Full Summary:

In the world of Merille, the world is solely filled with animals. God wants to share his powers with his creation so he chooses a select few animals to bear his appearance and power. These new animals are now called 'Apostles', as they can preform magic and have the appearance of a human. Each 'Apostle' can also turn other animals into human forms, but only four. Miyun isn't the kind of girl people would think as a chosen 'Apostle', as she is beyond greedy and uses a lot of her given power to get money. Her one goal in life is to be remembered in history as a powerful 'Apostle', but with a smart-ass owl and an irritating lion as her starting partners. Miyun fears her goal may be father away than she thinks.

New story, this one if very different as it's fantasy and the heroine is the total opposite of any other of my main characters :)

This is also a reverse-harem like 'Welcome To The Club of Delinquents'!

Hope this intrests people because it took me alot of thought to make this plot - (hey that rhymed! xD)

Reviews/Flames are welcomed :D


"Apostle! Thank you so much for getting my piglets back from the wolf!" The Apostle smiled and put her hand on the pig's hoof.

"No, I am just happy to bring joy to the families of God's creatures." The girl said while keeping her hand on the hoof. The pig squealed happily.

"What a kind heart you have!" The Apostle's partner next to her rolled his brown eyes at Miyun's fake air. He pushed his glasses up farther his nose and turned the other way. The poor pig was already happy, he didn't see the reason why she had to bring the animal's joy even higher. Glancing back he could see Miyun start to absorb the pig's joyful aura from their linked hand and hoof.

Apostles are God's chosen animals, these animals get to take the form of a human and gain the Almighty's power. To gain more power Apostle's must take out the happiness out of animals once they are helped, it's a sort of way God makes sure his given powers are used for good. The taking of the animal's happiness doesn't hurt them, it just get's borrowed. But he never get's why the girl always wants more of the animal before crushing their happiness . . .

"But of course there's a fee~." Miyun said even with her happy smile. The pig's grin even left her face, the pig released it's hoof from the girl's and looked at the ground.

"A-A fee?" Miyun stood up straight and nodded.

"Yup! That will be a hundred drops!"

"B-But I never heard of an Apostle asking for money!" Miyun still had the smile on her face and waved her finger.

"Well, I'm not an ordinary Apostle, I'm going to be the most powerful in world! So of course I am charging a fee for my services!"

"E-Evil!" The pig mother squealed, "How could have God given his powers to a greedy girl like you!" Miyun's smile disappeared from her face as it was now having a bored expression.

"And how could of God made me short, but you don't see me complaining." She then extended her hand as a frown then appeared.

"A hundred drops!" The pig glared at the Apostle before going into her house to get the drops. She then came out with the drops in a bag and placed it into Miyun's hand.

"May God strike you with lightening." The pig mumbled before going into her house and slamming the door. Miyun squealed in delight at the cash she earned and started to count all the drops. Her partner next to her sighed and adjusted his glasses.

"Keep on doing this Miyun, and God wont be pleased." She rolled her eyes at the man and stuffed the pouch of drops into her cape and folded her arms before glaring at him.

"Shut it Alfred, I have been doing this for months and God hasn't sent in a single letter about it. So don't get your feathers in a ruffle." Alfred glared at the girl and hit her on the side of the head making the girl fall onto the ground and turn to him with a hiss.

"What's with you! You should be happy we're getting all this cash!"

"I would be if the drops weren't consumed by your stomach. That meal at the pig' village took thirty percent of the wages we've made." Alfred said as he was looking through his notebook that contained the history of where their drops went. Miyun looked at him with an expressionless face while picking at her ear.

"And your point is?" The man growled and pinched the bridge of his nose. He then took out a ball of yarn out of his pocket. Miyun's eyes widen and so did her pupils as she saw the ball in Alfred's hand, he then nonchalantly threw the ball of yarn in a random direction. The girl let out a squeal and ran after the ball and caught it in her hands and started to enthusiastically started to play with the toy. Miyun stopped herself from playing and threw the ball at Alfred's head.

"Bastard! You think this is funny!"


As the pig said, Miyun wasn't the kind of person someone would deem as an Apostle. She is beyond greedy, only goes after herself, and is a glutton. Her appearance was small, only 5' 2''. She put her hair in a pony tail and left side bangs down, her hair was also unusual as it was black but had golden highlights.

Her partner and best friend, Alfred, was like Miyun's parent. He made sure the girl didn't press other animals too much for drops and also made sure she didn't use the cash too much on meaningless luxurious such as overly priced meals. His eyes were a light brown but his hair was an unusual green color that went down to his shoulders. The man was also 6' 0'' making him tower over the small girl even though they were the same age.

Miyun let out a hiss at him and stood up brushing the dirt off her clothes before she started to walk down the road.

"You should be thankful that I don't turn you back into an owl for saying that." She then stretched her neck and lifted her wrist to twist it around a bit.

