The Angel War

Ayla and Kira are best friends they tell each other almost anything the only thing they never told each other is that they're angels, but Ayla is a dark angel and Kira is a regular angel. They fight all the time at night. Both of them have secret names so no one will know who they are not even each other.

Setting:Hall at school.

Ayla: So what are you doing after school?

Kira: I might go to the movies.

Ayla: Can I come?

Kira: Sorry it's a family movie today.

Ayla: Ok so how was that Math test?

Kira: Hard I didn't know any of the answers.

Ayla: So you didn't study?

Kira: Yep!

Ayla: Well start studying or you won't pass 6th Grade.

Kira: Don't worry I will.

Ayla: Well I got to get to Reading see ya at English.

(In Class)

Mrs. C: Ok remember there's a test on Tuesday.

(Mrs. C walks to Ayla)

Mrs. C: Ayla please come with me.

Ayla: A...Ok.

(They go into the hall)

Mrs. C: I hear you've been having some problems.

Ayla: Um...A...How do you know?

Mrs. C: Kira told me everything.

Ayla: When? You don't have her.

Mrs. C: She emailed me.

Ayla: (To Herself) How does she know i'm a Dark angel?

Mrs. C: I know what your problem is... Just follow me.

Ayla: So about my problem... how do i get over it?

Mrs. C: Well try not to let them bother you, but i guess that's hard for DAs. (Dark angels)

Ayla: How'd you know I was a DA?

Mrs. C: I saw you transform one day to fight Airil. I know Airil she's Kira. I know you're Lily.

Ayla: Wait...What?

Mrs. C: You didn't know? I thought that was the reason for the alias or secret names.

Ayla: Not excatly. (A/N Is that spelt right? Someone tell me thats how i have it in my notebook. END) The DA corp. gives us the alias names.

Mrs. C: Oh so Kira doesn't know you're a DA?

Ayla: Yea. Now back to my problem.

Mrs. C: Ok well as I said don't let them bother you.

Ayla: Yea tried that didn't work.

Mrs C: Well i'll talk to them.

Ayla: Ok. If they keep at it what do I do? I can't email you without my mom knowing.

Mrs. C: Tell me or add me on Facebook.

Ayla: I don't have facebook. We DA have darkbook on our alias names. I could always try to make a facebook.

Mrs. C: Try to then.

Ayla: So when i make a facebook you want me to add you?

Mrs. C: Yes.

(At lunch)

Ayla: Kira come with me.

Kira: Why?


(They go into the girl's bathroom)

Kira: So what's up?

Ayla: Why'd you email my Reading teacher Mrs. C?

Kira: Well because I knew you had problems.

Ayla: I didn't ask for your help.

Kira:I was trying to help!

Ayla: As I said I didn't ask for your help.

(Ayla storms off)

Kira: Ayla! Get back here!

Ayla: No! See ya later Airil.

Kira: (To herself) Wait how does she know my angel name?

To be continued in the next chapter...

Thank you for reading this i wrote a whole thing in my notebook do you want more? Depending on how many people want more then i'll type more. Is it good so far?