I was freezing.

I was cold.

I was wet.

Most of all I was scared; scared to speak, scared to move, scared of everything.

Scared really isnt even the word for it though. A more appropiate word would be ashamed. I was ashamed. Ashamed of myself. Ashamed of what i've done. Ashamed of what I let him do.

I thought I could trust him. I thought I loved him...I thought he loved me. I obviously thought wrong. How could I have been so stupid? Stupid! Stupid stupid me.

I should of known better. Every fiber in my body told me I knew better! Why didn't I listen?

He used me. I was nothing more than a game to him. A bet. A prize. A goal. A checkpoint. And I made it so easy for him.

I was so easy.

I fell foolishly into his trap, like a moth to the flame. I was drawn to him. It was hard not to be. He is so perfect. I though he was so perfect. Too perfect.

He made it seem like he cared, like he loved me. He had to of loved me.

He was the master of deception. He broke me. He broke my mind, my body, my heart, my soul. He ruined me. He ruined everything. In everyway possible.

And when I thought I had nothing left, the last person I would have ever expected saved me. Saved me from him, saved me from myself.

My only hope now is that he will save me one last time. Before it's too late. He'll come.

He has to.

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