5. Dinner Night

The next day at work, everybody was depressed. There was no yelling, no laughing. There was some talking and short giggles but that was pretty much it. After, Ryan's scene from yesterday, he became a no-show.

McKayla's death really affected everyone who knew her. Just today, I found out she didn't like me but I didn't care, at least not for now. All the guys who liked her seemed to be seriously sad. Kyle was the only one who acted normal. He smiled and grinned. It made me a little suspicious. Ryan could be possibly right but at the same time, he couldn't. However, I thought it wasn't normal for Kyle to be chuckling at moments like these. Maybe his reasons for smiling could be that he didn't like her or she could've done something to Kyle or somebody else that he didn't like and that made him hate her.

Katherine said that Ryan had fallen on a temporary depression, that he'd get over it soon enough because he knew the type of person McKayla really was.

It was 3:27 in the afternoon three minutes away before work ended… I didn't have anything else so I decided to leave three minutes early. I took out my phone and dialed Bridgett's number. It rang and rang but she never answered. It sent me to voicemail.

I sighed, "Bridgett answer back if you want to have dinner tonight, take care."

I looked down and started walking home. Why did I get the feeling that this trip wasn't going to be easy?

As I began to walk towards my apartment, a drop of water fell on my nose. In just minutes, millions of water droplets started to fall and hit the ground. I sighed and continued walking. Gee, I decided to jinx it…

Somehow the rain took away all of my misery. The drops of water that fell on my face made me free my mind and made me focus of two people: Ryan and Kyle. Ryan's sweet childish smile that cheers you up when you need it. Those childish looks that were extremely adorable, specially for someone his age.

Then there was Kyle, that one person that surrounded my thoughts in seconds every time that his face came to my mind. He was beyond beautiful. It wasn't just his amazing blue eyes, or his sculpted cheekbones. His that type of beautiful that makes you want to grab him by the hair with both hands and just kiss him. He was the most wonderful thing out there. Dammit, at this point I'd say that I was falling in love with Kyle.

I look up, and suddenly all of my Kyle thoughts fade away and focus on the angel's face standing infront of me. He smiles brightly at me.

"Ryan?" I say, removing the raindrops from my eyes.

He grins, "Kathleen, What do you think you're doing outside in this weather?"

"I just came out of work…and, well, I didn't really think it was going to rain…"

"I didn't think it was going to rain either…besides, I needed to do something before I went completely crazy." He looked down, looking like if he was about to ask me something, "Mind if I walk you home?"

I blushed, "Sure."

He smiled, took off his jacket and wrapped it around me. I looked at him and he smiled, brighter than ever, "Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine, don't worry."

"Good," He grins and wraps his arms around my shoulders and we start walking.

Ryan rapidly became soaking wet. I looked at him, "you know, Ryan, You can have your jacket back, I don't really needed."

"I bet if Kyle lend you his jacket, you'd want to keep it." I looked away. He chuckled, "I'm right, aren't I?"

"Can we avoid the topic?"

His smile grew bigger, "Do you want to know what happened between McKayla and me?"

"And how you met her…" I added.

His smiled slowly faded away and he looked down, "Well, um, I met her the first day I arrived to New York…in a café. When she saw me she called me handsome, and well, I thought she was just beautiful."

"She was very pretty."

"Agreed," He laughed, "The year we spent together was…enjoyable….we became good friends. In fact, she was my only friend throughout my first year." He looked up and smiled, "There was actually a point in which I fell in love with her."

"But?" I said, knowing that there was going to be a 'but' in this story.

He chuckled again, "But then Kyle arrived and she became both, sexually and emotionally, attracted to him." Ryan placed his hand behind his neck, "The moment she knew who Kyle was, we both started to go on our separate ways…Whenever she failed on making her move on that asshole-"

"There's no need for insults, Ryan." I interrupted.

He smiled, "On Kyle." He looked at me, he knew that would satisfy me, "She would have this bitchy… attitude towards everyone."

"Why didn't you decide to let her go after that?"

"I dunno, I guess I actually thought that the McKayla I met in beginning was still there, hidden under all those lustful thoughts she had of Kyle…but I guess I was wrong." He looked down, again, saddened. That's when we stopped.

"We're here…" He said quietly. "I'll see you tomorrow, that's if I decide to show up." Before I could respond, he was already walking away.

"Ryan, your-"

"You may keep it." Ryan interrupted. He turned around and grinned before he disappeared from view.


Bridgett answered back. She didn't sound sad, nor worried. She said she'd have dinner with me tonight, I thought it was good that she said yes because I needed someone to talk to. Slowly, I opened the door and started to head outside, where Bridgett said she was waiting.

Seven o' clock, and it was freezing. You'd expect winter to be over at the last week of March, but we were in the end of March and the weather was freezing. Curse you, global warming.

I looked around and started to look for my best friend. I smiled as soon as I caught her on sight.

"Kathleen…" she hugged me and we started walking.

I looked at her, "So, where are we going?"

"I was thinking about this Italian restaurant that recently opened a few days ago." She smiled.

"Is it good?"

"I heard the food's amazing."

After a few minutes of walking, we finally reached the restaurant. The restaurant was pretty and it had live piano music playing. We sat on a table nearby.

