pretty when you cry

It was over? It was all over wasn't it? He had finally done it, finally fucked up so much that even Dill couldn't stand him anymore. Riley slouched over the desk, his half-forgotten compostion homework underneath him. It was a portrait, a portrait of Riley and Dill if they were a normal couple like anyone else.

But they weren't, and it was over. It made Riley sick to look at it, tearing it up and throwing it aside as he choked down sobs. He was glad Dietrich was gone for now, off on business or something. He didn't need his brother's sharp words hurting him even more.

He went downstairs, going into the alcohol cabinet and pulling out a bottle of vodka.

He could barely see, barely think. His whole body felt light, and his mind was happily numb. Thoughts of Dill were so far from his thoughts he actually began to wonder why he was crying again.

That was when he saw a strange blue-ish figure appear in his bedroom door-way. He stared up at the man, or woman? He couldn't really tell. He wiped at his eyes, but the vision didn't clear. It was like a dream, and maybe it was a dream. It couldn't really tell.

Then he felt hands touching him, and the figure was on him. He groaned softly.. It felt good. Just like Dill.. Just like old times. He let the strange person touche him, work him out of his clothes and onto the bed. He felt a finger at his lips. Riley smiled, taking it into his mouth and sucking it like any other whore.

He couldn't comprehend it, the fingers entering him and prepping him. His vision was clearing slightly, and he could tell it was a man. A man with a strange face, but distorted to be handsome. Was he wearing make up? Yeah... it looked almost like Plant, but he laughed that thought off.

The man gently lifted his legs up over his shoulders, beginning the thrust into him as he moaned. Thoughts began to swirl in his head, what was he doing? This wasn't Dill.

Fuck what if Dill found out? The sick feeling crept to his throat, strangling hsi moans with a sob. If Dill found out, it was over.. He'd never take him back. Oh god.

He couldn't hold back his tears, but the figure didn't stop. If anything it encouraged him. The man leaned over him, licking away the streams of salty water. Sharp and jagged teeth knicked his face, drawing blood. No.. Dill would know, he;' know for sure.

He tried to pull away, but the man pinned him, kissing down his neck and chest, fucking him even more aggressively than before. He cried out, louder and louder, trying desperately to get him to stop. He wouldn't though, and that's when he knew it was Plant.

It was moments later before he finally came, puling out of Riley after a few moments of panting.

Riley waited, waited for him to leave. But he didn't. All night he stayed awake, until finally in the morning the body left the bed and didn't return.

Riley turned to his side, vomiting before starting to sob again.

Why would Dill ever want him back?