This maddening rush of emotion overwhelms me

To the point of morbid insanity.

I feel as if I am about to explode,

Sending pieces of my heart out of this world.

Only a genie could take away my pain

By granting me one wish that you would share my strain.

For then it would not be a strain,

But rather an ecstasy,

A drug most addictive,

But worthwhile and healthy.

A hurricane screaming in my mind

To let itself out or wither and die

An anguish most dreadful,

An anguish so low,

That I would remain paralyzed

Until you show

That you share these feelings

Or that you wish me to go.

Only then will I be free,

Once I know the truth,

Until then,

I am lost,

Blind, deaf, and mute.