Day by day

I let you eat me away.

Cell by cell

You consumed me well.

You would crawl under my skin

And I would so willing give in.

You will be my Master and I'll be the slave,

Serving your every wish instead of being brave.

Whenever I was in pain

You'd flow through my veins.

When I'd break down into tears,

You'd temptingly whisper in my ears.

I never had a choice.

The moment I heard your voice

My stomach would seem empty

And I would let my food consume me.

You told me not to chew but to swallow.

I'd listen to you blindly for all I know.

I'd reach for whatever I'd see.

And I would let my food consume me.

I would keep on eating will I choked.

You told me it fixed me when I broke.

I'd eat even though I wasn't hungry.

And I would let my food consume me.

I would eat and eat and eat.

You never let me stand on my feet.

Even now my hands are under your control.

Fingers craving for food, it's my only goal.

But now we're standing face to face.

Because now I want to get out of this mess.

You can't imprison me forever.

I'd eat properly now, enjoy the flavor.

You still tell me to surrender to

All the pressure in my life and to you.

And I'm so damn tempted to do as you say,

To let food consume me again today.

It's like I need it right now.

Like I'd have to get it anyhow.

And when I do, I always want more.

Your voice is my head is hard to ignore.

I feel frustration building inside.

You're taking me on a violent ride.

I'm trying my best to resist you.

I don't wanna do what you want me to.

But my mouth craves something in it.

My teeth want to grind something every minute.

This isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

But I won't let my food consume me.

You are trying to hold me back,

Taking advantage of the things I lack.

You pull me when I'm under stress,

My resistance to you becomes so much less.

I feel like I will find peace in my food,

Like it will take care of my bad mood.

It's like eating will make me feel alive,

Like it's the only way that I can thrive

When times are rough and I'm alone,

Everyone's blaming me in that gruff tone.

But I won't let my food consume me.

Do what you want but I will break me.