Clara and her brother, Charlie were the only ones at home. Clara was doing her report on her laptop while Charlie was playing a video game.

"Ahah take that you giant crab monster from Japan!" Charlie cried as he swung his body everywhere in front of the TV looking like an idiot.

"You do know that you look like an idiot in front of the TV." Clara gave a slow look at Charlie.

"Yeah I know I'm sucking at this…do you also know that giant crabs like these were once found invading ancient Japan? They are real I tell you." Charlie said that without looking at Clara. The older sister gazed at the television screen to find ten-legged giant alien mutated sewer like crabs five times the size of a human, spurting acid from their underbellies at the character. Her mind was blank for a almost ten seconds staring at the screen while Charlie was still acting like a moron the whole time, trying to fight off those catastrophic crabs off the shores of ancient Japan.

"Life back in ancient Japan sure is tough isn't it." Clara mumbled.

"I guess so." Charlie replied as his character melted under the acid spray.

"Oh shoot I'm dead, oh fucking well." Charlie grimaced as he turned off the game and when to the bathroom. Clara went back to her reports once more.

-Ten minutes later-

The toilet bowl rumbles as Charlie walked out of the lavatory.

"Bye sis, I have to go chill with my friends now, catch ya later." Both Clara and Charlie waved to each other as Charlie walked out of the house. Clara returned back to her reports again.

After a few seconds into her report, she felt something strange that made her stop her work. The smell of pungent curry wavered in the air. It smells terrible. Clara ignored it and continued to type her work. This time it was pizza, and she ignored it once more although her annoyance level was getting pretty high while she carried on with her typing. She breathed in once more and stopped her typing again, this time it was ice-cream and garlic. Pissed off, she got up; brisk-walked into the bathroom; flushed the toilet bowl and brisk-walked back to her laptop. A second later, she got up again pissed as hell once more. She took a can of air-freshener; brisk-walked into the bathroom. Sprayed the contents of the can into the toilet bowl and walked out of the bathroom with immense annoyance. She got back into her seat and was about to type on the keyboard when she breathed in a smell that made her nostrils cringe. This was an even worse odour; after all this was the smell of intoxicated rose and lavender...