Let Freedom Ring:

You can tear down all my walls,

That have been structured so carefully,

You can take the life of me right out of my hands,

And kill me,

You can destroy all my hope for the future,

Take away my dreams,

But there is one thing you will never get from me,

I comes in no shape or form,

Feeling or emotion,

It is a given right I was born with,

That can't be demolished,

Try as you might but it's not mine or yours,

To give or take away.

I have the choice though,

To express it as I please,

Because it has no boundaries,

At least not within-me.

It's called freedom,

Something everyone can obtain,

With the first breath you take,

It fills your tiny lungs,

A promise for the future,

A hope as bright as flames,

It's a given,

It's inside you,

It flows right through your veins,

And no one can take that away,

So let's Let Freedom Ring.