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"You can't do this to me!" Amber was on the verge of crying, this can't be happening to her. Everything she worked for is falling down right in front of her.

Edward Morris snickered, enjoying his time. Leaning back in his chair, he looked at the distressed girl standing in front of his desk for a minute before he continued "I can do whatever I want, I am firing you girl without paying a dime. Did you expect after finding you were selling some of the company's qualified information to our rivals that I would keep you in MY company or pay you from MY money." he shook his head at the thought of doing so.

Amber had to swallow back the forming lump in her throat. "But Mister Morris, I didn't do anything; I swear to god I wasn't selling information to anyone. I'm just a simple designer here who's working to be able to pay my rent and provide food on my table. You're judging me based on what exactly? Don't I have the right to know who's accusing me of such a thing?"

Mr. Morris chuckled, "your word means absolutely nothing to me compared to the word given to me by my source. If you want you can hire a lawyer and contact us through courts. I have nothing left to say to you. I want you to be leaving my building in an hour with your belonging or else…" he left his threat unfinished; making Amber's heart skips another beat. This can't be happening. This must be a nightmare.

"You know that I can't afford to have a lawyer!" Amber squeaked, "Keep your pathetic job and shove it up …" Amber cut herself up before saying anything disrespectful, " you know what Mr. Morris I'll be leaving as soon as I clear my desk but I hope one day that you'll know that I'm innocent and have nothing to do with the leaking."

Amber walked on wobbly legs, making some major effort to not fall down on her face. She was just fired without a warning or even paying her overdue salary. She knew from the second she didn't receive her pay check that something is wrong but she never expected to be fired over something she didn't do.

Walking out of the company that she worked in for the last year, the only thing Amber was thinking about was Mr. Jones, her apartment owner. She promised him that today she'll be paying her rent. Even though she was a small designer for the Morris's clothing line, her job was enough for her to live decently. Today was the 17th and she hasn't paid her rent, Mr. Jones will, for sure, kick her out of her apartment as well by the end of day if she didn't come up with the 500$.

Amber walked the few miles from her work to her apartment. The sky, despite that it was still noon, was grey, casting a gloomy atmosphere making Amber feel suffocated.

Amber sighed heavily, preparing herself mentally to her meeting with Mr. Jones.

As soon as she stepped inside of the building, Mr. Jones popped out of nowhere. Great!

"I hope you got my money Amber for your own good because you exceeded my patience limit." Barked Mr. Jones, "you have till the end of the week or I want you out." Mr. Jones was at least sixty years old, but he's the kind that thinks he's still at his early thirties. He keeps on hitting on every girl with two legs.

"I'm sorry Mr. Jones, I didn't get paid from work and…" but Amber was rudely interrupted by Mr. Jones.

"I got a phone call from some guy telling me that you were fired from your job today and that you have had different men in MY apartment! I thought I told you no men are allowed to visit you here. This is a decent building and I have families and kids living here." Mr. Jones was furious.

"I wasn't…" but Amber was yet again interrupted rudely.

"If you want some dick Amber, you know that I'm always ready for you… what do you think my beautiful, a quick bang and you won't have to worry about last month's rent." A sickening smile was plastered on his ugly face.

Good God, that pathetic excuse of a man was hitting on her again. Amber wanted to groan in frustration, can her day be anymore messed up?

"I'm not a slut Mr. Jones." Amber rushed to her apartment, too disgusted to stay for another second in the same place as Mr. Jones, breathing the same oxygen that he's breathing made Amber feel sick.

The second Amber set a foot in her apartment, her cell phone rang. Looking at the screen and tiling her head to one side, Amber read 'unknown caller'. She contemplated the idea of not answering, but thinking her day couldn't get any worse, Amber picked up the phone.


"Miss Amber Richardson?" came a soft voice.

"This is she. How can I help you?"

"I'm Jenna from the 'Williams'". Have you ever heard of us?" Continued the voice.

"You mean the 'Williams', the worldwide company for clothes and shoes?" questioned Amber, of course she heard of the 'Williams', everyone in the world know about this company.

"That's the one Miss Amber. Now I know you're busy so I won't take a lot of your time."

"Oh please go ahead and take your time." I don't have a job to worry about being late, Amber mumbled to herself.

