I pray that you fly high above the clouds
It's never where you left me
My clouds are so far on the ground
The fog is never lessening

And pray that your soul feels the growing hope
That you would never give me
So distant you were; oh so closed
I'll never have your memories

Painted scars of what's to come
I know it ends in tragedy

And now I lie here in your disenchantment
I know you still care
So why am I still here?
And now I lie here in your slow abandonment
I know you still flee
So why do I still breathe?

I pray that you will never find the dark
That has enveloped me
You backed away from all your scars
And pushed and pushed until I screamed

You said "Oh, what a tangled web we weave
Let's hope someday we get out"
Well now you can see the sun beam
While I stay here for you and drown

Messages along the wall
I know it ends in TRAGEDY


Spin. The. Wheel of time
And try to find the lies inside
You always get your way
So stay and pray I'll be okay