Damn kids. Every time they patrolled this road there was another car parked up the small lane with a smooching couple inside. Still, it was good for the rookie to learn the usual haunts first. Dave Morning was the new cop on the block and Marc Adams had been picked to take him out. That was fine for Marc, he was retiring soon and this was a nice cushy job to finish out his last few months.

Marc pulled the car over to the side of the road and peered down the lane, the outline of the car was clearly visible, rocking a little on its wheels. Marc chuckled to himself, he handed Dave a torch and motioned for him to go ahead. Dave sauntered down the lane, doing his best John Wayne impersonation. He tapped on the window of the car, after exchanging a few words with the occupants he walked back to Marc.

"It's just a couple of kids making out. They don't want us to call their parents. What shall I say?" Marc was about to tell him the standard speech, make sure they don't do it again, they better be gone in five seconds or their parents will get a call. Blah blah blah. But he stopped and a smiled spread over his face.

"Tell the guy we won't turn them in if we can have a go with his girl!" Dave stared at Marc for a moment before returning the smile; he turned and hurried back down the lane.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped bouncing. Marc was watching the boy standing on the edge of the trees. His shoulders were shaking although Marc didn't think the kid was crying, probably frustration at missing his chance! Dave climbed out of the car and adjusted his trousers before giving Marc thumbs up. The older officer laughed and patted the rookie on the back. Dave headed back to keep an eye on the boy while Marc climbed into the car. The girl was curled in the corner of the back seat, dark hair falling over her eyes.

"It's okay, honey. Not long now" whispered Marc. He was already hard. He grabbed her hand and forced it into his trousers; he moved her hand along the length of him while taking a condom from his pocket. Marc slipped it on and yanked down his trousers; he pulled the girls legs apart and moved forward, still smiling in the darkness. The girl didn't fight him; she turned her face to the window and just lay there trembling. Marc didn't mind, he was too busy pawing at her firm young breasts and marvelling at how tight she was compared to his wife.

"Jesus" he whispered. Marc was getting close, he buried his face in the girl's hair and thrust harder untill his orgasm shuddered through him and he collapsed on the girl.

"Sorry honey. Didn't mean to squash you" he whispered. Marc pulled himself up and righted his trousers; the girl was staring at him with wide eyes that shone in the darkness. The moon suddenly came out from behind the clouds and illuminated the inside of the car. Marc suddenly felt the smile freeze on his face as he saw the girl clearly for the first time. She began to cry, Marc almost fell out of the car and lay beneath the moon as he listened to the cries of his sixteen year old daughter.