"I have a job offer for you, if you're interested of course."

Amber wanted to squeak like a little girl, "and?" amber tried to sound as professional as she can be.

"If you are interested, I need you to come as soon as possible to our main building to make an interview with Mr. Williams before he leaves. Can you come soon or should I give you an appointment for later… if you're interested with the offer?"

"No, I can come. I just need 40 minutes and I'll be there." Talking about coincidences!

"Ok Miss Richardson, we're waiting for you."

With that said, the speaker hung up. For a minute or so, Amber stood her ground, looking at her phone, still not believing what just happened. She wanted to jump like a little girl, but she knew that she doesn't have time to waste.

Hurriedly, Amber ran out of her apartment to catch a taxi to the 'Williams' main building.

On her way, Amber couldn't help but feel a bit odd. She wasn't expecting someone from the Williams to call her about a job.


Her head bobbed up and down his shaft, swallowing as much as she could of the thick cock. Tristan groaned to show his appreciation of the deep throating the blonde was giving his cock. He was sitting in his leather chair, behind his office, while Ella was giving him a head. He couldn't help the smirk that came upon his face; everything was going according to his plan. Ella had done her part perfectly, leaving the bitch's daughter at his mercy. Finally, he can have his vengeance. He waited too long but he'll make her pay for what her mother did.

Looking at his watch, Tristan noticed that he only had ten minutes before his meeting with the girl. He has to dismiss Ella soon or he might risk her meeting her colleague, and that might ruin everything.

Tristan had to fasten his own climax, thinking of how he'll take Debra's daughter, how he's going to fuck her senseless and make her beg for mercy. How he's going to manipulate her life the same way her mother did to his father. The thought of breaking her gave him the needed push to cum in Ella's greedy mouth.

Ella swallowed hurriedly, batting her eyelashes seductively at Tristan who was too busy fixing himself up.

"We will stay in contact Bella." Tristan tried to give the slut in front of him a smile but he couldn't, this girl only confirmed his opinion of women, blood-sucking leeches.

"It's Ella."

"Yes, right Ella. It was pleasure doing business with you." Tristan was cut by Ella's purring, "Oh, the pleasure was all mine Mr. Williams."

"If you don't mind, I have an important meeting in two minutes." Tristan continued unfazed by her comment, "my secretary will walk you out of the building."

Ella walked out of his office, moving her hips seductively, cursing the stupid meeting that cut off her fun. She sighed, at least she got to give him a mind-blowing head, or so what she thought.


Amber ran inside the building, still having two minutes of her forties. She didn't want to look unprofessional, being late on her meeting with, who did the woman on the phone said? Mr. Williams. She can't be talking about Mr. Carlisle Williams, can she? Why would he, personally, make an interview with her?

Amber asked for Jenna's office at the reception, and to Amber's misery Jenna happened to be Mr. Williams's secretary meaning that her job interview is probably with Mr. Carlisle Williams.

Amber kept on shifting her weight from one foot to another during her ride in the empty elevator, since it was only for Mr. Williams and the people his meeting usage.

Amber couldn't help the gasp that came out of her mouth when the elevator's door opened. The most gorgeous man was standing there blocking her way; he was tall, almost six feet tall with wide shoulders. His broad shoulders were encased in an expensive black suit that fit his sombre attitude but didn't quite match the glint of mischief in his eyes. His manliness was overwhelming. But to Amber he looked savage, his suit unable to tame his wildness. The man standing in front of Amber was dripping with sensuality and sex appeal.

Amber tried to move out of the elevator but he was completely blocking her way. He was looking at her, his green eyes held a weird glint in them, she could feel his eyes undressing her body as they glided up and down her body for several times.

Amber cleared her voice, "excuse me, but I need to…"

He cut her off rudely, his voice velvety and deep, "the meeting isn't here, we're going to 'délicieux' for lunch." He moved into the elevator before pressing the button to the first underground floor.

"I beg your pardon?" Amber squeaked unattractively.

The stranger looked at her, raising his right eyebrow. Amber didn't know why, but that man scares the hell out of her.

"Aren't you Amber Richardson?" he asked coolly.

