restless.

"I am just giving you a sedative Jack. Cindy can you try to keep him still?" Amanda asked. Cindy watched Amanda put the needle into his arm and he immediately became calmer.

"He's going to fall asleep in a second." Amanda explained to Cindy.

"His name is Jack. He has a mental condition, which I believe is his parents fault. His father is Tom that is why he was screaming." Cindy explained Jacks actions while he fell into a deep sleep.

"Does he have medication?" Amanda asked looking at his chart.

"Yes, but they can't completely cure his condition. They help to prevent episodes but I think while his father is in his vicinity they are useless." Cindy sighed.

"It says here that they are keeping him here for observation." Amanda studied the chart aloud.

"They wanted to make sure he is mentally stable. But now his dad is here he would be more stable living on the streets." Cindy said to Amanda.

"I agree but we are hardly going to send him to a psychiatric hospital in the middle of the night." Amanda walked over to a machine and wrote on the chart.

"How long does it last?" Cindy asked admiring how peaceful Jack looked.

"I gave him a small dose so an hour maybe." Amanda answered.

"Okay." Cindy nodded.

"Time for that coffee." Amanda walked out with Cindy trailing behind.

"Tom, how are you feeling?" Lucas asked sympathetically.

"Like s**t." He grunted. Lucas checked the IV Tom had hanging out of his arm.

"Is that little s**t still here?" Tom asked.

"If you are referring to your son then yes." Lucas answered.

"He is faking it you know, to get attention." Tom looked at Lucas eager to see his reaction.

"You don't deserve him." Lucas muttered under his breath.

"You're right, I don't deserve him." Tom replied calmly. Lucas stared at him for a moment not believing that he had said something nice about his son.

"No-one deserves that little piece of worthless s**t." Tom continued much to Lucas' disappointment.

"You have to get some rest now. I will be back soon." Lucas tried to get that last comment out of his head.

"Amanda?" Lucas yelled out.

"Oh hey. How is Tom holding up?" Amanda seemed refreshed and happy.

"Okay. How about Jack?" Lucas said hesitantly.

"I sedated him after he had a nightmare. Cindy has gone to get some coffee." Amanda replied.

"What's with you?" Lucas asked.

"It is 12:01 and no-one died here last night!" Amanda struggled to keep her excitement inside.

"What? Are you sure?" Lucas couldn't believe it. This never happened.

"Yep." Amanda showed off her gleaming white teeth and perfect smile.

"One black with one sugar, one white with two sugars and just one plain black." Cindy entered the room struggling to hold the three coffee cups and her oversized wallet.

"Thanks Cindy." Amanda took her coffee and sipped at it carefully.

"Here's yours." Cindy offered a coffee to Lucas.
"You didn't have to." Lucas smiled as he took his coffee.

"Well it looks like it's going to be a long night." Amanda sat down.

"Yeah, the cops are going to be here soon. So we all will probably have to provide statements." Cindy pointed out.

"They will also want every detail about Jack's condition." Lucas added.

"And a nurse on standby." Amanda sighed. The three of them were now sitting in a row of chairs clutching their coffees and starring into space wishing that they could escape the next twenty-four hours.

"Excuse me but do you know where a Doctor West is?" A police man stood checking his notes.

"I'm Doctor West. This is Cindy, Jack's therapist." Lucas paused for a breath.

"And I am Amanda, his nurse." Amanda stood up unwillingly.

"Okay, well I am going to need to speak to Cindy fist but later I will have to speak to Jack." The policeman replied.

"What did you say your name was?" Lucas asked.

"Oh sorry, I am Chief Johnson." Chief Johnson introduced himself as he shook everyone's hand.

"So you're his therapist?" Chief Johnson asked Cindy as they sat in a large conference room.
"Yeah, he has been my patient for five years now. We have, well we had a very strong bond." Cindy replied sipping her coffee.

"What happened?" The chief interrogated Cindy. She explained what happened with hardly any emotion.

"Do you believe that it was intentional?" The chief asked the hardest question.

"I honestly don't know." Cindy looked him in the eye.

"Well that isn't good enough." Chief Johnson held eye contact.

"I am not going to put my name to something that I don't know is one hundred percent true." Cindy stood up clearly agitated.

"I'm not asking for your final statement but your initial one. You of all people know how important these statements are." The chief replied in a more severe tone.

