1. New Beginning.

New York City, city and major port in southeastern New York State, at the mouth of the Hudson River. It is the most populous city in the United States. It comprises Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island boroughs. Population: 8,084,316.

Leaving Harrisburg was not easy. My sister, my friends, my mom…I was nothing without them. I guess, I could call this a sacrifice. Leaving your family for a hard-to-find-job in New York.

Ah, New York. I never thought I would get here. I had just finished college and I was ready to start my job as a photographer in the New York Times. I was nervous, yes, but I my best friend was working with me, so I technically had all the confidence in the world.

The sky was cloudless, and a perfect baby blue. There were buildings everywhere. Trucks, cars, and taxis moving around inexorably.

I was wearing a red blouse over a white undershirt, a black leather jacket accompanied by black skinny jeans and knee-high black boots.

I payed the taxi's driver. He checked me out for the last time and went back inside his taxi. Ugh, he had been doing this since the airport. He had been looking at me and giving me a perverted smile and make kissing noises at me while I was listening to my iPod. He thought I didn't hear him, but he thought wrong.

I looked at the building that made me forget about the perverted taxi man. A building that said, "The New York Times Newspaper".

I sighed in relief and walked inside. I looked around. There was everything I imagined. People stuck writing notes inside a glass room with a yelling boss. People running around like crazy trying to deliver a message or note to the article-writers. Writers writing an article on nature or checking the latest gossip of on famous actors or actresses. Wow, this just couldn't get any better.

"Kathleen?" I girl from a distance said loudly.

I smiled, "Bridgett Swan, man, I haven't seen you since the high school graduation."

"You've changed…" Her eyes began to focus on my hair, "You let your bangs grow."

"I did, indeed…what do you do?" I decided to start a conversation.

"Article writer," She held her badge and showed it to me.

"Whatever happened to your photography dream?"

"Well, that was my first goal at first but then article writing came my way and I really liked it." she said.

"Seriously?" I paused and smiled, "I still have my goal, I didn't just replace it with something boring." I joked around to make her angry.

"Oh really? I write the articles that make celebrities problems even more public."

"That's what you write?" I was socked, not because I loved those and she wrote them, no, it was because she used to hate those back in high school and now she writes them?

She nodded, "I learned to love after the pleasure that Lindsay Lohan's disasters brought me."

I laughed. Ah, Bridgett she hasn't lost her priceless sense of humor.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I want you to meet my working partners."

"Cool, where are they?" I asked and looked around wondering who they could be.

She pulled me by the arm and led me to a small cubicle with three girls inside. The first one that caught my eyesight was a tall statuesque. She had a beautiful figure, the kind you saw in Victoria Secret. Just seeing her lowered my self-esteem little by little. She seemed like the type that would decrease any ones self conscience with just one look at her. Her hair was golden, gently waving to the middle of her back. The short girl standing next to her was pixie-like, thin in the extremes, and with small features. Her hair dark and shoulder length. Finally, the last girl was a girl with beautiful green eyes that seemed like less competition to the blonde one but more to the brunette. Her natural red hair tied in a ponytail made the characteristics in her face and freckles stand out.

Bridgett cleared her throat, "Everyone this is my best friend, Kathleen Hartman." All the girls looked at me.

"Um, Kathleen," She pointed at the proportioned blonde. "This is McKayla Johnson." McKayla smiled at me and waved. I waved back, fearing that if I didn't, she would hate me.

"That," She pointed at the red haired girl, "Is Caroline Hamilton, the number one celebrity stalker in the world.

She laughed, "Oh, stop, you're embarrassing me." She said sarcastically. Caroline stood up and shook my hand, "I'm glad you're finally here…" She leaned closer and whispered, "Bridgett wouldn't shut up ever since she found out you were working here, and believe me, when you're in the New York Times, a little quiet time wouldn't be so bad."

Bridgett smiled in embarrassment and looked at the brunette, "And, last but not least, that is Mary Garcia."

She took off her earphones, "Hi." She softly said and went back to her music.

Bridgett whispered to my ear, "Nobody really knows what she's doing here but we treat her like one of us either way."

I didn't say anything and smiled, "It's a pleasure meeting you all." I said with a smile. "So…" I said to start a conversation. "You all work here?"

"Yeah…sadly…" McKayla said a little disappointed, "We're also the only ones who work in this position…so they thought it would be easier to send us to a shitty-"

"But roomy…" Caroline interrupted.

"But roomy, cubicle…where we all work together to find out the latest gossip." McKayla continued.

"Wow" I said surprised.

"Hey, girls…is the new girl here?" A woman said as she walked into the cubicle. She was pretty. Her brown hair was held in a bun and wore a small amount of makeup.

"Yes, she's right here." Bridgett said with a smile.

"The boss wants to see her."

"Oh, okay." I said a little nervous. I followed the woman as she walked out of the cubicle.

"Um, my name's Kathleen Hartman." I said to the lady.

"Rose Rodriguez."

"Why does the boss want to see me?"

"Oh, honey, he never tells me anything, he just gives orders." She said with a small smile. "The boss' office is right over there." She pointed at a glass workplace. I walked towards the office. I knocked on the glass door. The old man was talking on the phone. He stopped and gave me a 'come in' sign. He looked like the angry newspaper boss from Spider Man, only meaner.