"Yes… but"

"I'm Tristan Williams, the CEO of this company. You have a job interview with me now if I'm not wrong, which I'm sure I'm not. I decided that I don't want to have the interview in my office so I'm taking you to a restaurant so we can have some lunch and save some of our valuable time."

Amber nodded her head unable to form a word. What the hell! Her probable boss, Carlisle Williams' son, is taking her out for lunch!

The second the elevator's door dinged open, Tristan was out and walking in wide strides towards a shiny Bugatti Veyron. Still in her place in the elevator, Amber couldn't help but to gap at the expensive looking car.

"Time is money, Ms Richardson. If you don't mind, I'm a very busy man and can't waste my time waiting for you to decide if you want to come or not." His words were dripping with sarcasm.

Amber felt her cheeks flushing; she ran quickly to the passenger's door and slipped inside. The second she buckled her seat belt, Tristan sped out of the parking and into the street.

The five minutes' drive was very silent and uncomfortable. Amber couldn't help the sight of relief that came out of her mouth when they stopped in front of the restaurant, earning herself a glare from Tristan.

The way Tristan was received inside of the fancy French restaurant left no way to question his importance as a customer.

They were seated at a VIP table, in the second floor, where the lights were dim and away from the noise.

Tristan ordered their lunch and drinks in French, Amber didn't have a clue about what he ordered and he didn't have the decency to explain or even ask for her opinion.

Seconds and a waiter came with a bottle of wine, cradling it as if it was his only child.

"Dom. Romane Conti 1997, Mr. Williams as you ordered." He opened it in front of Tristan and Amber and gave the cork to Tristan, who smelled it and nodded his head. The waiter smiled happily before pouring some in a glass and placing it in front of Amber.

"I'm sorry Mr. Williams, but I don't drink alcohol." Mumbled Amber timidly.

The waiter looked at Amber as if she sprinted a second head, while Tristan smirked evilly, his twisted smirk chilling Amber's blood.

"Humour me Ms Richardson and drink with me."

Amber knew that she has a very low tolerance for alcohol but she didn't find it in herself to object again.

Slowly she sipped from her glass, the black, berries smelling, liquid coating her mouth with its silky texture.

Apparently happy by her drinking, Tristan started drinking himself.

The lunch went by slowly. He asked about her work experiences and her certificates, nothing he couldn't know from her C.V., but Amber doubted they had one since she never applied for a job in his company. Weird! How did they know that she even existed?

"So you're an only child?" asked Tristan out of nowhere.

Amber fidgeted in her seat, asking about her family always made her uncomfortable.

"No, sir. I have a younger brother."

"Ah… and your parents are?"

"My mother's called Debra Richardson; she died seven years ago… I don't know who my dad is though."

Tristan arched an eyebrow at her confession, "I thought you had a brother?"

"Yes, I do… his name is Ted Arnold. He's Bobbie Arnold's son." Amber continued.

"Bobbie Arnold the lawyer?" asked Tristan.


"OK, if you're finished, I think we should leave." He seemed rushed and very eager to leave.

"Sure Mr. Williams." It was almost six o'clock and Amber was very tired and the wine had its toll on her, making her feel a bit tipsy.

When they got into his car, Tristan turned in his chair, "do you know how to make coffee?"

Feeling his question weird, Amber answered timidly, "Yes Mr. Williams."

"Great. I'm inviting myself to have a cup of coffee in your apartment. Give me the directions to your house."

Amber, feeling very uncomfortable, mumbled the directions to Tristan.

How could she tell him that she's not allowed to have men in her apartment? Better yet how could she tell him that she doesn't want him in her apartment? Truth be told, Amber was feeling frightened of Tristan, something about him, beside his unbelievable attractiveness, was very disturbing.

To Amber's fortune, or misfortune, Mr. Jones didn't show up as usual.

Amber walked up the stairs to her apartment. She knew her apartment was very clean and tidy, but how would this multi-billionaire look at her humble residence.

Upon walking inside her apartment, Amber hurriedly walked to her kitchen "please feel free to move around while I prepare the coffee."

She didn't know what to say, and felt stupid for saying that to her boss but her major concern now was to make sure she has coffee in her pantry; it's been a while since she bought anything at all. She sighed in relief when she found that she still had coffee, cream and sugar. Thank god he didn't ask for tea, Amber mumbled to herself.

