Author's notes: Here's a story I came up with when my parents dragged me for a road trip for one day! It's a modern day romance and I hope you all enjoy it! Looking forward to hearing what you think about it!

Chapter 1

"I need your help. As in, I really need your help. It's a matter of life and death. If there was a life and death scale, it's currently heavier of the death side."

Rayne Sommers looked up from her computer monitor to see Alexion Hunter towering over her cubicle. At six foot four, the man reminded her of the grizzly bear she'd seen on a documentary her mum had her watch. More like forced her to watch.

Not that she minded his height. She adored it actually. Who didn't love a tall man? Especially one with cobalt blue eyes that were so blue, it felt as though she were looking at the bluest sea itself. She could look into his eyes forever. Blue eyes usually reminded her of ice and she could feel the chill, but his eyes made her hot.

And his hair, it was so black that it looked like ink and she wanted so much to run her hands through his hair to feel if it was as soft as it looked.

"You listening to me?" He questioned.

Ray looked him over and noticed that he looked frustrated. "You have my utmost attention."

"Good. Actually-," He paused and glared at the rest of their colleagues who were currently crowding around her cubicle, eavesdropping. "Scram."

"Oh , come on! Let us in on it! Ever heard of office gossip?" Delia James whined.

Ever one for office gossip, Delia James was a good friend, but a notorious gossip. Heck, Gossip Girl had nothing on Delia. Delia had the latest gossip on everyone in the office. Well, not everyone, she was able to keep her private life, private. Maybe it was because Delia had nothing on her, that they were such good friends.

"Yeah, that's if you hear it around. It's not office gossip if I tell you guys, it's an announcement." Alex said.

"Meanie. Why only Ray-Ray?" Delia pouted.

Yeah, why her? What could she possibly help with, that he just had to ask her?

"That's between the two of us." Alex replied before smiling at her. "Ray, let's go to my office and talk. Alone." Alex said, looking at the others meaningfully.

"Er... okay?"

Ray got up from her seat and Alex walked ahead while she shrugged when Delia gave her a questioning look. She had no idea what he wanted with her. Other than help, of course.

When they got to his office, Alex shut the door behind them and ushered Ray into the seat in front of his desk. Having Ray all alone was like a dream come true for him. He settled into his own seat and she looked worried and curious. It was a combination that could kill with its cuteness.

"Am I in trouble?" Came her question in her soft, sweet voice.

What made her arrive at such a conclusion?

He raised a brow. "No. Why would you think that, when I asked you for help?"

"Because maybe you said you need help when you actually needed to tell me that I've done something wrong?"

He laughed. He couldn't help it. She came up with such an odd reasoning.

"I think you've been watching too many shows. But to put you at ease, no, you aren't in trouble." He said and she blushed, but relaxed visibly.

She looked so demure. Like a little puppy actually, what with those big Persian green eyes that could make even the Grinch feel guilty.

And her hair, it was a pale blonde and he wanted to undo that tight ponytail of hers and run his fingers through the length of it. He wondered if it felt like silk, because it sure looked like it.

Oh God... He was her team leader and she was his best and most hard-working employee! But he couldn't help himself! She was so goddamn beautiful! She was so kind and giving.

He remembered one time, he'd decided to walk to work instead of driving. He'd seen her with a crying little girl. At first, he thought that it might have been her child so he followed her around. In actual fact, the child had gotten lost and Ray had gone around looking for the child's mother. It had take a whole two hours to find the woman, but she did. Ray had been late for work, but he convinced the boss that she wasn't to be blamed and explained the whole situation. The boss had then given him another project, even though he had his hands full with the other three projects, promising that Ray's tardiness would be overlooked. He accepted it and Ray stayed back late to help with what she could. It was all worth it.

"So... you needed help?"

He stopped reminiscing when he remembered what he needed her help with and he leaned forward on his desk.

Ray shifted in her seat uncomfortably when Alex leaned forward. He looked so serious.

"I need you to pose as my girlfriend."

She was stunned into silence. "...What?"

"My parents are trying to get me a girlfriend."

"Okay, and?" Her mind was totally not processing his words.

"Are you free during summer?"

"Well, yeah, I guess." She replied.

"Great! My parents want me to bring my girlfriend home because I told them I had one so they would stop hounding me. It'll just be for two weeks of summer at a resort in Hawaii. Take it as an all expense paid holiday." He said.

"But, I don't know..."

"I really need this from you, Ray." He urged.

She had no idea what possessed her. "Okay."

He jumped out of his seat and rushed up to her, lifting her up in his arms and she was pretty sure her face was scarlet.

"Thank you!"

She hadn't seen him this happy so she figured she could do it just to make him happy.

Alex grinned. Two weeks in Hawaii with Ray. He would find it in himself to bear with his parents.

Author's notes: Thanks for reading!