Society Will Love Her

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A story about the conflict between what society demands and what the heart desires.

A woman once had everything to be desired,

A love who understood her imperfections and valued them,

A face that no one would kill for, but was not unpleasant,

And a man who she shared devotion with.


However that man had to leave, for he was impoverished,

And if he wished to marry the girl, he would need to be able to support her.

So he abandoned her with promises to return...


He might have lied, for five years passed with no word

And society dictated that she be married or leave the village

So the people redecorated her body, and dressed her in fine silks

And then, they sent her off to marry their prince

As well as look after their well-being.

But the girl still believed in her true love


However, more time passed, and her spirit was dampenned

She was a fair leader, but years of poverty created hard decisions.

Therefore, she was forced to abandon hope that her love would ever return

And she finally submitted to society's dictations.


The man later returned to her under a different name

And he pretended to be someone that he is, and yet is not

But she is indifferent to his advances

For her spirit is dead, so she no longer can love him

But society will love her instead.

Author's Note: Written on September 16th 2011. Not sure if I like tis, but I need to just write to get over the mountain (college application essays) that is posed in front of me, ready to be tackled. Hey, I kinda like that line, maybe it will appear in a future poem. Anyway, please let me know what you think of this poem, whether it is love or hate or neutrality. All feedback is welcomed kindly, unless it is said with intentional malice. Malice is not accepted here. Okay, so before I go insane, please comment and check out some of my other work. Thank You!


The Moon Howls At The Wolf