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Chapter 1

"So you're the badass who stole my woman, huh? You don't look like much to me."

Dimitri Corbeille paused his drink halfway from him lips. His eyes narrowed on the beefy human in front of him.

Having encountered dumbasses like the one before him allowed him to size up the bastard in less than a second. Dressed all in black thinking it made him look tough and cool, the man wore a glock in plain sight and that itself said that the man had no idea how to use it properly. The man had probably scared competition off by getting his competition alone with some back-up and felt that this time was no different.

Yeah right...He wore clothes that were a size or two too small and showed off muscles that were not proportionate to the rest of his body, no doubt from steroid abuse. The human cocked his hip, revelling in the adoration from his likeminded cronies who clung to him as though he were God and they were laughing at his bravado.

Trash. That's what they were. Human men who only got off on taking on competition with sheer number. He knocked back his drink and poured himself another.

"You're just a drunk and yet you slept with my woman?"

The door to the bar slammed open. "Jimmy! Stop it!"

'Jimmy'? What sort of name was that?

"Maudette! Get outta here!" 'Jimmy' barked.

'Maudette'? Ah yes, he remembered the woman. Strong perfume that nearly destroyed his heightened sense of smell. She had a really annoying moan so he got her to shut up. But she had a fine ass. Other than that, she wasn't memorable at all.

"No! Don't hurt him!"

Dear God, he felt like he was in one of those damned dramas. He knocked back another drink in one gulp before pouring himself another. They were too engrossed in their own argument to bother about him.

"Are you serious? Did you have sex with him because you wanted to?"

"Maybe if you weren't so selfish during sex I wouldn't have to satisfy myself elsewhere!"

"You bitch! You went to whore yourself around?" Jimmy barked.

"If it makes you feel any better or not, she wasn't a memorable fuck at all."

'Jimmy' cocked his glock and aimed it at him. "You bastard!"

He glared. "You have three seconds to get that gun out of my face and scram with your cronies and woman or you won't even be able to walk out of this bar."

"Ooh, I'm so scared of the drunk ass pretty boy. Save me guys! Tough words for a drunk who only sleeps with women belonging to other men!"

"Well, maybe if you were more skilful and all, she wouldn't have needed to come to me for satisfaction that she definitely enjoyed." He smirked and the man glared, pulling the slide back.

"You bastard!" And with that the triggered was pulled.

He sighed. "You should have heeded my warning."

"H-How?" 'Jimmy' panicked.

In the time Jimmy had pulled the trigger, Dimitri had wrapped his hand around the barrel of the gun, effectively stopping the slide from moving forward and pushing the bullet out.

"Well then. Time to mete out my punishment for not heeding my words." He smirked, putting his drink down while the man shivered in his boots

A thud sounded and he took in the sight of Jimmy, laying before him in a heap on the floor. He sighed.

"Well that was boring." He said, picking his drink up again and was about to bring it to his lips, but paused to regard Jimmy's cronies.

"Don't hurt us!"

He rolled his eyes. "Take you friend and go."

They picked Jimmy up by the arms and dragged him out of the bar and he felt another presence beside him.

"Oh Dimitri. That was spectacular. I've never met a man who could make Jimmy faint like that before. You make me want you more and more." Maudette purred in his ear and he knocked back his drink.

"Get lost," he ordered.

"But," she tried to argue.

"I never sleep with a woman twice and that once with you was definitely not worth remembering. My one time with you was a mistake. It was not in the least enjoyable." He said, looking her straight in the face.

Her lips quivered as tears welled up in her green eyes and he couldn't care less. He'd seen countless of tears and he wasn't affected in the least.

"B-But," she had tried yet again.

"Leave. Or I will," he said. When she didn't make a move to stand up, he got up and pulled out his wallet, walking up to the counter.

Eddie, the owner, who was a man in his early thirties, put down the glass he was cleaning and walked to Dimitri from behind the bar. "Leaving so soon, Dimitri?"

Dimitri pulled out some cash from his wallet and placed it on the counter where Eddie took it. Neither said anything, knowing that he always paid more that he needed to. "Unwanted company ruins my mood."

Eddie looked over Dimitri's shoulder to the pouting Maudette who was burning holes in Dimitri's back with her glare. "If looks could kill, you'd be a dead man. But I see how that would ruin your mood."

He highly doubted he'd die from the level of that glare. He'd seen worse and had worse directed at him.

Dimitri left the bar without saying anything else and with his night pretty much ruined because of a one-night stand gone wrong, he decided to just return to his room and drink there. Once he left the bar, he was greeted by the cold wind of the night.

Racine De La Cruz received a kiss from her boyfriend of four months, Riley Cooper. They smiled at each other.

"You sure you don't want me to walk you home?"

He was so kind...

She giggled. "Yes, I'm sure. Don't worry, alright?"

"Alright. But remember call me once you get home." He reminded.

"Like always, right?"


"Goodnight Riles." She smiled and stood on tip toes, placing a peck on his lips.

He smiled. "See you next week."

She turned around and walked off, turning around briefly to give him a little wave and he chuckled, waving back.

She held her purse behind her back with both her hands while walking along the pavement.

She liked Riley. He was nice. But he was always nice. He'd never gotten angry before. Not that she'd seen anyway.

Her phone rang to the tone of Shinedown's Call Me. She pulled her phone out of her jacket pocket and smiled when she saw Lillian's name on the caller ID. She flipped open her phone and put it to her ear.

"Hey Lils," she smiled

("So, how did your date go?")


Lillian sighed on the other end of the line. ("In other words, it was like all your other dates with him.")

"Pretty much."

("He's probably the kind of guy that would wait for years before getting jiggy with you.")

She laughed. "Lil!"

("You know it's true.")

Yes, she knew...

She turned round the corner and bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry!"

