Chapter 10


My sister had the same look on her face that I had. It was a voice filled with despair and no confidence. I found it funny that we were pulled into similar situations all our lives. They don't kid when they say twins share everything. It is very true. I asked Ashley something mentally.

What happened with Steven Falcon?

Ashley took a while to respond. It felt like I was talking to a wall that wouldn't answer back. She finally responded with this.

What happened with Lucky Knight?

I hesitated to answer that question. I didn't want to reveal Lucky secret. I finally responded to her.

He didn't respond to me right away. I called his real name and he still didn't answer. I finally responded with his full real name and he responded. He told me he loved me.

Ashley stared at me for a few seconds. She stared at me with blank eyes. She finally asked in my mind.

What is Lucky's real name?

I didn't wanted to answer that question. It gave away so much about her past. It reveals his hero name and a lot more. I slowly respond back to her.

His name is Daniel Alexander Knight.

Ashley let lose a laugh. It was a small and stifling laugh. I couldn't wait to hear the answer in her mind. She let lose a whole few sentences in her head.

The reason why I'm laughing is I always knew Daniel's disappearance was weird and the sudden appearance of his twin. The thing that cracks me up though is that Legendary called told me to call him Daniel. I never pieced together that Lucky was Daniel.

I was in shock about how much Ashley knew. She told me one more thing mentally before I felt like blowing her with questions.

You know Steven even kept a secret from us.

She had caught my attention. I waited for her story.

Chapter 11


I had caught my sister's attention. She was waiting for my response. I finally ask her.

I had gotten to contact Steven. He told me he heard me but I sounded distant to him.

Natasha was very impatient since she was ac child. She really wanted to know the secret that Steven kept from her. She finally mentally asked.

What is Steven's big secret?

I purposely stalled out the time. I drew her into the suspense. She really wanted to my slip up and Steven's secret. I finally mentally told her.

I slipped up Steven's name in my head. I called him Steven Knight. He told me that he was Lucky's young brother.

Natasha stared into my eyes to see if I was telling the truth. She responded with a great deal of shock. She blurted out her response mentally.

Daniel always mentioned a young brother. I never realized how close I was too him. I cannot believe that I missed such a big deal. I loved him and never realized it.

A doctor walks in and said that Lucky has woken up but Steven was still in critical. I figured that was my dumb luck. The doctor said," Lucky can be discharged today." Lucky limped with a sling in his arm into the waiting room. He sat down. I looked at him with a sigh for he was not Steven. I always would love Lucky but I loved Steven more.

Chapter 12


I limped into the waiting room. My arm was in a sling. I could not use majority of my powers. I could only currently use my mind message to send more mind messages but that was my limit. Natasha and Ashley stared at me as if they were holding something back. The only other patient in this Hospital was Steven Falcon. He was not related to me. They both sent me mind message, which sent me into shock.

Lucky we have something to tell you. Steven is not just my first love and my second love. He has a connection to you. He is your long-lost brother.

I thought that was impossible. The agency told me that my brother was dead. He was killed trying to protect me. I think for a minute and remember Shadow telling me that the Agency lied to us.

His theory was that our families were still alive and they kept it a secret. They were using us as their personal weapons. I didn't believe at the time. I am now certain that the agency lied to my me. I recalled all the names of my family members. There was my Vanishing father, Adam Knight who said I was destined for greatest, my loving mother Jacqueline Falcon who believed that I was our families guiding light, my uncle Derek who believed I could be a great hero, My other uncle Jasper who believed that I could be anything I wanted to be. There was also My brother Robert who believed that I could make great secret agent, My brother Seth who believed in me, My younger brother Aidan who believed I could be a normal Knight and finally Steven who believed in me and idolized me. I realized that the agency took all that away from me. They stole my childhood, my past and majority of my life. I am now done being used. I would quit the agency and leaving behind the pieces. I don't care if Dark Armor destroyed us. There was no sympathy toward them. I heard one more piece of news Both Ashley and Natasha told me they were pregnant


I woke up. I tasted the air and it felt good to be awake. I hope the doctors come back soon and let me out. I then slowly slip back into a coma.