The Evil Are Loved

All I want is Love

Is that hard to believe?

But you are the only one

Who can give me this.

And what a gift it would be

To receive a single kiss.

One small sign

Of your favour

For I am certain there have

Been thousands before I

After all, you have breathed

your breath in all.

In those that walk on Earth.

And a few that do not.

Many angels. And many good.

But also the evil ones.

And how, might one ask

Could a being such as you

Not see a man for what he is

When he is sat in the palm of your hand

A loving God?

An all-knowing God?

A.. merciful God?

No. This He is not.

None, I tell you.

For I sat in his hands

As he made me in "His image"

And I know myself that I am evil

I am sure you ask

How can an evil one want love

For all the pain and destruction

They will bring.

For all men seek love.

Even those of us

Who do not deserve

Who know what they truly are.

And that they will burn

Forever more

In the fiery pit

Of Hell