"I do understand how crucial these are to the case, but I don't want to say something that is going to come back and bite me in trial." Cindy headed towards the door.

"Cindy, I don't know him like you infact no-one does. We need your help and co-operation." The chief said as she exited the room.

"Cindy where are you going?" Amanda yelled after the now furious Cindy.

"For a walk." She replied bluntly.

"I'll go." Lucas said to Amanda brushing her aside as he ran after Cindy.

"Where is everyone?" Chief Johnson said as he approached Amanda.

"Cindy went for a 'walk' and Lucas ran after her." Amanda replied.

"Could you explain to me Jack's medical condition?" The Chief sighed as he realised that his best asset had gone for a walk.

"Sure, it's Amanda by the way. Well medically he is fine, apart from the odd scratch. We are keeping him here for observation on his mental condition." Amanda leaded Chief Johnson towards Jack's room.

"What is his mental condition?" The chief queered.

"It is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)." Amanda explained.

"I thought that was found in soldiers of the war." Chief wondered aloud.

"It can also be found in people who have suffered a very traumatic ordeal. In this case heavy abuse and suffering." Amanda studied some of the machinery Jack was hooked up to.

"Okay. Has he been okay since he arrived?" The Chief quickly jotted down a few notes.

"No, but it isn't entirely his fault, it's his fathers." Amanda was interrupted.

"When did this become about his father?" The chief asked.

"His father is across the hall and that set him off. He was punching and screaming so we had to sedate him." Amanda explained.

"Oh. Why wasn't he or his father removed to another hospital?" The Chief asked.

"Look Chief Johnson," Amanda sighed.

"Bob please." Bob replied.

"Bob, I have other patients that I really need to attend to. So if you want to question the way our hospital controls to patients when it has limited staff ask the CEO of the hospital and not me." Amanda snapped just as her beeper went off.

"I have to go." Amanda walked off. Bob sighed as Amanda stormed out of sight. He didn't know anything knew about the situation and hadn't even met the culprit. He avoided the thought of the amount of paper work he was going to have to complete. How did a guy who hadn't been to war get PTSD anyway? It didn't make sense and Amanda wasn't helping him.

"Hi, sorry I'm guessing Amanda briefed you on Jacks situation?" Lucas looked drained and tired.

"Yes she did. Can I meet Jack now?" Bob asked.

"Yes but he will be drowsy from the sedation." Lucas explained as he leaded the Chief towards his room.

"You should avoid asking him about his father though, if you do it might trigger something." Lucas explained.

"But that is vital to my investigation." Bob moaned.

"It might put the patient at risk." Lucas sounded irritated.

"Okay I will avoid it for now." Bob compromised.

"Jack how are you feeling?" Lucas asked in a very sympathetic voice.

"I am a it drowsy but other than that." Jack responded.

"Well that is normal. This is police chief Johnson. He needs to ask you a few questions, if that is okay?" Lucas explained Bob's presence.

"Hi, Jack. Do you remember what happened back at the house?" Bob skipped the chase.

"No." Jack lied.

"It is better to tell the truth." The chief encouraged him.

"But I will get the insanity plea. I am tired and would appreciate you leaving." Jack replied calmly with a hint of a smirk.

Bob stared at Jack for a while, utterly confused with Jack's response. What kind of criminal tells a cop that they will plead not guilty due to insanity? Does PTSD even count as insanity? After a few minutes of solid staring Bob walked out the room scribbling down some notes.

"Do you need to see his father?" Lucas asked without any emotion.

"Not now. Later." Bob sat still scribbling resting his notepad on his beer gut.

"I haven't been told what he has done yet and for medical reasons it is important." Lucas sat next to Bob.

"He shot and killed two people as well as severely traumatising two young children." Bob stated bluntly.

"Will he get the insanity plea?" Lucas queried.

"That you don't need to know." Bob stood and walked away.

Cindy arrived at her apartment at about two-two thirty. She was trying to hold back the inevitable tears. Somehow her patient had stolen her professionalism and her strength. How did that happen? How did her insecure, sick, scared patient take away her life? She walked straight to the kitchen and popped open a bottle of red wine and poured it into a glass. She filled it right to the top and skulled it and then went for another.

After a few more glass' she finally went to bed. She was tired and a little drunk so she didn't bother with reading or TV she just drifted off to sleep.

