18th Sept 2011


So, heart, what thinkest thou

It's not thy right to question now

Though thou art torn, thou silent be

On the secret twixt thee and me


Secret thou dare not to slip

Guard thy tongue and guard thy lip

Sore and troubled in thy soul

Know thou not God makest whole?


Cherished thing within thy breast

Keep the fear and hurt suppressed

Not a shadow of thy pain

Should darken where thou seekest gain


T'were delight, t'were desire

Now that fuels thy inward fire

The thing thou lovest now might be

That which givest pain to thee


Preciousness comes with a cost

And treasure's known by what is lost

The darker shadows show the light

There is no dawn without the night


God knoweth. Comfort taketh thus

He puttest on thee what He must

He knows thy limits and thy scope

And never burdens without hope.


Cast all upon Him. Be thou sure

He'll carry all thy hurt and more

He guardest well the weakest frame

And knows the soul that calls His name