Ok this is Ash and this is my poem I made up by myself! I hope you like! REVIEW!

Fall into the red obis,

Which the heart is,

I stood on the bridges' edge, the wind tossing my hair all over. My life.. its... meaningless. Why was I brought into this world if there is nothing to look forward to?

No life for me,

No future to see,

A tear slid down my face and droped to my death before I did. I sniffled, I could cry now before I jumped. The wind was whistling in my ear, but I could still hear cars honking and passing me.

Tears falling to my death,

Waiting for me to follow,

I watched my tears hit the rapid waters. I wantd to stay in this world but what was the point? There is nothing out there for me. I cant even get a boy! I have no friends, no family, not anything!

I knew no one cared,

Not even one,

I pushed my feet to stand on the edge. I breathed, here goes nothing! I jumped off the bridge, but I didnt scream, because someone caught my wrist.

But you saved me,

And pulled me from my broken heart,

I looked up and saw the person who despised me the most. "Let me go, Drew!" I felt being pulled up. "No!" He snapped and hugged me when I was on solid ground.

Do you know,

Im alone,

"What were you doing? Are you trying to die? Dont you know theres a a life waiting for you?" He squezzed me tighter, "You're not leaving! Not like this!" He breathed. I sniffled again and started to cry in his chest.

Can there be a reason,

You cared,

"Dont ever try that again!" He growled. I looked up at him, he wasnt looking at me he was looking at the sea's depth. I his eyes full with sadness, why?

I wantd to ask,

And I did,

"Drew, why did you save me? Dont you hate me?" I asked, tilting my head to the side. He looked at me from the corner of his eye, "May... its not safe here. Lets go" He helped me up, his hand linked to mine.

You didnt anwser,

At least you knew,

"I dont have anywhere to go, remember? Thats why you teased me! For being dirty, homeless, poor-" I ranted but I got cut off by his lips covering mine.


I loved you.

"Thats why I teased you, I didnt want you to know I loved you. I felt bad for you but I couldnt say it. I saw you every day because I wanted to see you. But you're beautiful and rich with care. Thats why I love you" My breathing stopped, but I soon smiled and said, "I love you too, Drew!"