"Where's my mommy? Where's my daddy? I can't find them." A familiar voice muffled through tears.

"Who, who is that?" Cindy replied softly. She was in a large mirrored room. Cindy didn't know where she was.

"My mommy and daddy are gone. I can't find them." Cindy knew who that shaky voice belonged to.

"Lisa?" Cindy yelled out.

"I want my mommy!" Lisa cried. Cindy ran through unfamiliar halls trying to find her.

"Lisa?" Cindy was now in tears.

"Where are you daddy?" The girl was screaming now.

"Lisa?" Cindy was disorientated, lost.

"You didn't help them. You watched them die." Lisa wasn't crying anymore but she was yelling.

"I'm sorry!" Cindy said.

"You helped kill them!" Lisa's voice was deeper now.

"I'm sorry!" Cindy screamed.

"Cindy, it's okay." Lucas was stroking her hair.

"What just happened?" Cindy asked confused.

"It was a dream, you're okay now." Lucas kissed her cheek softly.

"Oh." Cindy sighed.

"What was your dream?" Lucas asked carefully.

"Nothing, it was nothing." Cindy told Lucas but was really trying to convince herself.

"Did you want a glass of water, or something?" Lucas asked through a yawn.

"It's okay I'll get it. You get some sleep." Cindy answered.

"If you're sure." Lucas was practically asleep. Cindy replied with a fake smile and headed towards the kitchen.

Cindy and Lucas had been together for five or so months. They met through a case and they just clicked. Cindy was utterly surprised when Lucas asked her out because she hadn't been out on a date since uni. Somehow the novelty of a new relationship was wearing off. That wasn't to say she wasn't enjoying it, she just was used to it, to him now.

Cindy walked back into her bedroom and realised for the first time that Lucas was still in his scrubs and wasn't even under the covers. She laughed quietly to herself and somehow seeing him made her feel better. She lay next to him in her PJs and quickly fell asleep.

Cindy groaned as the alarm went off. The buzzer went silent just as she opened her eyes. A smile crept across her face just seeing Lucas. She smiled every time she awoke next to him because she figured that one day he would realise what a mess she was and run off while he still could. Was this what they call love?

"How'd you sleep?" Lucas embraced Cindy.
"Good." She smiled.

"No dreams?" Lucas asked.

"No dreams." Cindy laughed.

"You coming to the hospital today?" Lucas let go off her and rolled off the bed.

"Yep, need to see how Jack's going. Probably should apologise to Chief Johnson." She grabbed another suit and got changed into it.

"I am so over work. We should go on a holiday after this case is finished." Lucas smiled at the thought.

"Seriously?" Cindy studied his face.

"Yeah, why not? I have to go, meet you at the hospital." Lucas grabbed his bag and headed towards the door but turned back and gave Cindy a kiss.
"Yeah, see you there." Cindy answered.


"I would like to call Cindy Clark to the stand." Jack's lawyer called. As I was sworn in, it nearly felt surreal.

"State your name and address please." Robert (the lawyer) said bluntly. I have done this a million times before, but never with a case that is so close to home. I recited my name and address as Jack made eye contact with me.

"For now, pushing aside your direct involvement with the murders can you tell me what Jack was like as a patient?" Robert asked stepping in front of Jack deliberately.

"He was like most other patients. He had a substantial amount of physiological issues though, due to heavy abuse as a child." I paused taking a breath.

"Was he more violent than most of your other patients?" Robert hurried me along.

"My patients vary according to what physiological impairments they may have," I could see Robert ready to but in, "But yes he does have a shorter temper." I finished.

"Is this a result of the abuse or is this just his personality?" Robert asked.

"Our past experiences shape our personalities, so yes it is a result of the abuse but it is also his personality." I saw a bead of sweat on the top of his brow.

"What mental conditions does Jack suffer from?" Robert got to the point.

"He suffers from PTSD as well as an unhealthy amount of stress, he has dissociative identity disorder, and to some extent amnesia." I listed all of his mental problems automatically as I have been asked this question nearly every day for the past five months.

"Could you explain to the jury what these mental illness' are and what they cause?" Robert walked towards the jury. Jack was staring at me.

"PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in Jacks case he has Delayed Onset Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; this means that he got PTSD years after the experience. This caused Jack nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigelence and violent outbursts." I took a long breath before continuing.

