Remember the day we walked hand in hand?

Down passed that field of sunflowers?

Remember the night we gazed at the stars?

Lying in that field of sunflowers?

I remember, I remember your laugh.

Your smile, your voice, your skin…

Remember the year we spent away?

Dancing in our field of sunflowers?

The way the drumbeats thrummed through our veins,

The way we moved in time, rolling in the throes of ecstasy?

Remember the sky?

Stretching over our field of sunflowers?

Oh we lay under that sky, until we grew gray with age.

That sky…

I can still see your face, alight with wonder,

As I pointed out the stars.

And I can still see your face, lined with joy,

As I called you mine.

Remember the winter?

Killing our field of sunflowers?

Trapping it in a blanket of ice?

And remember what you told me then?

You told me not to be sad,

That you and I would always remember…

The smell of sunflowers.