Our Sense of Perfection

Like the back of my hand I know you
Like a cherished book I you can read
And even though we fight, it's true
That you're the only one I'll ever need.

Without any sense sometimes our jokes are
And sometimes we laugh at nothing at all
Though we are living each with our battle scars
Together we will never fall.

So many years ago our paths did meet
And though our destiny was still untold
I know that our love was never discreet
And, now together, we shall grow old.

Even though we've had our downsides
And we've fought like demons straight from hell
To anyone in the world I will confide
That there's no one else who knows me so well…

When I've been beaten and in the corner trapped
And when the monsters are coming for me
Just before I've been pushed down and slapped
You're the one who comes and sets me free

You're the one who brings me to life
Yet you're the one that I can't stand
You've caused me so much grief and strife
And yet to me you still are grand.

Each others buttons we like to test
To see who will break down first
And when we're fighting, I will confess
That you can make me feel the worst…

But at the end of the day, a simple embrace
And sleeping to the sound of your breathing
Lets me know my love has not been displaced
And my affections you are not deceiving.

Our time together will have bumps along its way
But it seems we have found our lasting direction
And even though we may fight almost every day
This, to me, is our sense of perfection.