"Do you need help?" Amber squeaked when she heard Tristan's voice, he was standing in the kitchen door looking at her. He had taken off his jacket and tie, rolled his sleeves up and unbuttoned a couple of his shirt's buttons. He looked wild and untamed with his hair sticking up in every direction; apparently he had allowed his fingers to go through his black strands for a few times.

"I… I've finished." Amber stuttered, she was feeling claustrophobic with Tristan, yet again, blocking her way, her small kitchen closing on her.

Tristan smirked upon seeing how uncomfortable Amber was, he took two steps inside the kitchen. Amber had to fight the urge of stepping back.

Tristan was very aware to the fact that she was afraid and snickered inwardly. He held the coffee tray and walked back into the living room.

He placed the tray on the coffee table and sat on the comfy sofa. Amber wanted to sit on one of the chairs but with Tristan placing the tray in front of him, forced her to sit next to him.

While she was pouring the coffee, Tristan held the photo frame she has on the table. It was a photo of her mother just a week before she died in a car accident.

"That's your mother?" he was glaring at the photo with unhidden hate.

Amber furrowed her eyebrows, "yes." She answered quietly.

"You look a lot like her."

"So I've been told, people mistake her photos when she was young as me." She said smiling, despite her nonexistent relationship with her mother; Amber was always flattered when someone compared her to her mother. Her mother was a beautiful woman and that usually gave Amber a confidence boost upon hearing it, but somehow Tristan Williams managed to pull the obvious features resemblance as an insult.

Tristan rudely threw the frame on the chair next to him. Amber gasped and tried to reach out for the only photo she has of her mother across Tristan.

Tristan's arms circled her small waist and pushed her flat on her back on the sofa, before she could realize what's happening, Tristan was on top of her, locking Amber underneath his body. He took her two wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head.

All this happened too fast for Amber's tipsy brain to analyze and by the time she did, Tristan crushed his mouth with hers, his lips seeking hers in a brutal kiss, licking and biting the delicate and sensitive skin. Amber tried to push Tristan off of her, but he was holding her wrists tightly, and the only thing she succeeded in was making him push his body more against hers.

With his free hand Tristan cupped Amber's breast, squeezing the tender flesh in his hand. The shock of his groping accompanied by her state of intoxication caused Amber to open her mouth. Tristan slid his tongue in, exploring the depth of her mouth, tasting her. Amber, unintentionally, found herself kissing him back. Her resistance seized as her lips moved against his lips. Tristan, with his free hand, parted her thighs and placed his pulsating cock between her thighs, above her entrance. The fabric of their pants unable to stop Amber from feeling Tristan's cock throbbing with lust and radiating heat.

She moaned in his mouth and wiggled her hands, but Tristan didn't let her go. His hand started tugging at her halter top, loosening the tie around her neck and sliding it till her bra claded breasts were exposed. Next were her bra's cups that he moved to the side rudely. Amber regained control over her hazy brain when she felt him exposing her breasts. No one alive has ever seen her naked, not even her mother.

Tristan removed his mouth from her lips only to start kissing her neck. Having a very sensitive neck, Amber felt shock waves coursing through her body and settling between her legs. God she was getting wet.

"Mr. Williams….oh my god!" Amber moaned when Tristan took one of her nipples between his lips and started sucking it feverishly. His mouth sucking on one, while his fingers were stimulating the second one turning it into a hard nub.

Tristan kept on kissing and sucking on her breasts till Amber was on the verge of crying from pleasure.

Hurriedly, Tristan stood up like nothing had happened. He looked down at Amber, who was trying to cover up her naked breasts and smirked at her distressed and shocked face.

"Meeting you Ms Richardson was exactly as I thought it will be. We will be contacting you with our final offer in two days." With that said he walked out of her apartment after he collected his clothes, the now cold coffee long forgotten.

Amber swallowed back bile, she acted like a wanton whore in front of Tristan Williams, she can't believe herself!

She had kissed him back and he saw her topless… how on earth was she supposed to work in his company? That if he didn't think of her as a slut and refused to hire her. Amber groaned in frustration, her face flaming with embarrassment. There's too much drama in her life.




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