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Chapter 26

Racine stood there in his room, her lovely mauve eyes wide in unconcealed surprise, her lips parted in a slight gasp.


He bolted out of bed, towards her. Reaching out, his hand stilled for a moment, afraid to touch her for fear of her being a figment of his imagination.

"Are you… really here?" he asked, his voice sounding weak even to him.

Her voice was soft, barely a whisper as she uttered, "I… think so." She paused, taking another look at him and her cheeks grew pink. "Oh! Gods! You're naked!" Quickly, she looked away and he couldn't be bothered with covering up.

He touched her and his heart pounded in his chest, swelling with unrestrained joy.

She was here.

With him.

"I can feel you…"

Was she a trick by their enemy?

But their bond was still the same as it was. His instincts told him that she was his mate, but he couldn't feel her through their bond. However, the fact that his instinct called out to her, his mate, was enough.

"How are you here, mafleur?"

"I... I'm not sure."

And that was the truth.

Racine looked down at her hands and she was clearly visible and whole. His hand had touched her cheek. She had felt the warmth of his hand, the calluses on his fingers and palm and the strength behind his touch.

It worked.

"What worked?" he murmured, fully covering her cheek with his large hand.

Had she spoken aloud?

"I don't believe that there's no way for me to warn them."

"There has never been a known way."

"Neither has a fae ever been mated to a Lykos."

"That's certainly true," her father murmured, rubbing his chin, deep in thought.

It was a habit of her father's to rub his chin whenever he was thinking of something complex. Her mother ran a hand up and down her father's back, soothingly.

"We've been through this already, sweetie."

Her father shook his head and returned to his thinking for a while more. "Perhaps there is a way, but not one that neither I, nor anyone else is aware of," her father mumbled, his brows knitting together.

She rose from her dream bed in a huff. "I refuse to accept that there's no way! I have to warn them of our enemy!"

If there was one thing good about all of this, it was that she could conjure up things she wanted. Well, material things. That and her parents were with her.

"You're trapped, Racine. You've sealed yourself into your own body. Your mind and your soul are stuck here."

"Yes, but isn't my soul tied to my mate's?"

"Even so, it's a fragile link, like glass."

"But it's still a link."

"Have faith, Racine," her mother murmured, running her gentle fingers through her hair and she sighed, flopping back down onto the bed.

"I have faith in Dare..."

"And what of your wolf?"

She stared up at the cloudy sky that reflected her state of mind. Her thoughts were clouded with Dimitri.

"If I have forgiven him, shouldn't we already be reconciled?"

She knew her parents had said something about it earlier, but her mind was too preoccupied to recall what it was.

"Your wolf is guarded. He blames himself for what you have suffered from our deaths and he feels undeserving of you and your love."

That, and the fact that she had been against their mating, didn't help at all.

"Dimitri..." she whispered, calling out to him with the futile hope that he had heard her.

Would he hear his mate calling out to him?

She chuckled at her naive thoughts before her eyes flew open in shock.

"Gods, Racine, I love you..."

A bitter chuckle escaped her lips.

Why was she dreaming about things in her dream?

She stilled when she noticed her surroundings grow dark and she jumped up from her bed to find that she was alone.

"Father? Mother?"

No reply.

She looked around and shielded her eyes from the bright light that appeared before her. Seeing nothing else around her, she decided to take a leap of faith and walk towards it.

Seeing Dimitri in the flesh in front of her sent her heart racing. She reached up, placing her hand over his and slid her fingers between his, holding his hand to her cheek.

"You heard me..."

"You called my name." It was a statement and not a question. "If you call for me, I will race to your side, though it would appear to be rather difficult at this point of time considering the circumstances."

Her gaze dropped to the floor. "You would run to my side… because I'm your mate?"

"Because it is you who is my mate, Racine," he murmured and her gaze flew up to meet his at his easy admonishment.

His gaze didn't waver even at the words he spoke next.

"You are my mate and even if either you or I should cease to remain in this or any other world, you would always be my one true mate." She felt his hand tense against her cheek as poorly concealed pain flashed in his turquoise eyes. "However, I know that I do not deserve you now or ever. You are too pure and your existence is brighter than any other. You deserve to be in the light where you belong and I could never allow myself to desire to drag you into the shadows with me. You thrive in the light and to take you into the shadows with me… would kill you."