"When I say stress I don't mean just your average stress. Jack gets irritated to easily, lashes out over little things, gets headaches and has violent outbursts as a result of the stress." I shifted uncomfortably as Jack hadn't lifted his glance.

"Dissociative identity disorder aka multiple personalities disorder is where the person who you really are changes according to the situation. You become different people without realising it." Jack looked confused when I was explaining all of these disorders.
"Finally his amnesia. Jack has unconsciously blocked out some memories in order to protect himself. Jack has erased memories from his past or at least tried to. Through extensive therapy I managed to get him to remember some instances where he was abused." I took a sip from my water and awaited my next question.

"Is it possible that he was a different person or having a violent outburst when he committed these murders?" Robert queered.

"I would hardly call it a violent outburst but it is possible he was a different person when he committed the murders." I sighed, trying to shake this nasty head ache I had.

"Do you believe you can be impartial, when offering your opinion to the jury and to the judge?" I had been dreading this question. I hesitated looking between Jack and the jury.

"You are under oath." Robert so kindly pointed out.

"No." I admitted.

"Is it because you saw him commit these acts?" Robert stepped closer to me.

"No." I whispered so quietly so hardly any sound came out.

"Pardon?" Robert stepped back again.

"No." I repeated louder this time, regretting the fact that I believed in god and heaven and hell. Wishing I could lie, just this once.

"Then why?" Robert stepped back towards Jack.

"One of the memories Jack has blocked out is his sister." I took a slow breath hoping that maybe I might faint and get out of this situation.

"His sister was also abused but she wasn't hit or tortured the same way as Jack she was kept in basement locked up and her mother was the one who abused her not her father." I felt the sweat pour down my face.

"How could you know this?" Robert looked genuinely astonished.

"I, I am his sister." I only then realised the sweat was tears.

"What?" Robert asked.

"Can I request a recess?" Robert walked up to the judge.

"Court adjourned to tomorrow at 10:00. Miss Clark please go with the bailiff." The judge banged his ganvel.

I was taken to a little cell and forced to write a statement. Then I was put on the lie detector test. A psyche consult was organised. She asked me questions and told the judge or the police or whoever that I was mentally stable. The arrested me for obstruction of justice and locked me in a cell.

"Cindy what the hell is going on?"Ralph asked. Ralph was the lawyer for the prosecution but I also had recently made him my lawyer.

"I honestly don't know." I was emotionless now everything was going by in a blur.

"Tell me what happened in court, what happened back then and what is happening now." Ralph sat down with a notepad and paper.

"I was locked up in the basement of my house as soon as I turned three. My father wasn't there ever. He never looked me in the eye once. My mum was my torturer. She used to burn me or cut me or just hit me. This to some extent is what I said in court." I paused studying Ralph's face.

"I can get you out of jail." He said flatly. He made a signal to the bailiff and then two men came in.

God I love Ralph. He got me out of jail on the terms that I see a therapist once a week. I started to get dressed for court when Ralph rang me.

"Your therapist is claiming you aren't mentally capable of getting up on the stand." He blurted out skipping the 'hi how are you?'.

"What?" I asked simply astonished.

"She says that if you see Jack you might have a mental break down." He sounded agitated.

"That is bullshit. I have seen him every day for the past five years." I rebutted.

"Yeah, I know that even the prosecution and Jack's lawyer is agreeing that you are more than capable of getting on that stand today. We are all about to go bitch about it to the judge because if you don't get up on that stand everyone loses something." He gasped for breath.
"I am going to court anyway, Fuck her." I ended the call and finished getting ready for court.

"Cindy," Someone called my name as I stormed into the courtroom.

"Cindy slow down." I recognised Ralph's voice.

"The judge says you're allowed to testify." He paused beside me taking a deep breath.

"Good." I said bluntly walking past the pack of press screaming questions and sticking camera's in my face.

I walked straight to an empty room I had found yesterday. I sat on the comfy couch and opened up 'Woman's Weekly' as Ralph stood awkwardly in the doorway.

"Well come in." I flicked through the magazine.

"Look Cindy, are you okay?" Ralph sat beside me.

"Yes Ralph I am fine." I replied not lifting my gaze from the magazine.

"I'm going to have to go into court now." I could feel his stare burning holes in my skin.

