They call me flat-chested.

For a long time it's rested

Like a heavy load.

On my fragile heart.

Breaking me down

Trying to tear me apart.

They call me flat-chested.

My tolerance has been tested.

I would break down

Every day on my bed.

Scratching my skin

Willing it to bleed red.

Shoving away my food

To stave myself to death.

They call me flat-chested

Every time they jested

I'd hate how I look a little more.

It'll strike somewhere on my core.

I'd wish I'd grow.

I wish they'd know.

That I'm just like them.

I wish they'd stop this game.

My small chest would glare at me.

I'd always hate what I'd see

In the mirror that showed

How undesirable I was,

My head would be bowed.

I'd want to shatter the glass…

That's how I lived for years.

Drowning in my tears.

Giving in to all my fears.

It was quite clear

That I was undateable.

I felt so vulnerable.

With a distorted body image,

Self-conscious at every step, every stage,

I would keep on feeding my anorexia

Till my hunger was too much to bear.

I'd torture my stomach in every way.

Praying for all of this to go away…

By letting them control how I felt.

All I did was damaged my health.

I was so thin, I felt so weak.

My head would spin, I fell sick.

And then I realized what I was doing to myself.

Worsening my condition instead of seeking help.

I know I'm beautiful on the inside.

I have a pretty face, I don't need to hide

Behind baggy clothes and feel ugly.

And I knew some guy would want this beautiful me.

They can call me flat-chested all the want.

It's how God made me so that I can

Find a guy who'd love me beyond my looks-

My one true love, my ideal man.

Why would I want to go on hurting myself?

Why would I let other girls make me feel like trash?

Why would I let someone else take away my food?

Someday they'll pay for it, someday it'll backlash.

I am beautiful me.

Come and watch me eat.

I've killed my insecurities,

Anorexia is now at my feet.

I don't hate my body's shape anymore.

I don't check for fats, I just ignore.

I don't care if I grow fat.

A real guy can deal with that.

It doesn't matter if my chest won't grow.

Looking at the mirror can't make me feel low.

Cause now I can clearly see

It's my heart that makes me beautiful me.