"I don't care! I'm NOT wasting my money to take him to the hospital!" He looked at me and gave me 'give me a moment' sign. I nodded and looked away. "Just give him some random pill and am pretty sure that'll make him feel better…Well, I'll call you later, cuz' I need to talk to the new girl." I turned to see him when he said "new girl". "No, she's NOT my secret LOVER!…Okay, whatever! I'll call you later, sheesh!…Love you, bye-bye." He hung up his phone and looked at me. "My wife…I hate her more than I hate fruit cake." He looked at me, hoping for me to laugh at his wife/fruitcake comment. I looked at the plaque in his desk: Jeff Parker."So, you're our new photographer, huh?" he asked as he grabbed a cigar from a box on top of his desk and light it up.

"Yeah…" I said with a smile.

"Do you have a camera?"

I nodded, "Yes, sir." I smiled.

He pulled out a paper folder and looked at the paper in it. "Well, I read your profile and it says that in high school you were one of the top students. It also says that you graduated from Photography school successfully. But…"

My smile turned into a frown. "But?" I asked worried.

He chuckled, "It's going to take WAY MORE than just good grades and success."

"What does it take?"

"That's exactly why you're here." He leaned towards his desk, pressed a button and said, "Rose, call Ryan into my office, and make it fast!"

"Who's Ryan?"

"He's your new mentor."

"I already have enough experience…I highly doubt I need a mentor."

"I need for someone to say something good about you before I can place you anywhere."

"What if he says something bad?"

"Then I seriously don't understand what the hell is your business here!" It was definite, he was an asshole. The room was quiet for a few seconds.

"So, about this Ryan guy…" I said to break the silence.

"Ryan is a nice kid…" He said bored. "He's into nature and all that crap, but he's not a very social. He's very bright but very childish though. He seems a bit older for twenty-five...probably by like a year or two." A year older than me, not bad. "He's also seems like the type who has problems around girls-" he continued.

A knock on the door interrupted him.

"Come in."

A tanned kid walked into the office. His hair was black and kind of messy. He wore a grey shirt, leather jacket, navy blue jeans, and black boots. His eyes were a grayish color. He was really good looking. He looked like the type of guy whose innocence you'd hate to get mad at.

"What took you so long?" Mr. Parker said a bit angry. Sadly, Ryan's innocent looks didn't seem to work on Parker.

"Sorry, boss, I was a bit busy." He said in an innocent tone.

"Doing what?"

"I was printing out the pictures you asked for."

"Well…in that case…" That seemed to hold back the grudge. "Anyway, Ryan I wanted to introduce you to Kathleen Hartman," Mr. Parker looked at me and continued, "Kathleen this is Ryan Simpson." We waved at each other. "Kathleen he's going to be your mentor. Kathleen, whatever comes out of this boy's mouth will either affect you or stand you out. Ryan, you're a very trustful person and I expect no lies from you about her actions, are we clear?"

"Yes, sir." The Ryan kid responded.

I nodded.

"You start tomorrow…" He ended the conversation.

I opened the door, walked out of the office, and walked towards Bridgett's office when suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me closer.

"What did he tell you?" I looked at Bridgett in relief.

"He said he was giving me a mentor."

"Who is it?"

"This guy named Ryan."

"Ryan Simpson?" She seemed stunned.

"Yeah, I think so…"

"Oh my god, you're one of the luckiest girls!"


"He's like freaking handsome!"

"He is pretty good looking…"

"Pretty good looking? He's one of the company's hunks!"

"Yeah, I guess you can put it that way…" I looked away. She kept on talking of how 'handsome' Ryan was. However, I wasn't really paying attention because someone had caught my attention that exact moment. A tall guy with blond wavy hair, perfect tan, and grass green eyes walked into the building and leaned on Rose's desk. He wore a black suit with a blue button shirt under the jacket. He was gorgeous, technically perfect.

"How is Ryan just good-looking, he's hot-"

"Who's he?" I interrupted.

"Who?" She looked around.

I pointed at the attractive blond standing infront of Rose's desk.

She laughed, "Kathleen, you're aiming a bit too high."

"What's his name?" I demanded.

"Kyle Montgomery."

"Do you know anything about him?"

"I believe his a twenty-five…um, he's investigates murders, and some other things I can't remember, he writes notes about them and gives the info to the article writers. People rarely see him here, he's usually out there investigating something or interviewing somebody but when he is here, girls take advantage and take a good look at him before he leaves."

"What do you mean?"

"You're not the only one here who likes Kyle, to be exact, EVERY girl here likes him, even the old and married ones."

"That's gross, but understandable."

"Oh, boy, if Kyle was a candy apple I would LOVE to take a bite out of him." She bit her lip.

The boy laughed and smiled with Rose. His smile was stunning.

Bridgett laughed and said, "And we have another victim of the Kyle trap!"

"Another victim?"

"Like I said, you're not the only girl who has fallen for Kyle…but, as far as I know, there is one girl who didn't fall for the Kyle trap, and that's Rose."

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah, she's married and she's two-months pregnant."

"How could she not fall for Kyle? He's incredibly stunning."

"I know, but don't waste your time he only talks to Rose." Bridgett patted my back and walked away.

I followed her. "What do you mean he only talks to Rose?"

"Well, yeah, cuz' she's the only girl that doesn't melt over him and, well, he probably likes to have girl friends rather than girlfriends."

"I bet I can change things."

"Yeah, good luck with that." Bridgett petted my back and walked away. I looked back at Kyle as I walked. He was looking at me know. He smiled. I blushed and grinned.

-End Of Chapter 1-

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