Chapter 1

First Morning

Waking up isn't as easy as it looks. Well, maybe it is, but not for a three hundred year old witch who doesn't want to go to a human school.

My magic trainer, Twyla, fell head over heels for some boring human guy with no powers and we moved from the magic world to this boring human world. I would usually live with my mom and dad, but my mom died in a battle with a Darkling (an evil magic being that only comes out during the Fourth Years and tries to battle and kill other magic that might be competition in their plot to take over the magic world) at the time of the Fourth Years (time when dark magic is at its strongest) about two hundred years ago. They didn't exactly kill her. Darklings have a special power that controls emotions. They made my mother feel worthless and in the end it destroyed her. My dad on the other hand, is still alive and fighting in the three century war. His name is Crawlee.

Anyway, my first day at Vanden High doesn't look very promising. I mean, there are no magic lessons and the regular subjects aren't interesting at all. Science is sitting in a class room learning about astronomy or volcanic action. For me at my other school it was an actual trip to Mt. St. Helens and a rocket ride to Saturn. This is going to be boring.

Human history consists of learning about dead presidents. My history teacher took us back in time to meet George Washington. I actually became pretty close to George. I always called him G-Wash.

The mathematics my classmates and I took was six classes above calculus. Here it's basic geometry or human calculus. That class will be too easy. Tell me, where's the challenge in that? There isn't one.

I didn't have any Foreign Language classes. Us magic people are born knowing every language known to mankind and magic kind.

This school was completely under my knowledge level and held no interest for me.

This brings me back to waking up. I was sleeping so soundly until I heard Twyla calling my name.

"Haeleighta," she called, "get your butt out of bed."

"I don't want to," I yelled back.

I shouldn't have said that. I heard Twyla's feet coming up the stairs. I pulled my blanket over my head and tried to ignore what was coming for me.

"Whittica Irene Taleeya Croslee Haeleighta," Twyla yelled. She always said my full name when I was in trouble (my initials spell W.I.T.C.H).

Twyla was very pretty. She had brown hair that went to her shoulders and she looked about a hundred thirty pounds. Her face was well rounded and her crème colored skin went well with everything. She was about five and a half feet tall. "You've loved school for the past hundred years. Why won't you get out of bed to go to this one?"

"Because this school is too boring for my liking," I replied.

"Roslee," Twyla said. "It would be like a vacation for you then. It'll be too easy."

"You call me so many names," I said. I prefer to be called Haeleighta, or Whittica, but Twyla calls me Roslee every now and then. That was my mom's name. Twyla says that I look exactly like my mom.

"Well," Twyla began, "you look like your mom. Red hair and all."

I rolled my eyes. Having red hair was a sign that I would be one of the most powerful witches of my time. That meant I had to train for the next fourth year, which was two hundred years from now. I was the big target to the Darklings. I was going to be a Lightling, their biggest enemy, above any witch or wizard or warlock.

Every now and then, one Darkling would step out of line in the wrong year and try to kill Lightlings, but usually got killed themselves.

"Yeah," I replied, "but you're not getting me out of this bed."

"Oh really?" Twyla challenged. "I think you will."

I should've known better. I suddenly felt a chill and Twyla lifted her fingers. My bed automatically turned into slippery ice. I slipped out of bed and fell onto my floor. She swished her fingers and a pitcher of water came floating up from the kitchen. Twyla pointed the pitcher at me and the water from it drenched every last inch of my upper body, leaving me wet and cold. I grimaced at her and she smiled.

"Wake up," she said, laughing.

"Ha ha," I laughed sarcastically.

"Okay," she said, "now that I have your attention. You are enrolled at Vanden High as Roslee Riebrin. It's Patrick's last name."

"Oh great," I mumbled. "Where is he anyway?"

"Work," Twyla replied. "You are a sixteen year old junior and your car is out in the garage"- she swished her finger- "and the keys are in the ignition."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"It's six," Twyla continued. "You have to be at school at seven, so get ready. You still need breakfast."

Just to be an annoyance to her, I swished my finger and a bagel popped up in my hand. I stared at her and took an emphasizing bite.

"Okay smarty pants," she said, grimacing.

She walked out of the room, leaving me to get ready on my own. I went into my joining bathroom and stripped off my silk pajamas and hopped into my shower. I turned the water on hot and stood there as it washed over me. It felt good to be warm. After I was done, I dried and straightened my shoulder length hair. When I was done I took a look at myself in the mirror. I had red hair, crème colored skin and a well rounded face. I was very short for my age (five feet, three inches), but I kind of liked what I saw.

After my "moment", I put my robe on and went into my closet to pick my clothes. My closet was a walk in. I picked out a short jean skirt with black knee length leggings and a frilly light pink V-neck shirt. The sleeves went down to my fore arms. Smiling at my choice, I went over to the shoe display and picked a pair of light pink flats. Twyla knocked on my closet door.

"Everything coming together?" she asked.

I opened my closet door and had her look me over. "Good choice," she said.

"Thanks," I said. "I'm just forgetting one thing."

I went over to my shelf on the far side of my room and grabbed my black headband. I put it on and walked out of my room.

"Your shirt really accents the blonde highlights in your hair," Twyla noted. "It looks so pretty, and it's all natural."

"Thanks," I repeated.

"The school is very small," she continued, "so you can't do magic. The students are populated in a small building and somebody is destined to see you do it."

"Okay Twyla," I said. I had heard this before. I had already made it a goal not to use magic in a small school. I didn't want my reputation to go down the drain on my first day.

"Good," Twyla said. "Now it's half past six. Get going. You need to drive to Vanden. We live on the opposite side."

"Why am I enrolled in a school in another town?" I asked.

"Because the only school in Elmira is the Sierra School of Solano County and you are too normal to be there." she told me, confusing me. She saw the look on my face though. "The school is for special children."

"Oh," I said, "but I still don't want to drive there. Hey, can't I just warp there?"

"What about your car?" Twyla asked.

"I can warp with that, too," I said. I really didn't feel like driving at this time. I wanted to fly or warp, and since flying was out of the question, I had only one other option.

"Well," Twyla mumbled, unsure.

"Come on Twyla," I whined. "Nobody will see me. I'll warp to an alley by the school and then drive from there."

"Fine," Twyla said, "but if somebody sees you, I will make you drive the whole way."

"Yay," I yelled. "Thank you, Twyla!