She held the gun in her trembling hand her eyes staring blankly at the scene in front of her. The bodies of her husband and her sister, his secret lover, laid out over the bed that was now dripping with blood. She couldn't remember shooting them. Not exactly anyway. There were bits and pieces flashing in her mind all of which were intermixed in a terrible whirlwind of emotion. She wanted to cry but didn't know why? Was it for the loss of two loved ones or was it anger over their betrayal.

Suddenly her hand gave up holding the gun and it slipped from her fingers and onto the bedroom floor. It landed with a heavy thud. The noise seemed to snap her out of her daze and terrified of the consequences of her actions she dashed for the door. In a panic she thundered along the hallway and down the stairs. She ran as fast as she could. It was as though there was some great beast pursuing her and if she stopped she would be eaten alive by it. She bolted through the front door to the house she had shared with her husband for nine years leaving it swinging as she launched herself into the night towards the car parked in their driveway.

She landed against the driver's side door with a hard thump before trying desperately to find her keys. It was then she realized she had left them on the kitchen table where she always put them after she finished work. It didn't occur to her to run back inside and get them. She was too afraid to go back in the house. Instead she continued to run off down the road sobbing heavily as she ran almost knocking her neighbour Mr Humphries clean off his feet as he walked passed the house with his small Yorkshire terrier.

"Jane!" he called out. "Are you okay?"

She didn't reply. Instead she kept running. If she were physically able to she would have a put an entire world between her and that house. In some ways she was doing exactly that. She was running from one world, the life she had previously known, and was now in another completely alien world. Where would she go? What could she possibly do now other than run?

She needn't have worried about it for in her haste to escape she had become transfixed with running in a singular direction straight out into the main road adjacent to her street. She was totally oblivious to the taxi until it impacted in her left side. Her head crashed against the windscreen and it was all over.