By:Andrew Troy Keller

There was a war--as some might tell--
Between the forces of Heaven and Hell.
Angels and Demons are loose
And forcing humans to choose
Between Heaven and Hell.

Heaven was the object of pure calmness.
However,Hell was one of pure utter darkness.
And it was hard to tell
Weather or not anyone had survived the torment of Hell.
Maybe,it has to do with how well we handle stress.

My name is Mister Craven
And I just happen to be an Angel of Heaven.
One day,a she-demon had placed a hex
On a human male--forcing him to have with her terrific sex,
And it was my job to save his soul from non-stop damnation.

However,as I've appeared to be,
The demon had suddenly turned her lust on me.
As for the victim,he had crawled along the floor
And gone out the door.
And so,that was the last time he was ever seen.

Before I was given the chance to blast her away,
The she-demon had grabbed me,
Pulled herself towards me
And asked,"Are you gay?"

And so,in order to find out
Weather or not I was a pretty good scout,
She had sexualy taken me--
Just in order to see
If I am really a good scout.

Then,even though I am not gay,
I've really got to say
That it must've been over a large sin,
That had caused the she-demon to win--
And myself to loose.

'Tis indeed hard to tell
Without a program about Heaven,nor Hell.
Sometimes,it is just not fair
Whenever no one cares
About the war between Heaven and Hell.

My name is Mister Craven,
And I was an angel of Heaven.
For some,it was a sweethaven.
For others,it a total Haven