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"What's wrong?" what the HECK! What's going on? I slowly sinked down into the water trying to cover myself when I noticed a little blood.

I looked down and seen a medium size wound. I looked back up at Mayble, "Um? Is this a big deal or something? Cause I don't think it is.." I shrugged, crossing my arms over my breasts.

Mayble looked down at me while unfolding a towl, "Well hon, we just don't like our girls getting hurt.. It is a big deal around here and expecially a knife wound by our enemies." She sighed.

I raised my eye-brow, um okay then. I sigh out loud, "Well, I don't think it is a big deal... Just saying." I shrugged again.

Someone knocked on the door, "Who is it?" asked Kevin, still not looking towards the tub.

"It's me" said a girls voice. He opened the door.

"Yes Torrie?" He asked politely.

"I-I... Umm.." She cleared her throat, "I was wo-wondering if you wanted me to take care of this instead of yourself.." She stuttered.

Kevin coughed, "Yeah.." He looked at Mayble, "Can she?"

Mayble looked at him, "Yeah. That would be best. Come on in Torrie." Kevin left, shutting the door behind him..

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