Oh crap! She was a total klutz!

She glanced up and gasped.

Oh my. He was gorgeous. His features were sharp and chiselled like the finest Grecian statues. His dark brown eyebrows arched finely over the most piercing turquoise eyes she'd ever seen.

Dressed all in black, he had chestnut brown hair that wasn't exactly neat, but it wasn't messy either. It was as though he didn't bother about making his hair presentable. He was clean-shaven and slightly tanned. And air of power clung to him and it drew her to him.

She knew that she should stop staring at him. But she couldn't. It was as though a spell had been cast and she couldn't look away. Then again, he wasn't looking away either.

("Cici? Is something wrong?")

She snapped out of the spell and apologized once more before rushing off, heat rushing up to her cheeks as she glanced back and saw that he was watching her. She brought her phone back up to her ear.

"Sorry, I just bumped into someone."

("Oh. Alright.")

She sensed something then. Darkness reaching out to her and her eyes widened. She quickened her pace, not breaking into a run since she didn't want to attract attention.

"Something's coming."

("What do you mean?")

"I can sense something bad."

("Shit! Listen Cici. Go back to the fae land. Now.")

The land of the fae. Tir-na-nÓg. There, the others would be able to protect her. She had to get back to her homeland before the darkness caught up to her and took her life force. The souls of fae could empower any being. Their souls could never fall in the hands of anyone, but must only be absorbed by the Great Tree.

"I got it. I'm on my way."

He turned round the corner and someone walked right into him. The scent of pomegranate and cucumbers filled his senses. The combination, odd as it may seem, was absolutely amazing. He looked down, intending to glare at the offending person even when he had heard an apology and his breath caught in his throat.

He smelled the innocence on her. Along with something else he couldn't quite place his finger on. And it made his stomach turn.

Her long, ash blonde hair fell over her thin shoulders in very loose waves though it was straight until it reached her shoulders.

She had large, angelic eyes. Ceil blue eyes that were completely guileless and honest.

Who in this day and age had eyes like that?

In contrast with his dark clothes, she was dressed in colours like white, pale blue and yellow. An air of gentleness surrounded her, along with something he could not identify.

He couldn't look away from those eyes of hers and she didn't look away either. They stood there, in the corner of the crowded pavement, not taking their eyes off of each other. She looked so angelic...

His emotions were on a rampage inside of him. And yet, all he could focus on was her. She wasn't even a woman. A young woman, but not a woman like what he was used to. Buxom beauties were his usual. Yet, he couldn't care less about them at the moment.

She only broke their eye contact when her name was called on the other line of her cell phone.

She apologized once more, her musical voice caressing his senses before she rushed off and he continued to stare after her, catching her gaze when she'd turned to look at him once more.

With her sudden departure, his senses and instincts assailed him. It was sudden and violent. He knew it then. She was his. He would've realised it sooner, had he not been so entranced by her.

He had to go after her. To claim her as his.

He noticed the shadows travelling on the wall and his eyes narrowed. The shadows were signs that demons were at work. That they were around. They went in the direction his fleeing angel had disappeared to.

He wanted to go after her and yet, he had a duty to eradicate any threat the demons might pose. He was torn.

Until he realised that the demon was not merely travelling in the same direction as her. It was hunting her. He dashed through the crowds, determined to reach her before it did.

She had to reach the forest. Yet, she couldn't endanger the humans. She made a choice and took a turn into an alley.

A few whistles. "Hey sweetie, how about some fun?"

She was dumb! Now, she not only had to deal with a demon after her, but also a group of horny men?

This was not her day...

"Get out of here!"

"Aw, come on!"

She tried to warn them.

It was too late though as the demon took form. Beautiful. Demons were beautiful. But vicious. Easily identified by their glowing crimson eyes.

"What the hell?" With that, they ran.

The demon sneered. "Humans. Pathetic creatures they are. Cowards." He turned to regard her with that awful smile that promised bad things to come. "You, on the other hand, smell absolutely delectable. What creature are you? Your scent called to me."

Oh that is so awkward.

"I am not some snack and why should I tell you if I'm human or not?"

"Because I would at least like to know what creature I'm eating, so that I may offer my condolences to your family and at the same time, thank them for their precious... sacrifice."

"Gee. How nice of you. How about 'no thanks'?"

"It wasn't an offer." The demon glared.

"And I wasn't giving you a choice." She glared right back.

He charged at her, but with her training, she easily flipped over him and landed behind him. He snarled and slammed his fist into her abdomen which sent her flying into the brick wall.

The demon towered over her and gripped her neck tightly, lifting her up and she struggled to breath, clawing at his hands.

A growl echoed in the empty alley. "Take your hands off of her." Deadly. That was the word to describe the tone used.

The demon turned to face the newcomer and she shifted her eyes to try and look at the man but her vision was blurring. "Who the heck are you?"

"The beast who will kill you for striking her. No. For even thinking of harming her."

No more than a second later, her vision fading, she felt the demon's grip on her neck vanish and heard a loud crash. She sank to the floor and breathed in the precious air, but her vision had yet to clear. All she heard were the words mumbled by the demon.

"You're Dimitri! The rightful king of the beasts!"

And then she blacked out. Right when it was getting to the good part!

A puny demon dared to hurt his fated woman? He snarled once she had passed out.

"You dare hurt her? I won't allow anyone who hurts her, get away with it." Even though he had said it calmly, his tone had delivered the necessary emotion.

He had predicted that the demon would try to escape. But he was the fastest of his kind and he had intercepted the intended escape and gripped the demon by the neck and his claws appeared on his hands, allowing him to effectively rip the head off the demon and he dropped the demon.

He turned to his fated and picked her up.

She weighed absolutely nothing at all. But he knew that her looks masked the power she had hidden in that little body of hers.

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