Above the Clouds

I have been above the clouds, higher than the airplanes and the birds. Where the ice and snow cling to rock and wither into gravel. I have seen like no other, across the world or so it would seem. The sun just peeking over the horizon of the cracked mountain glaciers. A warm, orange glow illuminating the silvery white flakes of ice scattering the ground, casting large shadows on the rocky surface. It took me days to reach this place.

Across the peak was a separate mountain that stretched just shorter than the one I stood on, my gloves and boots coated in a thin layer of ice. I watched as a large rock fell from the top, only to come crashing down and settle in its new place among the many alike itself.

"Why don't people climb that mountain Joseph?" I ask, realizing I could see no one hiking up the sides.

"Rocks to loose. Too many dead. But it's just the same, being here."

I felt my breath freeze in the cool air. I swallowed hard and continued to stare at the beauty in front of me. Only one thousand feet, that wouldn't be so hard, would it? I took my steps slow, pacing myself as my environment shown a blinding white of snow. Go back. Now. Stop. You can go home now. Stop. I thought as me feet slid on the gravel until my knees finally buckled. Reaching for my water I ripped off the cap-and the mouthpiece. Great. No water. It didn't matter anyways, it was frozen. I closed my eyes and turned against the rising sun. I took a breath of the African air. I stood at the edge of the mountain, feeling as though the world was in my fingertips. Placing my foot down the side I began my journey down.