~Just a Little Girl~

"Her legs are no good" Charlene said. "She can maybe walk an inch or two, holding on to something. But her legs are really stiff and it's painful for her"

Dr. Fairview looked on the bed where the girl was, she seemed oblivious to her and Charlene. She had a long sleeved blue dress on, it seemed a little worn out. Her hair was amazingly long and she kept it pulled up in pigtails some was left out in the front, covering her forehead and temples.

"She won't use a wheelchair or nothing" Charlene continued. "She just has her older brother carry her from place to place in the house and of course she rarely gets out"

Right now she was drawing, which the doctor had been told was a hobby of hers. The sketchbook she had was well used and next to her was a small plastic box with drawing pencils, colored pencils, crayons and pens. Dr. Fairview was here for the girl's mental health, not physical. But her disablities were probably one of the causes of her strange behavior.

The doctor then decided to address the girl, "So what do you like to be called?"

Instead it was Charlene who replied, "It doesn't matter, Jessina or Jesse but most call her Jesse" With the mom here it would be impossible to get anything from the girl. Charlene had told the doctor, Jesse's bad behavior was mainly directed towards her.

"Mrs. Grant, do you mind if I speak with your daughter alone?"

"No I don't mind, but I should tell you that girl lies like the devil" Charlene said as she walked out the door and closed it behind her. Dr. Fairview felt a wave of relief when the woman was out of the room.

"Miz Fairview, you are very pretty" Jesse said. The doctor had not expected the girl to speak right away, she had a sweet child's voice with a touch of southern accent.

"Thank you" Dr. Fairview said. "May I see what your drawing?"

Without hesitation, Jesse held up her sketchbook revealing her latest drawing. It was a colorful picture of Dr. Fairview herself. Herself with a black eye, bruised smiling face along with the words 'slut' and 'whore' carved in her neck. The doctor was not taken aback by this. She had met plenty of children who chose to draw dark subject matter. But she had to admit, few of them possessed Jesse's artistic talent.

"That's really good but I never thought of myself as a slut or a whore" the doctor said calmly.

"Just because you don't think you are, doesn't mean your not" Jesse said.

"Fair enough-"

"Momma's wrong, I don't need Jojo to get around"

"So do you want to tell me how else you get around?"

The girl laid down her sketchbook and gave Dr. Fairview a dead serious look. "Do you really wanna see? Its one of the reasons momma hates me"

The doctor was not sure what she meant, but it was best that she found out. "I want to know, I'm here for you Jesse"

"Sure you are" Jesse sighed and then shut her eyes. Instantly her body lifted from the bed. She moved herself in to a straight up position so her toes were inches from the bed.

Dr. Fairview could not choke out a single word, there was a lump in her throat that seemed to stop her from even breathing properly. Her body felt unbelievably tense.

"Your scared, aren't you?" Jesse said.

The doctor was to stunned to reply, she couldn't handle something so amazing and unnatural. Just as Jesse had thought. "I can do a lot more, all this has taken so much work to master" Without even flinching or any effort at all, she lifted some books and moved them in a circle around her.

"Y-your just a little girl" Dr. Fairview finally managed to choke out.

"What difference does it make?" She put the books neatly back in there place. Slowly Jesse began to lift the doctor from the ground and soon brought her to the bed. Dr. Fairview's eyes were so big with fear and disbelief. She fought for control of her body but Jessina was to strong. By fighting the doctor only weakened herself.

"Let me go! I want to leave!" the doctor cried.

A light reflected in Jesse's eyes and Dr. Fairview was violently pushed back. The force was so great the woman's body broke right through the door.

Charlene ran down the hallway screaming in distraught rage. "Jesse! You promised you wouldn't do this!"

Jesse moved out to the hallway, her feet about a foot from the ground. She lifted her mother who screamed out in fear and anger. "Jesse, I'm sorry!" she cried. Her daughter gave her a smile and then pushed her to the end of the hallway where she knew to keep her mouth shut.

Dr. Fairview could not move, she just trembled and wanted nothing more than to be out of this house. "Miz Fairview, just forget about me" with that Jesse went back to her room and contiued drawing.

Jojo was the last thing Dr. Fairview would see. He came through his bedroom door, weilding a wooden baseball bat. His face was heavily scarred and his large build seemed inhuman. Before the doctor could scream the bat was brought firercly down on her face. Jojo's strength was amazing.

Soon she did forget little Jessina, she forgot everything.