There once was a malevolent man named Luke Knight. He was the CEO of a very lucrative toy company. He had a typical family. Luke had a wife named Holly, 2 children named Joe and Anna and a dog. The rival company's CEO was Scott, Luke's best friend from high school through college. While Scott thought his company was running smoothly, his secretary Natalie Daye was sharing secrets with his rival company.

Luke's wife was very amiable. She did everything her husband ever wanted her to do. One day, Luke calls home to tell his wife that he will be coming home late again because he was going to dinner with the president of the company. She started to get worried since this was the third time this week that he said this to her. She hired his secretary from work to spy on him. She was right; Luke was having dinner with his paramour.

Luke met his paramour, Natalie, when his company was losing money. The only way to make his company better than all the rival companies was to get an inside source. He went to Scott's company and pretended like it was a visit to a friend: Instead he noticed that the secretary was interested in him .He asked her to dinner and asked her questions about the company.

At dinner, Luke did not hesitate to ask questions about the company. Natalie did not hesitate to answer. She knew she was destroying the company but she didn't care that she was an inside traitor. This was for her own personal gain. When dinner ended he took her home and headed home himself.

When his wife found out, she was furious. As soon as Luke got home, she started to throw objects. Holly threw plates, books and even the dog at him. When she was finished throwing objects at him he asked "Why are you doing this?" even though he knew the answer. She replied "I thought we had fidelity in our marriage but now I want this marriage annulled."

The next day, they appear at court for the annulment. She wanted half of everything they owned, even though she started off with barely anything. After a long day at court the case ended and she ended up getting what she wanted. She ended up with both of the kids while Luke kept the dog and the house.

Now that the marriage was annulled, Luke married his paramour. Their wedding was a week after the anullment. His best friend Scott ended up firing his secretary and married Holly, Luke's ex .Then they all lived happy lives far away from each other.