Title: Dramatic Fools

Warning: A little bit of cursing here and there. Probably a couple of bitchy girls, but don't worry there are nice ones too!

Author's Note: I am an actor in my school as well, so most of my experiences as an actor would naturally come out in my writing. I have seen all kinds of people; from very friendly to completely dedicated to absolutely arrogant. So, there will definitely be quite a few supporting characters! I just hope you'll enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing this for you guys.

Chapter One

"Adam! ADAM!"

He stopped in his tracks. He turned behind to look at me, his eyebrows raised quizzically. I let out a huge sigh:

"For crying out loud, could you just tell me where we're going?" I yelled in the distance, my hands cupped around my mouth for added measure. My eyebrow twitched in frustration as I saw his lips curl up to form a wide, triumphant smirk. With that, he merely shrugged and slowly continued on his crazed 'adventure', as he called it.

"Stop being such a whiner," he replied nonchalantly, "don't you like to be kept in suspense, Poppy?"

"No, I don't; I could be abducted for all I care and I'll still be better off than being here, with you."

His laugh echoed down the hall.

"You sure about that?"

"Damn right I am," I shouted back, my hands shoved in my pockets as I strolled. In school, he was always the nice, friendly, charming boy with millions of adoring admirers eyeing him in all directions. When we were alone? Oh, you don't want to know the things he does to me.

I glanced around the place. It was a pretty big theatre. The whole layout was a classic red with rows of comfy chairs covering nearly every inch of the carpeted floor. Curtains hung neatly at the side of the huge, bare stage as crew members scurried across the floor like mice. I tilted my head in curiosity.

"What are we doing at the school's theatre?" I shot Adam a blank look. I somehow knew where this was going, but I didn't dare believe the thoughts running through my head as it listed out all possibilities.

He cleared his throat. I bit my lip - I knew that face.

"NO," I said before he could open his mouth, "Hell no, Adam! What do you think I am, Broadway's leading lady-"

"Actually, just my leading lady," He gave me a wry smile, "but yes, I would like you to be the lead role of Hermia in our school's production of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'."

I just stood there, rooted to the ground, my jaw dropping in utter shock. Well, actually it wasn't a big surprise, given that he had asked me to read a couple of lines the other day during lunch, but there were so many actresses in the Drama Club who could do a much better job than me. I wasn't even in the club – I wasn't even in any extra-curricular activity. I was just a boring, straight-A student who liked to lose myself in books. Long story cut short, I didn't even know who Eminem was till last week.

"I have considered all actresses, and I have to say," He winked at me, "I believe you were the only one who captured my heart." I pursed my lips, trying desperately to hide the blush that was creeping up my cheeks. Dammit, Adam!

I walked towards him, closing the gap between us before I whispered in his ear, "Are you fucking insane? Those actresses would have my head on pikes if they ever found out!"

"Well," He leaned in, his warm, moist breath on my face, "Mr. Wellington has given me the opportunity to choose whichever actress I liked for this play and I chose you."

"But why me-"

"Because you're better than all those douches combined," He looked at me, his eyes genuinely meaning every word he said. A smile played on my lips, my heart skipping a beat. He was either a very good actor, or just a very sweet best friend. I opted for the latter.

"Oh, fine," I lightly pushed him away. Almost immediately, a grin appeared on his face as he pulled me in for one of his bear hugs. I buried my face in his chest. I loved it when he did that.

"Thanks," he pecked me on the cheek. I was about to say something when a very familiar voice pierced through the hall:

"Oh, Poppy! How nice of you to join us!"


I rolled my eyes before glaring at Adam.

"You see what you've gotten me into?"

I hope you liked it! Second chapter will be up as soon as finish my exams. Thanks for reading my work.