Revolution Soup

Note: For best results, look at old recipes that have been known to work, and choose which one you like best. Try to learn from them, and apply what you learn to your own cooking.


~ 1 cup Charismatic Leader (well-educated middle class men are preferred)

~ 1 cup Class Antagonism (optional)

~ ½ cup Constitution

~ 1 cup Coup d'etat

~ 1 cup Economic Crisis, diced

~ ½ cup Ideals

~ 1 cup Political Weakness, frozen and thawed

~ ¼ cup Riots (optional)

~ ½ cup Symbolic Actions, sliced

~ ½ cup Rallying Points

~ ½ cup Tyranny

~ 1 cup Violence, finely cut


1. Combine Class Antagonism (optional), Economic Crisis, Political Weakness, and Tyranny in a large pot. Place the pot on the stove and gradually increase the heat. Let the soup simmer until it reaches the boiling point. Do not let the soup boil over! If this happens, try to sop it up with a towel, and lower the stove temperature.

2. Add Rallying Points, Riots (optional), Symbolic Actions, and Violence. Stir vigorously.

3. Add Charismatic Leader and Coup d'etat. Stir until smooth.

4. Drizzle Constitution and Ideals. Lower heat.

5. Let the soup cool to room temperature before eating. Serves 1 country.