"What's wrong?"

"Just burnt out, I guess. /Burnt out on this bullshit you give me about being better than it. Burnt out from the feelings you take from my heart and try to kill with your practicality./
'(I'm burnt out on you needing me to be strong, even when I can't. What if I'm not giving you the right advice after all?)
'{Burnt out over my mood hitting the floor, killing myself over the future, worrying about what's next.}
'/Burnt out over if you'll read this, damnit, but I know you won't. I'm burnt out on all the messed up (things) and feelings I feel for you./
'[I know 'It's Okay' but it really doesn't feel ok, and I feel like cutting just because I'm strung out, burnt out, and I need a little something to get through anything.]"

"Uh... what?"

A/n: This is not poetry, nor is it meant to be. There is a message to each of the three most important people in my life in there somewhere, if you can figure out which bracket is yours. Well, 4 people, but one isn't important: me. The swirly brackets are me talking to me... But yeah. Not that the people I'm talking to here are ever gonna read it, though they have my fp account and such.