"Where's the next town, I'm going almost over my limit keeping this much mana in me." The girl said as she moved her wrist around showing small golden dust that was starting to fall off. Mana was the term in habitats used to for the happiness Apostle's would take from animals. Alfred took another book out of his bag and adjusted his glasses before looking through for information.

"The next church should be close, we should take the wagon's route since the pigs here have been saying a lone Lion has been lost in the dirt trail." Miyun's eyes widened and looked back at her friend.

"Lion? But I thought Lions lived in the savannah, we're all the way in the valley right now." Alfred shrugged and put his book back in his bag.

"Probably got their pride hurt and doesn't want to go back home. You know how Lions can be." He then glanced back at the girl and started to press his temples as Miyun started to grin happily.

"No." She frowned at her friend and snorted.

"You haven't even heard what I was going to say!"

"You aren't going to take a Lion as a partner, and if you do take this Lion in he or she will likely try to use your powers for his own needs." Miyun rolled her eyes at him.

"What are you talking about, I heard Lions are courageous and powerful." This time it was Alfred's turn to roll his eyes.

"Those Lions in your Kingdom's stories are different from the actual thing." Her frown increases as she walks up to her friend and pokes him in the chest, her frown then goes to a smirk.

"You're probably scared that the Lion will eat you!" Miyun lets out a laugh and walks towards the dirt path instead of the wagon one.

"Now come on! I can protect myself I'm an apostle remember~!" The girl yelled over her shoulder. Alfred sighs and adjusts his glasses before going to follow the girl, whenever Miyun decides what to do on her own something bad always follows . . .


"Miyun! You said you needed to go to a church because of the mana was starting to come out! Why are we still in this damn forest!" The girl turns around and sticks out a finger, a small light came out and pinched the man's stomach making him flinch back a bit.

"We are finding that Lion! To be the most powerful Apostle I have to have the best partners!" Miyun continued to look around the bushes for any sign of a Lion. Alfred started to get irritated as he could see some mana coming off of her. At this rate all the mana they collected from the pig will disappear. Miyun herself was even getting annoyed, how long does it take for an animal to come out! Her prayers were then answered as she heard a slight crack of a branch. A smirk came on her face, finally! But it shocked her as the animal let out a roar and jumped from the bushes, Miyun's eyes widened at the sudden attack from the Lion. She reacted quickly and stuck out her finger, from it a green light appeared as she zipped in the air a 'Z'. The Lion who was trying to pounce the girl ran into the light and a screen appeared making the animal recoil back.

Alfred let out a sigh of relief and pulled his glasses up his nose. He's glad Miyun has improves on her skills since she was chosen as an Apostle, the owl thought for a moment she was actually going to get killed.

Miyun hissed and stuck her finger again back at the Lion.

"What the hell was that about! You know you just attacked an Apostle!" The Lion shook his head as he was still on the ground confused by the attack. It then stood back up on it's four feet and began to circle the girl. She raised an eyebrow at him and folded her arms.

"Hey, do you want to become my partner or not?" The Lion then went to run at her again, Miyun frowned and flicked her wrist down at the ground making another green light come out. As the animal was trying to run at the girl, the ground from where the green light landed started to glow and a vine came out and wrapped itself around the Lion's paw making him trip over. She rolled her eyes at the animal, how long was this going to go on? The Lion finally let out a laugh as he stood back up.

"Well, I was a little worried that you wouldn't be strong because of your height but you proved me wrong." Miyun's eye twitched at him.

"Excuse me?" The Lion then laid himself on the ground, one paw over the other with a slight grin.

"So, how does this partner thing work? I heard some rumors that Apostle's have to 'purify' the other animal first." Alfred walked up to Miyun and grabbed her arm, leaning his head down to whisper to the girl.

"Miyun, think this through. A Lion, they aren't the type of hero you hear in stories." The Lion smirked at the two and put his head down.

"That's mean to say." Miyun narrowed her eyes at the Lion and pulled away from her friend before walking to the Lion and kneeling down to face him.

"Listen here, when you become my partner you have to listen to every word I say."

"I get powerful through this right." Miyun's eyes studied the animal's in front of her. Yes, it was true that when an animal made a partner with an Apostle, their best quality will increase tremendously. For Miyun's owl friend, Alfred, his intellect increased.

"Yes, that's true . . ."

"What's the ritual then." Miyun sat in front of the Lion and took his paw into her hand.

"After everything I say you will say back 'I Do'." The Lion snickered at this.

"Sounds like we're getting married." Miyun's face blushed, but then she turned back to a frown and tightened her grip on the Lion's paw and gave him a slight shock, making him flinch.

"Don't play around like that! What's your name."

"Eric." She nodded and cleared her throat before going on.

" Now, will you promise to serve along side God with I."

"I do."

"Do you promise to protect me and put my life ahead of yourself."

