Hey everyone, I've enrolled my e-books over at Amazon in their KDP Prime program which allows for free lending/borrowing of the books. In order to do so I cannot have them up in other digital formats. That includes this one. So I have to take these stories down and I will be doing that, just wanted to give you all fair notice.

I'm posting this so that you're aware that you can read them for free over on Amazon. I'll probably continue to post here when the next book is available in each of the series: "Daystar" and "Wastes Away" so that you know when they're done.

You can also hop over to my blog: navigatorsanddemons(dot)wordpress(dot)com

I'll post updates about the books there.

If this KDP lending library program doesn't work out, I'll return to Fictionpress and post, but I can't say that for certain at the moment.

Thanks for your support! And please do go out there and nab the free copy of the stories on Prime or check out the e-books for a couple of bucks. :)