The waiter came and gave us the card. I scanned through it. Damn, everything looked good. All the types of good food just made it even harder for me to choose.

"Are you ready to order?" He asked, giving a nice fake smile.

"I want a green salad and lemonade." Bridgett ordered.

"I'll have the same." I smiled.

The waiter grinned, "Anything else?"

"No, thank you, we're fine…" Bridgett smiled. The waiter wrote down our order and he walked away.

"So, how have you been?" I set out a conversation.

"How I'm feeling? For McKayla's death?" She chuckled, "Please, I could care less…"

I smiled and looked down at the table. She didn't care about McKayla? I thought she was her friend? Wow, guess I was wrong….

"Y-you weren't McKayla's friend?" I asked.

"No! I hated her….she slept with half of the company's guys…Not only that but she considered herself superior to everyone else…and…well, um, I didn't like the way she treated Ryan…the way she rejected him."

She looked away. I smiled; I knew why she was acting that way. "You like Ryan?"

"Like? I love him! But he'll never pay attention to me…even after McKayla passed away, he'll eventually move on to someone else that's not me."

"And how do you know that?"

"Because Ryan seems like the type who moves on to different girls after the other girl is gone."

"He still seems a bit affected for McKayla."

"Yeah, but how long before that's gone?"

I stayed quiet. Bridgett and Ryan were both exactly the same. They both liked nature. They smiled for almost everything. They were perfect for each other! Now, I don't know what Ryan's problem is for liking Bridgett.

"Holy shit…." Bridgett suddenly muttered.

I looked at her, "Uh, is everything okay?"


"What do you mean Kyle?"

"He's over there…" Bridgett pointed behind me. Slowly, I turned around. Dammit, she was right Kyle was there…reading a book, about seven tables away from me. He wore a navy blue V-neck shirt and a white T-shirt under. Any color looks goddamn amazing on him!

"Go over there and talk to him." Bridgett whispered.

My eyes widened, "What?"

"You heard me…go ever there and talk to him…"

"B-but what about the food?" As much as I wanted to talk to him, I couldn't….I was too embarrased.

"I'll think of something, just go!"

I sighed and stood up. I fixed my clothes and slowly started walking. I tried to look as confident as I could, and I think it worked because guys stopped talking to look at me. The more I got near him the more pressure I felt. Well, that's too bad; I have to suck it up. I exhaled when I was a table away from him. I did a few fixes before I started talking.

"Kyle?" I started.

He read a few words from his book before looking up, "Hi…"

I grinned, "Mind if I take a seat?"

He smiled, "No, um, go ahead."

I sat down and smiled. He went back to reading. Okay, this was not good; I'm not interesting to him.

"What are reading?" I asked, a bit curious.

He smiled, now I was getting his attention. "The Raven."

"Oh, I remembered when we read that in high school."

His lips curled up to a smile, "Really? What did you think of it?"

"It was an okay poem, a bit dark though but, that's Edgar Allan Poe!"

"I admire his screwed up mind, it's strangely amazing." He grinned, took a piece from his garlic bread and ate it. The way he ate it…His mouth savoring the bread like if it was the most sacred bread on the world. Wow, never in my life did I think that someone could make eating look beautiful. He leisurely pushed the basket of bread to my direction, "Want some?"

I shook my head, "No, thank you, I just ate."

He put away his book, "So, tell me, have you had any bad relationships in the past?"

"Why are you asking me this?"

"I dunno, just to start a conversation…"

"It's nice to know that you care…and no," I paused and got ready for lying, "I've never had any bad relationships before." I smiled so that he wouldn't notice my attempts of trying to avoid the ex-boyfriend topic.

"You're lying." He said.

"No, I'm not."

"Your lips may say no, but your eyes…" He leaned closer, "Say yes." He smiled again, making me blush. He backed away, "Come on, Kathleen, everyone has at least one bad relationship in their love life."

"Okay, fine, there was this guy…his name was Drew Valentine. He was a very handsome guy. Blue eyes, blond hair, and amazing personality-at least that's what I thought-. He and I dated throughout the entire high school years and the four college years." I smiled and placed a lock of hair behind my ear. Talking about Drew made me a bit uncomfortable. He made up the entire section of my brain that I did not like going back to.

"That doesn't seem like such a bad relationship."

"Believe me, it wasn't…well, he wanted to be a doctor and he wanted for me to be a psychologist and I wasn't so up for the idea."

Kyle chuckled, "Let me guess, when you told him about your true dream he didn't like that."

"And he dumped me a few weeks after…"

"Did he really affect you?"

"A bit but then it faded away after he started to say all these rumors about me." I looked at Kyle, "So, now that you know about my past relationship, let me hear yours."

"Okay…um, there was this girl…her name was Scarlett and she made me really happy but one day I found out that she was planning to leave me for this other guy but I thought they were just rumors and…" He looked down, "the day I was going to propose to her she left…and I never heard of her ever again." He looked away, uncomfortable.

I stood up and sat next to him, "If I was your girlfriend," Oh, how I wish! "I'd never leave your side…even if the world was ending."

I layed my head on his shoulder and he looked at me, "You really mean that?"

I grinned, "Every word." He turned to look at me, his green eyes making contact with my hazel ones.

That's when the world started to run slower, because at that moment I had realized something…That I was completely in love with Kyle.

-End Of Chapter-