"I have already made the mistake of concealing the truth from you once before and I will not repeat it again." His gaze was strong as he uttered the next sentence. "I'm the one who murdered your parents. I'm the one who orphaned you. I kidnapped you as well, made you my captive and I lied to you about being your mate, forcing a bond that you did not wish for, onto you. I trapped you, Racine and that is unforgivable. I made you ache for my touch and I made you untouchable to any other male because of the bond. I… took away your choice and your future. I am sorry, Racine."

His eyes glistened with tears, surprising her.

A Lykos… a creature so proud, so brave, who relished their animalistic side and who could crush her so easily, was opening himself to her, making himself vulnerable to her when she had rejected him before. He was taking the blame for everything thus far. He was blaming himself for all her suffering when it wasn't his fault. They were all entangled in the web of fate.

Contrary to his belief, she still did have a choice.

She could either succumb to the path fate had woven for her by loathing him or go against destiny and forgive him. With him in this state, it would be so easy to claim her revenge for the death of her parents… but they were right.

She had already forgiven him.

She was still sore about the whole thing, but she had forgiven him.

It seemed that she wasn't as pure as he had painted her out to be because she was in love with the man who had murdered her parents, destiny or not.

She loved him.


He cut her off barely after she got one word out. "I know that you can't forgive me."


"I don't expect you to."

"Can I-"

"I understand."

Her eyes narrowed in frustration at his constant interruption and her hand itched to give him a good slap, but that wouldn't help things.

He was so set on the notion that she would never forgive him that he wasn't letting her speak.

With a sigh, she took her hand off of his and with both hands, she reached up and pulled him down for a kiss and felt him still. She pulled away a little and met his stunned gaze with her calm one.

"No offense, but shut up, Dimitri," she murmured against his lips.

Racine relished the feeling of finally being so close to him, of finally touching him. She had fought against the bond for so long, unable to bear the touch of any man but him or family. His eyes darkened with a look she half recognized and his hands gripped her arms firmly, his trembling touch conveying the nature of his thoughts to her; to succumb or to let her go. His conflict was so evident in his eyes and she moved her arm as much as his hold would allow and touched his forearm.

The conflict in his eyes quelled and his eyes darkened even more.

"Do you know what manner of a beast you're about to unleash, mafleur?" he hissed through clenched teeth, his erection making its presence known by poking her in the stomach.

She smiled and instead of a verbal answer, she tiptoed as high as she could, only managing to plant a kiss on his set jaw. She heard a rumbling in a chest and that was the only indication she received before he dipped his head down and captured her lips with his in a fierce kiss. The passion in his kiss was unsuppressed and she could feel it to her toes. His tongue plunged into her mouth without warning, yet she didn't think awfully of it. Underneath the roughness of his kiss, was gentleness. He wasn't doing anything that she didn't want and she knew he was giving her just a taste of how much he wanted her.

Dimitri's gaze was on her, watching her, ready to forcefully tear himself away from her at the first sign of refusal on her part. Her eyes, locked onto his, was the only thing giving him some semblance of restraint over the beast in him that was urging him on. Both man and beast wanted her and he was showing her, as much as possible, just how much he wanted her with a kiss.

The thread of restraint he held, snapped the moment her eyes flew shut and her tongue brushed his.

He was already hard for her so it shouldn't have been possible for him to grow any harder, but he did, the moment he caught a whiff of her arousal. He heard her heart racing in her chest in erratic beats and felt her skin grow warmer through the sheer cotton of her clothes. He grabbed her ass, lifting her up and she wrapped her long legs around his waist, his hard length probing her moist centre through the silk of her underwear beneath her skirt while her arms wound their way around his neck. Their lips parted, allowing them to breath and he felt her hot breath on his ear before she nipped his earlobe.

"Racine," he growled in warning and she pulled back to give him a cherubic smile.

