We sat down in a circle, the warm June air blew our hair into our faces as we prepared to opened our letters. We held each others hands and took a moment to prepare our selves for the possible answers. We let go of our hands and we all opened our letters at the same time. As I stuck my finger into the letter and pulled my finger across I hoped with all of my heart that I got in. Freshman year had been like hell, after all I had been though and after how hard I have tried I deserve to get in most of all. As I took out my letter and flipped it over I quickly read it over.

"OH MY GOD! I GOT IN!" sequlled Amanda.

"ME TOO!" Becky replied.

All of my other friends sequlled in excitment as they all got in as well. I just stared at my letter in denile, all I saw on it was the word rejected.

"Shailene? You haven't said anything, what's wrong?" Kelly asked.

I looked up with a blank look on my face, "I didn't get in."

My friend quickly got up and they all hugged me one by one saying things like "I'm so sorry", "It won't be as fun without you" or "I'm not going if your not." I just nodded my head. Just then Mom's blue mini van showed up in the parking lot. I said goodbye to my friends and told them to have fun at summercamp. AKA, the best summer camp ever. It's filled with cute guys, there are tons of super fun activites like rock climbing, zip lining and water skieing, you get three hours a day to do whatever you want and best of all there is no one over the age of twenty five!

I dragged my backpack along the ground as I slowly walked to the mini van. I slid open the back door of the van and sat down in the middle seat like always.

"Shailene! Guess what!" Jackie squelled.

"What?" I mumbled.

"I got into that really awesome day time cheer camp!" Jackie replied.

"That's awesome," I mumbled back.

"So did you get into that summer camp?" Mom asked.

"No. But all of my friends did," I replied.

"Well that's too bad, we will have to find something else for you to do then," Mom said.

"But Mom! I wanted to go to that camp!" I complained.

"I know honey. I was just trying to cheer you up, do you want to stop by the mall on our way home?" Mom asked.

"No thanks, I just wanna go home."

I open the car window, I stuck my head out the window and took in a deep breath filled with light summer air. Soon Mom was backing into the garage of our three bedroom house.

I quickly walked to my room, slamed the door and fell onto my bed. I flipped my hair out of my face then I grabbed my laptop off my desk and flopped back onto my bed. I opened up my laptop and checked out the camp website, I sighed.

I put my ipod into my speakers, then i opened my window. I sat down on my window steel, the wind blew lightly onto my face. I watched as cars sped by my house and people hurried by. They were all so ecited that summer had started and here I was mopping around in my room.

I got up and stepped out onto the roof. I carefully walked along the roof, making sure the wind didn't cause me to loss balence. I jumped onto the fence and then climbed down onto my front lawn. I dragged my feet as I walked to the end of my street. I turned and went to the park. I walked over to the conceition stand and dugged into my pocket to find enough change for my candy. I finally pulled out the correct amount even though it was mainly in dimes and quaters. I went and sat down on the top of the blechers, I looked across the field to see that there was a baseball game going on. I looked closer and noticed that I knew a lot of the guys playing from school. The pitcher noticed me staring, he waved when he noticed it was me. I weakly waved back then I jumped down off the blechers and left.

I sucked on my candy as I headed back to my house. I dragged my feet as I walked up the front steps and opened the door.

Mom looked very puzzled, "When did you leave?"

"A little while ago, I went for candy," I replied.

"Oh," Mom replied then she went back to reading her newspaper.

"Shailene, why aren't you wearing shoes?" Dad asked.

I looked down at my feet and wiggled my toes, "I don't know, I guess I forgot."

I dragged my feet as I walked back to my room, I pulled off my socks with my feet then tossed them into my laundry bin. I flopped back down on my bed and checked my email, no new emails. I checked the time, it was already nine o'clock! Since I had nothing else to do I put on my PJs and went to bed.

Mom tip toed into my room as I was pretending to still be sleeping, she pulled open my curtians and then whispered, "Sweetie? Are you awake?"

I slowly opened my eyes and replied, "I am now."

Mom smiled, "I have a suprise for you!"

I quickly sat up in my bed, "What is it?"

"We are going to the waterpark for the day!" She replied.

"Great..." I replied sarcasitly then I snuggled back up in my bed.

"Come on honey, it will be fun!" Mom encouraged.

I groaned.

"Well we are leaving in two hours so better be ready by then," Mom said and then she left my room.

I reached up and pulled my curtains closed and fell back asleep.