September 2011

A Little Rainshower

I understand you have advice

To let words come like pouring rain

To drench the ground, but then again

I tried to thunder but no words came

I tried to let them fall on you

Listen to what I say.

Everybody raining words

Wants to have their thunder heard

As if men were clouds, as if I could

Break into raindrops over her

And I tried, I really tried– oh, yes

I gave five hundred and ten percent

At least I like to think I did

To make the memory disturb me less—

I broke apart and came crashing down

My rain like falcons toward the ground

And roaring thunder, violent lightning—

Wind tearing through every Northern town

Came rushing when it heard the sound

And she—

Did I trick you? I broke apart and fell softly from the sky

The day it was discovered by

This clouds and rain and thunder guy

She doesn't like to be rained on.