A Day to be Remembered
Chapter 5: August 15, 2011 8:04

"This clue was somewhat helpful. At least it confirmed that Clifford Douglous was working for this guy, whoever he is," Cramdon said with a shrug.
"Yeah, real helpful." Langcaster stated rather sarcastically. "This case is causing me to have severe insomnia. It is messing with my sleeping pattern and may account for some of my grouchiness. For this and the simple fact that I don't want Alfred dead, I want to solve this case as soon as possible."
"Um, sir?" Cramdon cautiously interrupted.
"What is it Cramdon?" Langcaster asked with more than a little impatience.
"Well, uh, sir. Um since we are done researching for the night, and its after eight,"
"Go on," Langcaster said when Cramdon paused.
"Can I please go home and get some rest. I would like to circumvent my exhaustion by going to bed earlier."
Langcaster looked at the nervous face encircled by that unruly red hair and wondered if he really should do what he was planning. "Go ahead."
"Thank you, sir. I will be in right away tomorrow morning."
"Yeah, sure, whatever, just get out of here before I change my mind."
He ran off like an agile young boy trying to prevent his first hair-cut.
"Well, here goes nothing," Langcaster said to himself as he watched Cramdon race down the hall. With that, he picked up the phone and called a man whom he hadn't talked to in two years.

Alfred had been doing all-right lately. He still hadn't started talking to people, but his general disposition seemed better. On this very day, the fifteenth of August, something very bad happened to our lonely man. He, like everyone in this day and age, still had a cell phone. He didn't use this phone very often at all, but on this day, Henrieta had been very trying. Alfred had found that just looking through the settings and such on his phone during this time helped to shut out the annoying chattershe caused.

He had just finished looking through the tools menu when a innocuous-looking text popped up. He clicked on it thinking it was an old friend sending a new phone number. This was most definitely not the case.

This text was from an unidentifiable phone. It read, "You may have thought you had escaped me. It was a problem that kept me from getting to you, a problem that was exterminated. Hope your not planning your great friend from the detective agency will save you now." Since he received that text early that morning, Alfred had been contemplating calling Langcaster.

In fact, on a whimsical idea, that was exactly who Langcaster was calling. Henrieta answered the phone on the second ring. "Hello," she practically sang into the receiver.

"Um, this is Bruce Langcaster, and I was wondering if I might talk to Alfred."

Alfred had been listening closely and had easily heard who was calling.

"I want to talk to Bruce!"

"Alfred doesn't want to talk to anyone at this moment," Henrieta said into the phone, completely ignoring Alfred.

"I said, I want to talk to Bruce!" He shouted and almost literally tore the receiver out of her hand.

"Hello, Bruce?"


"Hey, old pal, I sure haven't talked to you in a while."

"Bruce, I thought for sure you were mad at me and wouldn't want to talk with me."

"Why is that? I am a steadfast friend. Why wouldn't I want to talk to you? Actually, I was worried that you would never want to speak with me again."

"Of course not!" Alfred shook his head even though he knew that Bruce couldn't see it on the other end of the telephone conversation. "I was actually planning on calling you today."

"Really? I heard you didn't like talking to people too much these days."

"Oh, I usually don't" he said looking over to where Henrieta stood shocked that he said anything at all. "But I can transgress from the beaten path if it means talking with you. I must admit that I did tarry along the road to recovery. Two years is a long time."

"So what were you going to call me about?"

Alfred again sobered as he thought of the text message he had received earlier that day. He then described to Langcaster what the text message read.

When he was finished, Langcaster was quiet for so long that Alfred thought he might have lost the call. "I know this sounds dreadful," Langcaster suddenly said and Alfred jumped, "but I was almost hoping you would say that. Would you care to come down to the station for a visit and possibly a solution to our problem?"

"Well, why not?"

"Good, we have a prodigy working in the crime-scene lab. He is nineteen and smarter than anyone else we have ever hired in his department. If you bring your phone, we may solve this case faster than I ever thought we could."

"When do you want me there?"

"Is two, tomorrow afternoon okay?"

"It's not like I have any huge social gathering to be at."

"Great! I will see you tomorrow."

"Yes, I will see you tomorrow, bye."

"Wait! I almost forgot," Langcaster yelled when Alfred had almost hung up the phone.


"I was wondering if you were still an avid reader of 'How to' books"

"Yes, of course I am. I still read about two every does that have to do with anything in this case? Not like it is a personal question or anything."

"Oh you'll find out tomorrow. I will see you then."


When Alfred finished his conversation with Bruce, he was almost glowing with happiness.

"Henrieta," he called to the woman. She just stared blankly at him, finally, she found herself speechless.

"Henrieta!" that snapped her back into real life. "I will be going out tomorrow and would greatly appreciate it if you would clean my nice shirt and slacks," and with that , Alfred went off to find his dress shoes.

For a short while, Henrieta stood and stared at the place he had been standing. Finally she shook her head and went to work muttering, "You never do know what you're going to see some day."