I appeared in a church, though it seemed dark and the pastor was nowhere to be found. People seem to be snobbish and cared for no one but themselves. I stared at the bible in front of me. The covers says "The Bible", but when I flip through the pages. It was all blank. Only some weird gothic symbols around it. I really felt that this wasn't My God's church.

But the Devil's.

I was planning to stand up when I heard a roar, coming from the door that leads to the pastor's room. I felt a strange urge to stay. But the roar is getting louder and louder, but somehow sounding very calm. Then it appeared. A white and black striped tiger, it was huge! As soon as the people saw it walk out of the room, they began to scream and ran outside. But I didn't scream, but I was scared all the same. Who wouldn't be?

As I stood up, I felt that the church was getting larger and larger. And as I ran, I felt so heavy, I can barely ran and almost fall. But I didn't give up. I finally reached the door; I saw a village, a middle aged village. People were running to, all of them. But I passed through a woman. Who was very calm, and was still doing her laundry. She gestured for me to do whatever I like. I was confused. 'Doesn't she know a tiger is on the loose?' I was going to ask her for it but my voice seems to be lost for words.

I heard the tiger's roar again. I ran to her hut without further a due. It was dark, but I didn't care. I still hear the tiger's sounds, lingering around the hut. Then I turn to look at the only exit. I saw the light, also, the tiger. I was scared that it might pounce on me and eat me.

But it didn't. I waited for it to make a move. It didn't, its eyes were yellow, but it doesn't look like it was searching for a prey. It was soft, like it was trying to communicate. I walked up to it, slowly, still having this fear that it will bite. But it was gone when I touched its fur. It suddenly became a tamed, cat. Purring on me, I smiled. My fear was gone.

Then it suddenly looked straight to my eyes. Then I heard big, low voice. Saying: "Finish your mission." It was weird, and then an image flashed through my mind.

A boy, with black spiky hair, he has a pale skin. His body was thin but muscular. Wearing a dark blue uniform, his face was beaten up; his left cheek was covered with bandages. He was full of bruises. His arm was somehow bandage too. I felt pity. Then I heard the voice again.

"He is now a father..." A father... father? Why is it telling me this? Is that my mission? How? Why? Before I could ask the tiger anything, it all vanished in a flash.

Then I woke up.

"..A, dream..?" I blinked twice.

My name's Lilliana Evanna. This is where my task begins...


Ya liked it? :) its kinda weird isn't. To tell you the truth, Her dream is also mine. It was like june 1 just this year that I started to dream like that. I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I started to make it as a story :)
It's a one shot. Or maybe not.. I don't know, it's you people who will decide on this.