"It's way too cheap, there must be something wrong with it!" cried Noxima. She planted her hands on her hips and sauntered around the car, she called this the John Wayne. Kit watched her and wondered what she'd say if they told her she looked more like Spotty Dog from the old Wooden Tops programme. Kit covered his mouth to hide the sudden grin, he turned and Geraldine smiled at him. She winked and stuck her tongue out, panting like a dog. Kit felt the laughter bubbling and had to walk a little way off from them.

Ritchie, on the other hand, was less than happy at Noxi's outburst given that the cars owner was led then five feet away.

"It's fine, I checked it over and it's fine" he said, clenching his teeth. His words were meant to shut her up but they had the opposite effect. Noxi leaned forward across the bonnet and laughed.

"Oh yes I forgot! You know everything there is to know about everything!" Noxi shrieked with laughter. Ritchie spun away from her and stalked towards the owner to haggle.

The car in question was a beautiful ivory coloured Cadillac with fawn seats and leather panelling. The four friends had spotted the ad in the paper and decided to check it out. As far as they could see the car was in perfect condition, disgustingly cheap and generally just awesome. The only bad thing was that the owner wanted it taken away as soon as possible and none of them had a safe place to park it. But at £200, they could easily find somewhere. Ritchie handed over the money and they drove away in their brand new Caddy.

Later that evening, loaded with pizza and beer they decided to take their new car for a spin and paint the town red. Noxi climbed into the back and ran her fingers over the seats and the panelling; she threw her arms up and shrieked.

"I take it all back! I frigging love this car!" Kit jumped in next to her and opened a beer while Ritchie and Geri climbed into the front. They pulled away from the curb and headed towards town. Noxi was trying to drink a whole can of beer but Kit pinched her boob and she spat it over his shirt.

"Will you two pipe down? What if we get pulled over?" cried Ritchie, wiping spit and beer from the back of his neck.

"So what if they do? You're not drinking?" said Kit, he passed a pizza box to Geri and swung his legs onto Noxi's lap. Ritchie sighed and opened his mouth as Geri fed him pizza. He was just savouring a nice juicy mushroom when a sudden loud burst of static from the radio almost made him choke on it. He thumped the radio and the static faded but something even worse was happening. Another sound was echoing from the speakers. Geri gripped his leg and Noxi was suddenly very pale in the back seat.

"What the Hell is that?" cried Kit. Ritchie shook his head but he knew what it sounded like. The car was screaming.

They left the car by the side of the road and scrambled a few feet away from it. They all seemed to have sobered up, even Noxi was quiet. She took a shaky breath before sidling closer to Kit.

"What the Hell just happened?" she said, her voice was low and quiet. Kit slipped an arm around her waist. He wanted to tell her that it was nothing but he couldn't get his mind away from the idea of a car that could scream.

"This is ridiculous. We bought the car, we can't just leave it here and it's probably just the radio trying to find a station" said Geri. She stood up and groaned as her joints popped. Geri strode across the pavement to the Caddy, the others followed but very slowly.

"Look, my place is ten minutes away. We'll park there, you lot can stay the night and we'll see how things look in the morning" called Geri. The others stared at eachother before climbing into the car and making the ten minutes into three and a half.

As so often happens, things looked different in the rational light of day. Geri stood before the Caddy in her dressing gown, a mug of coffee in her hands. She eyed the car for a moment before scolding herself for being so silly and going back inside to change.

They all climbed into the car after putting their bags in the back. They were planning on going to the beach but nobody wanted to mention the screaming. Geri got behind the wheel and turned the ignition key, the engine purred to life but that was the only sound they could hear. There was a collective sigh as Geri pulled into traffic and headed for the seafront.

"Look at the sky! There's not a cloud in sight! Did someone pack the suntan lotion? I don't wanna burn!" cried Noxi. Geri smiled, this was probably the only time they were all glad to hear her booming voice. It was going to be a beautiful day and they were all looking forward to getting to the beach. Geri's smile turned into a happy grin as she pushed down on the gas pedal and flew through amber light.

They were close enough to the beach to be able to smell the salt when the calm mood was shattered. A burst of static once again roared from the radio speakers. A woman's voice was speaking but they couldn't hear what she was saying, the words were garbled and almost frantic. Noxi screamed and covered her ears.

"It's possessed! Let me out! Let me out!" she screamed, scrabbling for the door handle. Kit tried to drag her back but she punched him on the jaw and he crashed backwards into the driver's seat. Geri screamed as she was flung forward, her foot slamming down on the accelerator. The car jumped the curb and a tree seemed to loom up out of nowhere. They screamed as the Caddy ploughed into the trunk and suddenly there was silence. Even the Caddy wasn't screaming anymore.

When the Caddy stopped, it had been doing over seventy and none of the occupants had been wearing a seatbelt. Ritchie was flung though the windshield, just missing colliding with the tree as he twisted in midair and rolled to a stop on the grass. The angle of his head left no doubt that his neck was broken. Geri was propelled forward onto the steering wheel, breaking almost all her ribs and puncturing both lungs. Noxi was crushed under a branch that fell from the tree after the Caddy knocked it loose. Kit would have fine, he escaped the car with only cuts and bruises but he ran out into the road and screamed for help. He didn't even see the lorry coming.

Ariella Vardy switched on her TV and grumbled to herself under her breath. Trudy knew she liked to watch the news at this hour so why did she never turn the damn TV on? Ariella frowned at the screen as a story about a car crash in the local area broke, the picture panned to one side to show the old Caddy that she had sold to that bunch of kids. It was being disentangled from a large tree.

"Possessed. I knew it" muttered Ariella. The little man with no hair on the screen was wittering n about loss of control, no seatbelts and one survivor getting hit by a truck when he ran for help. Ariella snorted in disgust and settled back into her sofa.

"What do you know baldy?" she snapped.

"It's just the news, mum. Calm down" said Trudy. She placed a tray with tea things onto the coffee table and switched off the TV.

"They killed the demon that was in my car. I saw it on the news; they drove it into a tree. I hated that thing, she used to scream at me but I couldn't help her. It's a shame they had to die" said Ariella. She picked up her cup and sipped, smiling approvingly. Trudy stared at her mother and wondered if it might be time to put her in a home? There had been nothing wrong with that lovely old Caddy, the verbal warning system was just a little garbled that was all. It was a shame her mother had sold it so cheaply.

"They are not dead, mum. The car is not possessed. I'm going to call that nice Ritchie boy now and tell him about that warning system, I'm sure it just needs tweaking. Drink your tea." Trudy got up and headed out to the kitchen to use the phone.

"Verbal warning my eye!" muttered Ariella. "It was possessed by a demon." She picked up a biscuit from the tray and settled back with her tea.