"See you in there." I shifted my body so I was now facing as far away from him as possible.

"Okay, good luck." Ralph slammed the door behind him.

As I entered the courtroom, I told myself I was going to be okay.

"State your name, and address for the court please." I recited this easily.

"State your relation to the defence." I could feel 100 pairs of eyes staring at me.

"I am his sister." I managed to squeeze out.

"You said yesterday that your mother abused you, could you expand on that please." Jack's lawyer was standing up confidently.

"Objection, this case has nothing to do with Cindy's experiences, she is here as witness and as a professional, not as a victim." Ralph shot out of his chair before I had time to digest this question.

"Her abuse might help the jury understand what Jack went through." The other lawyer rebutted Ralph.

"Then get the defence up here and ask him." Ralph countered.

"Sustained." The judge stopped the fighting.

"What was your reaction to Jack's first meeting?" I remembered Ralph told to answer the questions avoiding my past with Jack.

"I was taken a back with his physcological state. I was shocked with the list of issues that I would have to help him deal with." The other lawyer sighed and Ralph smiled at me.

"On a personal level how did you feel?" The lawyer asked quietly.

"Your honour." Ralph stated simply.

"This will prove to the jury wether she was in the right state of mind to treat him." The lawyer looked to the judge.
"I will allow it. Answer the question Miss Clark." The judge nodded at me.

"I didn't know I was his sister at this stage in time, I only figured it out at the murders." I stared at my lap.

"How did you treat him?" The lawyer gestured at Jack.

"Your honour I need the toilet." I said bluntly ignoring the rest of the room.

"Your honour she needs to answer the question first." Ralph was sitting up straight with a confused look on his face.
"With all due respect I am hardly going to the toilet to figure out how to answer that question." I replied.

"Five minutes." The judge banged his gavel and walked out.

I walked into the toilets and splashed my face. I looked up into the mirror and I saw my mother to the left of me.

"Mum?" I questioned what I was seeing.

"You didn't deserve to leave that cellar." All my memories where flooding back. I could see the belt my mother used and the electric wires mum used to shock me with. I could see the excitement in her face as if she had just hit me.

My fingers found the barrel of the gun I had hidden in my suit jacket; I pulled it out and put it to my temple. I let one of my fingers grasp the trigger.

"You won't do it." My mother laughed. I turned around and shot my mother and then again.

"I wouldn't do it while you're alive." And then I put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger.


Cindy doesn't deserve to be the one with a bullet in the head. She didn't do anything wrong. She wasn't the one who tortured a family. She isn't the one on trial. She shouldn't have had gotten the death penalty. I should have, I should.

I know that people think I am a monster. I know that people wonder how I can plead not guilty. I know that people wonder how I could ever forgive myself, truth is I can't. What no-one knows is that I can't sleep at night without hearing little Lisa's pleas. I see their faces every time I close my eyes. I know that I am not a monster; I am something far worse.

I am alone in my cell playing back my memories of Cindy. The only one I can remember is when she was about three she was sitting across from me with a massive, lop-sided cupcake with about twenty lit candles, singing me happy birthday. She was wearing a pink dress with her hair in two pony-tails. She had the biggest smile on her face. She was happy. But she was too young to see that my purple arms were from dad's latest out-burst. She was too young to see that the smile I was putting on was only there to stop the tears. She was too young to understand why she never saw me and to innocent to think it was because dad didn't want her to see the things that he did. I was too arrogant to realise that the abuse I was getting she was to. I was too worried about myself to see that she couldn't straighten her arm fully. I was too preoccupied to see that she had cuts along her wrists.

My life has never been easy. My past isn't an excuse to go kill people though. I don't know how I killed them; I know how much it can hurt. I wanted to be a fireman when I was little, not because I thought it would be cool but because I thought I could save people from getting hurt. Now look at me, I am everything I resented. I have become my father.

I hold a gun, gripping the trigger with my finger. I know that so many people want this to happen. I can nearly hear their voices egging me on. I know that my father would be laughing if he saw me dead on the floor but would be upset that he wasn't the one who killed me. I know that I deserve this.

I know that sorry is too insignificant to really hold its meaning; it is said far too often. But I am sorry, not only for the murders but because I am not strong enough to go through the trial. I am sorry, so sorry.

BY Cassnadra Hamill