"Wait, I never heard of that!" Miyun hissed at him and slapped her forehead with her spare hand.

"You stupid Lion! Don't interrupt! Now we have to start over!" The girl let out another sigh before facing him and restating the previous statement.

"Will you promise to serve along side God with I."

"I do."

"Do you promise to protect me and put my life ahead of yourself."

" . . . I do."

"Do you promise to be loyal to everyone of my commands." Miyun gave him another shock before he could interrupt the ceremony again, she sent him an extra glare to make sure he got the message. The Lion pouted before mumbling out another 'I do'.

"Now I will promise to take care of your life and try to make it the best as an Apostle." A light circle than appeared around the two and Miyun closed her eyes as the dust around them began to whip up. When the light and wind were gone the girl felt the feeling of a human hand instead of a paw, she opened her eyes to be met with a hazel gaze. The Lion in front of her now was a boy with shaggy blond hair. She blushed at how close his face was to her's, the Lion smirked at her red face.

"Like what you see?" Miyun's face erupted into more color before going into a sneer, she then flicked her fingers. The Lion's eyes widened and he jumped back in time before a lighting shock could hit him. He laughed and stood up brushing himself off. The Lion lifted up his hand and moved the new appendage.

"I can't believe this. The form of God." He smiled and turned back to the girl and her other partner.

"Well, thank you for this power. But I got to go now." The Lion left them one last smirk before darting into the forest. Miyun rolled her eyes at the blond and walked up to Alfred, he glanced down at his friend.

"I don't like him." She shrugged and and folded her arms.

"Either way, it's good we have another member." Alfred glanced at her from the corner of his eyes.

"When are you going to bring him back?" Miyun sighed and stuck out arm before bringing it back in, making a green light follow the hand.

The two waited for a while, before a loud scream of 'what the hell!' was sounded and the Lion before was flung back through the trees in front of them. The blond looked around himself in confusion , he then glanced at the two in front of him and put on a nervous smile.

"Huh, you know. I was just testing your powers again." He then laughed and stood back up. Alfred sighed as he could feel the dark aura coming out of Miyun, she was beyond pissed . . .

The girl then slammed her hand down making Eric's head also hit the ground. The boy groaned and then grunted as Miyun put her foot down on his back.

"You think this is funny!" The girl says with a sneer, Eric snickered and tried to move out of her foot.

"Hm, what would you do if I said yes?" Miyun's face hardened, she then pointed her finger at the blond. She is not letting anyone mock her!

"Just for that I am teaching you a-." Her sentence was then cut short as smoke poofed out of nowhere. Eric's eyes widened in confusion as Alfred's widened in shock. The owl quickly took out one of his notebooks and began to scan through. Miyun has been paying her monthly amount of mana! She shouldn't be forming back into her original animal form.

Eric was still blinking in confusion at the sudden smoke and the sudden disappearance of weight on his back. The blond turned around and instead of a girl, he saw a black cat still having it's finger sticking out. The cat also blinked and looked down at it's body and paws, it's whiskers twitched before she let out a loud 'meow' while clutching her face. The feline bounced off Eric's back and up to Alfred and clutched the man's pants leg.

"Alfred! Why am I a cat again!" Eric stood up and kept on staring at the girl, even though it's voice was a little higher than usual it was still the same as . . .

"Miyun?" The girl's whiskers twitched before getting off Alfred's leg and stood on her two back legs to face Eric with a frown.

"What!" The blond let out a laugh at the girl's form.

"Why are you an animal again?" Miyun hissed at the Lion in response, Alfred sighed in frustration and massaged his temples.

"An Apostle can't use their magic freely, they must gather other animal's mana and take it to a church to give as sacrifice to God. If they do not give the monthly amount, they will turn back into their original form and become totally defenseless without powers. But," The man glanced down at a bristling Miyun, "We paid last months mana amount, we should have been free until two more weeks." Miyun let out a growl and clenched her paws.

"I bet God is pissed at me for something." Right on cue, something shined in the sky. Down from the blue a letter in a bottle came down and hit the cat on the head making Miyun knock into the ground face first. Alfred walked up to the bottle and opened the contents to read, once he was done the owl groaned and pressed his temples.

Miyun frowned and got back off the ground.

"What is it?" Alfred glanced at Miyun and Eric before stuffing the paper into his bag.

"God is mad at you for taking extra cash from animals. He wants a conference with you at the nearest church." Eric raised an eyebrow at the cat.

"Taking drops from animals? What kind of Apostle are you?" The cat let out another growl and pointed to the sky.

"Dammit! How the hell am I suppose to live in life without drops!" Another bottle then fell from the sky and hit Miyun straight in the face. Alfred raised his eyebrow at the new message.

"What does it say now?" The cat picked up the bottled and looked inside, but then she started to bristled again.

"It doesn't have anything in it!"