I run through the woods. I had just left behind the one person I gave a damn about. As I'm speeding through the woods, I think about what had just happened. Of how Jess called me a freak and a monster and how she was right.

As I'm in a train in thought something, moving as fast as I can, runs into me and knocks me off my feet. I'm winded as I fly backwards into a tree. The impact hurts like hell.

I then look up to see my assailant. It's a bearded man wearing a shabby suit. I smell him and discover that he's a vampire.

Before I can do anything else, another vampire rams into me and pushes me into a tree. The tree cracks as my back is slammed into it. I look at this vampire and see that it's a woman. The woman hits me in my face repeatedly before tossing me into the air.

As I'm flying backwards, a third vampire catches me and throws me into the bearded vampire who slams his fist into my face as I come towards him.

The blow sends blood out of my mouth and stuns me. The bearded vampire kicks me and knocks me into the third vampire who catches me and puts me into a hold.

The female vampire runs to me and the third vampire and begins to hit me at an incredible speed, multiple times. The first vampire then joins in beating the ever living shit out of me.

Eventually they are satisfied in weakening me and the vampire that was holding me lets me go and I fall to the ground. I try to stand but I am too weak.

"Hello, sorry about that but rumor has it that you can get feisty," the bearded vampire says. "I'll see you in hell," I manage to say, coughing up blood.

The female vampire kicks me in my stomach. "Forgive me for not introducing myself, my name is Victor. The woman is Irma and the other one is Gerard," the bearded one says.

"What do you want with me?" I sputter. "I want to know where this person with the "good blood" is?" Victor demands. "I don't know what you're talking about," I lie. Gerard kicks me in my stomach repeatedly.

"Don't lie to me! You made the mistake of running around bragging that you found the best blood type ever. Well news spreads fast. Now answer the question before we beat you within an inch of your life," Victor threatens.

"Kiss my ass," I say, spitting blood at him. Victor snaps his finger and Gerard picks me up by my collar before hitting me in my face, knocking me over to Irma who hits me. Before I know it, they give me the beat down of my life.

Every second a fist enters my face. I cough up gallons of blood as I'm nearly beaten to death. Eventually I lose consciousness.

I wake up when Victor slaps me. I find that I'm still in the woods and the three vampires are standing over me.

"Look we're tired, beating you down takes a lot of energy from us and we know that you don't want to be beaten down again so why don't you just make things easy for all of us and tell us where the one with the blood is?" Victor asks.

Without thinking I reveal to him where she is. "Now that wasn't so hard," Victor says. I immediately regret doing that.

Victor turns to Gerard and nods. Gerard turns to me and cracks his knuckle. "But you said," I begin. "This is to encourage you to not follow us," Victor says. Gerard then beats me down so hard until I pass out from all the pain.

I wake up hours later. I cough up gallons and gallons of blood. It takes me a minute to remember what had just happened. I then realize that the vampires had long since left. When I do I begin to cry. "God Dammit!" I scream.

Wait a minute pull yourself together, I tell myself, there's still time to save her. I just hope that I still have time left. I then struggle to my feet and run as fast as I possibly can at the moment, to Milford, Pennsylvania…