When we were younger all those years ago
You were the perfect one and I knew so
You were the perfect daughter, did as you should,
You were a princess play with dollies you would.
But I was the other one, played with the wrong toys
didn't want to wear dresses, ran and played with the boys
Kicked a ball against the house and drove her mad
You were the little angel, and I was bad.

With your cheerful smile
in your innocent face
and your glowing halo
in pride of place,
I knew you were better
cos I was bad
and I didn't blame you but
it made me sad.

As we got older you fell in the "wrong crowd"
hung out with the people she said you weren't allowed,
You became the devil with tail and horns
And I got the halo and looked on you with scorn.
I didn't get why it mattered so much
to wear the right clothes and act as such
I didn't understand why when you disagreed
with her you didn't just give up and concede.

With your wicked smile
in you guilty face
and your glowing horns
in pride of place.
I knew I was better
cos you were bad
and I didn't blame you but
it made me sad.

Then you went off to university
and we only saw you very rarely
and my tail and horns began to grow
cos you weren't around to get the blame you know.
I started to realise what you'd been through
I suddenly knew what it was like for you
And tho I don't blame her it makes me sad
That one of us always had to seem bad.

With you cheerful smile
in your happy face
Your glowing halo
was back in place.
I know neither is better
cos neither is bad
and I don't blame her but
it makes me sad.

Please don't blame her when she makes you mad,
She's still the best mother we could've had.

Don't give me a halo
Don't give me horns
Don't make me think I'm an angel
or demon spawn
Just let me be who I am
cos I'll never be like you, don't think I can.
Let us be our own people, let me be me.
You never know, you might like what you see.

Please don't blame us when we make you sad
But we can't live our lives just to make you glad.

Sometimes we smile
in a happy face
but horns and halos
don't have a place
Neither of us is better
cos neither is bad.
Please don't blame us
if we make you sad.
Please don't blame us
if we make you sad.