The Sleepy Disciple

As the night grew deeper

My eyes grew heavier

My feet were beginning to ache

I needed to sleep

I knew I couldn't,

Not yet at least, it wasn't safe, not on this road

So we carried on walking until I grew so tired

I suddenly dropped on the floor unable to open my eyes

Someone gently tapped my shoulder and smiled before saying

"Why did you not say anything earlier?"

Then that same person gently lifted me up before saying

"Go to sleep. I'll carry you until you feel awake enough to walk again"

And once I had awoken I was able to restart fresh and anew once moreā€¦

First thing that came into my mind. You are welcome to say whatever you like about it. It was just an idea that came into mind after something that a friend of mine said one time I was feeling sleepy, although I quicken to add that I don't believe Jesus was carrying me whilst I slept it was just a random idea that I thought it would be funny to write about. Thanks for reading and reviewing.