He held on to her waist as she undid her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. Dimitri laid on her the bed with as much gentleness as he could in his lust-addled mind, her legs unhooking from around his waist and she undid the zipper of her skirt before he hooked his thumbs into her underwear and pulled downwards, effectively stripping her of her skirt and underwear. He worked quickly, ridding her of her remaining clothing. Dimitri gazed at his mate, spread out beneath him in all her glory, her lips bruised from his rough kiss, her breasts rising and falling with every breath she took and her centre moist and swollen from just the taste of his lips and his length rubbing against her. She gazed up at him, passion and desire unconcealed in her mauve eyes; passion and desire for him. She looked absolutely breathtaking.

The most beautiful sight in the world…

He dipped his head down once again to capture those alluring lips of hers, parting her lips easily with his tongue while his hand stroked her side as it made its way to her beckoning centre. One stroke over the swollen flesh made her tremble beneath him and another stroke with his finger parting the folds briefly earned him a strangled whimper from her.

Gods, she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

He palmed her centre rubbing the flesh and she writhed under his touch, moaning and whimpering, her body desiring her mate as much as his did and it drove him downright insane with the overload of erotic sensations. His cock throbbed, wanting desperately to be buried in her.

His name left her lips as a whimper, conveying her need and his dark gaze shot up to meet her eyes, reflecting her own wanton expression in his gaze.

"Please," she murmured, her flesh quivering, desperately wanting him inside of her.

Realization dawned even in his dark gaze.

She wanted him now. She didn't need romancing and she sure as hell didn't need him to tone it down. She wanted it the way he wanted it.

Passionate and unbridled.

With that last thought, he let go of his thoughts and gave in to feeling, spreading her legs apart and baring the core of his mate to him. He angled the head of his cock to her entrance as she gazed at him with eyes clouded with desire. With one fluid motion, he slid into her all the way.

Racine let out a cry as he buried himself in her all the way, her body relishing it, needing it. The feel of his thick length in her, had her mind going blank of everything else aside from the sensations that were overwhelming her. He was on his knees in between her legs, lifting one of her legs to rest against his chest, the other, resting on his muscled thigh. Without saying anything, he slowly pulled out, only to plunge back in with a fast and hard stroke.

Her body was a slave to his, her muscles contracting with every thrust he made before her hips moved, meeting him thrust for thrust. He groaned, clutching her ankle with his large hand and she was vaguely aware that he could crush it with no difficulty. She knew he would never hurt her. His free hand gripped her thigh that rested on his, her toes digging into the bed as her body tingled. There was a slight buzzing in her ear, from the blood rushing to her ear and everything seemed quiet aside from his grunts and her moans. Every time he pulled out, her muscles contracted, wanting to keep him in her. Her skin tingled, sensitive to every little thing that touched it, even the perspiration that formed. One bead of perspiration from him, landed on her stomach and it sent a delicious shiver down her spine.

Her senses felt heightened from their copulation and his hands that felt impossibly warmer, gripped her waist and lifted her up to straddle his kneeling form. The sensitive peaks of her nipples brushed his skin as he lowered her onto his shaft and a whimper escaped her lips, her hands clutching his broad shoulders, her nails digging into them. He groaned at that, his hands moving to palm her ass and he lifted her off before bringing her back down, seating her all the way to his balls. She cried out, the new position having given him access to other sensitive points.

Soon enough, he wasn't the one doing all the heavy lifting. Despite being a novice, Racine was learning quickly and was adapting to the new position with a finesse that had Dimitri's heart swelling with pride. She was lifting her hips and lowering them, to meet his thrusts from below, with perfect timing. He lifted one hand to her cheek, their eyes more or less on the same level due to her petite stature, cupping it before bringing her lips to his in a fierce, yet achingly tender kiss.

"Harder," she whispered through ragged breaths and he obliged.

Dimitri lowered her onto her back once again, taking her harder and faster. Her muscles clamped down on him as she cried out, climaxing. His jaw clenched, he continued thrusting, seeking his own release. Why couldn't he reach it?

"Dimitri…" she whispered beneath him, her voice breathy and she lifted her hands to cup his face. "It's all right, Dimitri. Everything's all right now. I want you to come."

And he came with a roar, hard and fast, filling her with his seed.

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